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Stop adding up the wealth of the poor
Wealth, and net worth, are useful metrics when you’re talking about the rich. But they tend to conceal more than they reveal when you’re talking about the poor.
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january 2017 by pozorvlak
How thin the reed? Generalizing from "Worms at Work" - The GiveWell Blog
Deworming may have big effects in weakest/most-parasitised children, drowned out in whole-population studies:
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january 2017 by pozorvlak
The Best News You Don’t Know - The New York Times
Global extreme poverty is now below 10% and falling (it was 44% in 1981).
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september 2016 by pozorvlak
A disrupters view on UK payday — The Paydaynomist — Medium
“Concern for the vulnerable has become part of the ghettoising engine for low-income but able consumers”  @mojomogoz
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january 2016 by pozorvlak
Being poor changes your thinking about everything - The Washington Post
And so do other forms of scarcity - procrastination can be seen as taking a payday spoon loan.
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january 2016 by pozorvlak
This may be the most important chart for understanding politics today - The Washington Post
The working class in rich countries (who make up most Trump voters or equivalent) have lost income in real terms; everyone else in the world has had their real-terms income improve.
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january 2016 by pozorvlak
Suprio Das | D-Lab
RT @lucasgonzalez: .@akvopedia Sounds like a joyful life. #makers #poverty #focus #trimtabbing
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december 2014 by pozorvlak
Custard Creams Are Cheaper Than Cous Cous, But You Can’t Expect A Fucking Baroness To Know That | the void
Custard Creams Are Cheaper Than Cous Cous, But You Can't Expect A Fucking Baroness To Know That via @johnnyvoid
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december 2014 by pozorvlak

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