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"few have ever seen a ghost" by mwestbelle
"True love is like a psychic experience. Everyone tells ghost stories, but few have ever seen a ghost"
In which the Ways are underage and psychic.
fandom:mcr  ship:waycest  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  underage  telepathy  first-time  frottage 
august 2015 by poiisons
Untitled Frerard telepathy solo!Frank by soundslikej
Three days after they meet, Frank jerks off thinking about Gerard.
fandom:mcr  ship:frerard  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  solo!frank  telepathy 
june 2015 by poiisons
Untitled Frerard telepathy by soundslikej
The first time Frank saw Mikey Way, he dropped the half of an amp he was carrying, and broke the other guy's foot.
fandom:mcr  ship:frerard  rating:pg  wc:<10k  telepathy 
june 2015 by poiisons
"Fourscore" by saltandbyrne
OK, fine. So some things about dating a fairy were pretty different. The mild telepathy was probably pretty high on the list.
fandom:spn  ship:destiel  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  micro!kink  tiny!cas  fairy!cas  body-worship  nipple-play  comeplay  rimming  schmoop  fluff  domesticity  telepathy  size!kink  bottom!cas  top!dean 
august 2014 by poiisons
"Out of the Deep" by riseofthefallenone
Stay away from the light-beds. Stay in the deep. It is the first thing hatchlings are taught the moment their fans unfurl and they can swim without their parents to buoy them along. It is the first rule, the first law. It is the beginning of every boogey-monster bedtime story told when they settle against the cliffs to sleep.
Castiel should have listened better.
fandom:spn  ship:destiel  rating:nc17  wc:475k-500k  ship:samjess  au  mermaid-au  merman!cas  telepathy  h/c  angst  bottom!dean  top!cas  first-time 
july 2013 by poiisons

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