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"Promise Not to Try Not to Fuck with Your Mind" by s0ckpupp3t
“Shithead.” Gerard elbowed Mikey out of the way, heading for the basement.
Mikey got in a kick to the back of Gerard’s calf. “Diva.”
Gerard spun around, looking every inch the entitled bitch Mikey had just accused him of being. “Fuck you!”
“You wish.” Mikey folded his arms and raised a challenging eyebrow.
Gerard stomped down the stairs, calling out a sullen, “Yeah, so what?”
fandom:mcr  ship:waycest  first-time  d/s  dom!mikey  sub!gerard  snowballing  coming-untouched  bottom!gerard  top!mikey  comeplay  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  dub-con  watersports 
september 2015 by poiisons
"Companion" by onceuponamoon
There’s a dude sitting in one of the high-backed chairs opposite the reception desk. Mostly obscured by a fake ficus plant between them, the guy probably wouldn’t have been noticeable save for the lazy sprawl of his legs, the Chucks contrasting against the floral rug.
au  rimming  fandom:mcr  ship:frerard  rating:nc17  wc:25k-50k  office-au  first-time  schmoop  bottom!frank  top!gerard  snowballing 
july 2015 by poiisons
"Tethered to You" by annabeth
Sam wants Dean, but he'd like him even better dead.
[bee] this fic is a little dark, but i promise it isn't as bad as it sounds. there's a warning for non-con, but it's not graphic or inflicted on sam or dean.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  rating:nc17  wc:25k-50k  ship:sam/omc  necrophilia  breathplay  drug-use  voyeurism  solo!sam  roleplay  snowballing  bondage  humor  gunplay  bottom!dean  top!sam  iceplay  rimming  facials  pain-play  felching  dark!sam 
february 2014 by poiisons

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aftercare  angel!frank  angst  au  barebacking  bdsm  blindfolds  body-writing  bondage  bottom!dean  bottom!frank  bottom!gerard  bottom!grant  bottom!jensen  bottom!mikey  bottom!party-poison  breathplay  car-sex  cockwarming  comeplay  coming-untouched  d/s  dacryphilia  danger-days  dark!sam  demon!grant  dom!gerard  dom!grant  dom!mikey  drug-use  dub-con  enemas  face-fucking  facefucking  facials  fandom:mcr  fandom:spn  fandom:spn-rpf  felching  finger-fucking  first-time  frottage  gunplay  humor  iceplay  necrophilia  nipple-play  office-au  orgasm-denial  overstim  pain-play  priest!gerard  rating:nc17  riding  rimming  roleplay  schmoop  sequel  sex-toys  ship:frank/fun-ghoul  ship:frank/fun-ghoul/party-poison  ship:frank/party-poison  ship:frankcest  ship:fraycest  ship:frerard  ship:funpoison  ship:grant/frank  ship:grant/gerard  ship:grant/gerard/frank  ship:j2  ship:kobrastar  ship:rikey  ship:sam/omc  ship:waycest  ship:wincest  shower-sex  size!kink  snowballing  solo!sam  soul-bonding  sub!frank  sub!gerard  sub!mikey  time-travel  top!frank  top!fun-ghoul  top!gerard  top!grant  top!jared  top!mikey  top!party-poison  top!sam  touch-starvation  voyeurism  watersports  wc:10k-25k  wc:25k-50k  wc:50k-75k  wc:<10k  wing!kink 

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