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As Mark Zuckerberg [fairy_tale_echo]
If pressed, Mark would admit that he thought it fairly likely that he’d someday be really, really rich. (Maybe not a billionaire, but why not?) But someone being nominated for an Oscar for playing him in a movie? Not so much.
thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  PG  fairy_tale_echo  meta  humor  slash  from delicious
may 2012 by pouncer
lost and found [hapakitsune]
Mark’s first thought on getting the ransom note is, Surely Eduardo is worth more than that.
thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  PG-13  hapakitsune  slash  humor  hurt/comfort  from delicious
may 2012 by pouncer
the fuse is burning [longtime_lurker]
"Mark was supposed to pick me up at the airport an hour ago," he tells Sean’s back, since he’s still feeling pretty abandoned and pissed-off and wet. "I’ve been calling -"

"Yeah, no, he - hasn’t been answering his phone." Sean doesn’t even turn around, just keeps up that hurried, worried stride. "You’ll get why not."

Eduardo, now completely confused, steps into the living room - and stares around in disbelief.
thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  NC-17  longtime_lurker  slash  kink  pwp  from delicious
may 2012 by pouncer
Facebook Shares fill [Lynn]
He'd made the best decision for Facebook. Eduardo hadn't gotten it; Eduardo had been in New York when he should have been in Palo Alto; Eduardo had been wrapped up in Christy when he should have been focused on their company; Eduardo had been a terrible CFO for the company Facebook was going to become. He'd made the best decision for Facebook.

But Mark had never planned for Eduardo to be so-- to be--

He'd made the best decision for Facebook. He'd thought Eduardo would understand.

Mark is really starting to think he might have missed something.
thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  NC-17  lynn  slash  angst  from delicious
april 2012 by pouncer
No Child of Mine [ninhursag]
[The ridiculously angsty hookerfic of doom.] The breaking point is when the boy tries to bring his filth into the house with him-- a dark skinned, laughing man who speaks Portuguese with a heavy accent. That one is thrown out. The boy doesn't protest, just watches like he's a spectator and it has nothing to do with him, fever bright drugged eyes taking in everything.

“If you're going to whore for drugs, do it on your own time,” he tells the boy.

That makes the boy laugh-- strange he can't remember hearing him laugh, not for a long time. There's a hoarseness in it that speaks of not enough sleep and worse things. “No, Pai. I promise, in this house I'll only whore for you.”
thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  ninhursag  R  slash  au  hurt/comfort  angst  noncon  from delicious
april 2012 by pouncer
Share Function [BlackEyedGirl]
[accidental soul-bonding] Eduardo knows better now than to sign things without having them checked out by his lawyers first. So apparently what he needs are better lawyers.

Mark looks at him. “This isn’t my fault.”

“How is it not your fault?”

“Why would I want this?”

Eduardo thinks about it. In the past four years, Mark has shown no particular inclination to see more of him. So he supposes that maybe Mark is right. This is the last thing either of them would have wanted.
thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  angst  blackeyedgirl  PG-13  slash  from delicious
april 2012 by pouncer
No Big Deal [fairy_tale_echo]
Mark is not jealous of Wardo's boyfriends, okay? He's happy for Wardo and he would never try to undermine his relationships. He has no idea how Ethan ended up on a No Fly list. Or why the FBI decided to interrogate Jake about his suspicious emails. Or who hijacked the computers at Sam's place of work so that all the screens featured a nude Sam during a frat hazing. No idea.

(or: the one where denial ain't just a river in Egypt.)
thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  fairy_tale_echo  PG-13  slash  angst  humor  from delicious
april 2012 by pouncer
Selective Hearing [antistar_e]
Eduardo can't say anything.

Not legally.

You're going to have to pay a little extra, goes Marilyn's voice from memory, and his eyes dart around the curve of Eduardo's face that hemispheres half his vision. She meets his gaze from the other side of the board table, and he can see the moment comprehension dawns on her -- that last piece of information about the "emotional testimony" that she, nor any of the other lawyers, ever thought to ask for, and Eduardo noses into him some, an easy pantomime of intimacy. A sigh escapes him; frustrated and hurt and everything in between, and Mark closes his eyes against the sound of it.

If they say one bad word about you in public, you'll own their wife and kids.
thesocialnetwork  christy/mark/eduardo  antistar_e  PG-13  slash  het  angst  from delicious
april 2012 by pouncer
Place Between Here and the Destination [antistar_e] 2/2
"You're going to need this," his copy says flatly, handing it to Mark.

Mark takes it from him, the palm of his hand slippery with pizza grease: an old Blackberry, criminally out of date, but functional, given that when he thumbs the unlock button, it lights right up. He's instantly greeted with a background of Eduardo Saverin, his Eduardo Saverin who he hasn't even thought of in weeks and hasn't been seen in the last third of his life, squeezed messily into a frame with four other people; a man in a bow tie with his mouth pulled to the side like he's been caught mid-sentence, a redheaded woman, and a nervous-looking man holding a child, all of them smiling so wide they look slightly demented.

He blinks a little, the pressure in his chest momentarily unbearable. "Why have you given me Eduardo's old phone?" he asks blankly, looking up.

The other him is gone.
thesocialnetwork  doctorwho  mark/eduardo  series  antistar_e  PG-13  *  slash  adventure  crossover  from delicious
april 2012 by pouncer
Place That Don't Know My Name [antistar_e] 1/2
It's lunchtime on a Thursday, and Eduardo Saverin has the beginnings of what promises to be a very bad headache.

He's been up since dawn and the morning's meeting with Fox's advertising department was unproductive in the worst way possible, and he's feeling so low that it doesn't even seem like much of a loss of dignity to just stop walking and sit down.

He's not far from Times Square; congested, noisy traffic on all sides, and there's some kind of bright blue booth tucked up against the side of a building. Eduardo sits down at its base, sparing only a moment's thought for his dry-clean-only slacks, and leans against the wood. It's cold to the touch, which is strange for something that's been sitting in the New York summer heat.

He sighs, and closes his eyes in defeat, resting his forehead against his wrist.

Which is when the door to the blue booth pops open. A man tumbles out, spots Eduardo, and lets out a very undignified yelp.
thesocialnetwork  doctorwho  amy/rory  mark/eduardo  antistar_e  series  PG-13  adventure  slash  het  crossover  *  from delicious
april 2012 by pouncer
these things get louder [fledmusic] 1/2
Then he realized his mom was still talking, and he’d stopped paying attention again.

“-and really, you work too hard, and you should at least try dating again,” she was saying, and that’s when Mark managed to piece together the things she was saying then and the things she was saying before, about how it’s been five years, and Eduardo, and Mark knows he’s not the best at this kind of thing, but he thought maybe, oh god, is she-

“Mom,” he said, “are you...uhh, I guess there’s no other way of putting this, do you think that Eduardo and I were, like, together?”

She paused. “Is that not the case?”

What. What. What. “Umm, no, it’s- no, that wasn’t. We weren’t.”

More pausing. Then she said, “I’m sorry, honey, I just assumed...”
thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  fledmusic  R  multipart  *  slash  romance  from delicious
april 2012 by pouncer

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