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I’m Arab and Many of Us Are Glad That Trump Won – Medium
So yeah, we weren’t very excited about a Clinton victory. Nothing would change. America would continue to think itself a progressive democracy that voted in first a black man, and then a woman. The demon would continue to wear a passable face, remain…presentable.

We do not think Trump is any better, but we think a Trump victory would force the USA to admit to what it has become, and would allow other countries around the world to react appropriately now that the cover has been blown.
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november 2016 by pozorvlak
48 hours in Erbil: It's not as crazy as it sounds
While it may be true that there are major security problems throughout Iraq, large parts of the Kurdish region are actually very safe.
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february 2016 by pozorvlak
What’s Next in the Unraveling Russo-Turkish Crisis? | Observer
RT @ellehardytweets: The best piece I've read to date on Russia v Turkey from @20committee
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december 2015 by pozorvlak

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