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Google Shut Out Privacy and Security Teams From Secret China Project
Google executives ignored internal warnings about their censored China search plan and theatened employees would be fired if they spoke out.
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7 weeks ago by pozorvlak
History of the word "tea": How the word "tea" spread over land and sea — Quartz
"Cha" spread via land, mostly by the Silk Road; "Tea" (from the Min Nan dialect spoken in Fujian) spread via sea.
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january 2018 by pozorvlak
RT : Totally packed room for Minister Xie Zhenhua's announcement of national carbon emissions trading scheme and…
China  from twitter
november 2017 by pozorvlak
RT : WATCH the breakneck pace of evolution for 's metro systems in this great .
China  dataviz  from twitter
may 2017 by pozorvlak
The Breakneck Evolution of Chinese Metro Systems | ArchDaily
RT : WATCH the breakneck pace of evolution for 's metro systems in this great .
China  dataviz  from twitter
may 2017 by pozorvlak
Everest 2017: After 14 Everest Expeditions, Why Altitude Junkies is Leaving? - The Blog on alanarnette.com
RT @alan_arnette: For the first time since 2008, Altitude Junkies is not on Everest. Why would such an experienced operator simply…
everest  mountaineering  mountains  mountainguides  nepal  china 
march 2017 by pozorvlak
China's solar power capacity more than doubles in 2016 | Reuters
RT @algore: Incredible! China saw its solar capacity more double in 2016!
china  energy  solar  electricity  renewables 
february 2017 by pozorvlak
Stop adding up the wealth of the poor
Wealth, and net worth, are useful metrics when you’re talking about the rich. But they tend to conceal more than they reveal when you’re talking about the poor.
rich  poverty  economics  usa  china  india  development 
january 2017 by pozorvlak
China’s war on coal continues — the country just canceled 104 new coal plants - Vox
Totalling 120GW of output, around a third of the US coal fleet. They've put a hard cap of 1100GW on total coal capacity (currently at around 900GW).

To hold us to 2C of warming, it needs to fall dramatically.
china  energy  coal  climatechange  renewables 
january 2017 by pozorvlak
WeChat: Why it dominates China - Business Insider
1. Facebook is blocked in China
2. WeChat is effectively a protocol; apps-within-the-app allow you to pay bills etc from within WeChat.
china  apps  internet  facebook 
october 2016 by pozorvlak
BBC - Future - Death in the clouds: The problem with Everest’s 200+ bodies
A climber himself, Barlow suspected that sensation-seeking theory has long been misapplied to mountaineers. His research suggests that, compared to other athletes, mountaineers tend to possess an exaggerated “expectancy of agency”. In other words, they crave a feeling of control over their lives. Because the complexities of modern life defy such control, they are forced to seek agency elsewhere.

Barlow and colleagues also found that mountaineers believe that they struggle emotionally, especially when it came to loving partner relationships. They may compensate for this by becoming experts at dealing with emotions in another, more straightforwardly terrifying realm. “The emotional anxiety of everyday life is confusing, ambiguous and diffuse, and you don’t know the source of it,” Barlow says. “In the mountains, the emotion is fear, and the source is clear: if I fall, I die.”

Many of the climbers Barlow and his colleagues included in their study – especially professional ones – also exhibited what psychologists refer to as counterphobia. Rather than avoid the things they fear, they feel compelled to face-off with those elements. “It’s a misnomer that climbers are fearless,” Barlow says. “Instead, as a climber, I know I will be afraid, but the key bit is that I approach that fear and try to overcome it.” 

Like a junkie who’s got his fix, mountaineers usually report a transfer effect from their experience – a feeling of satiation immediately after returning from a peak.
mountains  everest  death  climbing  china  tibet  nepal  from twitter
may 2016 by pozorvlak
Movies to see | Zompist's E-Z rant page
Dim Sum Funeral
Sita Sings the Blues
The Soloist
film  india  china  mythology 
march 2016 by pozorvlak
China's always been poorly governed, Scott Sumner | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
RT @ciphergoth: China's growth miracle is just the transition from disastrous to mediocre governance, says Scott Sumner
china  economics  politics 
january 2016 by pozorvlak
China is totally crushing the U.S. on renewable energy | Grist
China is totally crushing the U.S. on renewable energy via @grist
china  usa  renewables  energy  climatechange 
november 2015 by pozorvlak
Baidu’s ‘Medical Robot’: Chinese Search Engine Reveals Its AI for Health | Re/code
RT @AndrewYNg: AskADoctor just came out of stealth. Deep learning for medical diagnosis from natural language:
ai  medicine  china  machinelearning  computervision 
august 2015 by pozorvlak
Guanxi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Guanxi describes the basic dynamic in personalized networks of influence, and is a central idea in Chinese society. In Western media, the pinyin romanization of this Chinese word is becoming more widely used instead of the two common translations—"connections" and "relationships"—as neither of those terms sufficiently reflects the wide cultural implications that guanxi describes.[1]
china  socialinteraction  culture 
august 2015 by pozorvlak
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