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"Set my mind at ease (or: further miscommunications and extended metaphors through skating)" by ineptshieldmaid
‘Yuri,’ Viktor says, putting his fork down. ‘I have to tell you something.’
Yuri freezes. Then he puts his fork down and looks at Viktor, wide-eyed. ‘Okay.’
‘I can’t cook.’
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:25k-50k  sequel  kink-exploration  foot-fetish  frottage  bdsm  dom!yuuri  sub!victor  d/s 
november 2017 by poiisons
More than willing to offer myself (Or: Miscommunication and Feet) by ineptshieldmaid [Archive of Our Own]
The kissing thing is still new enough to drive all thought of packing, and training, out of Viktor’s head for a few minutes, though. They really haven’t had nearly enough time: a few days snatched between the Cup of China and the Rostelcom, a few weeks between that and the Final. Not enough compared to a winter of missing Yuri and wanting, and a summer of having him in arm’s reach and still wanting more.

The thing is, Viktor knows it’s not enough time for Yuri, not enough time in other ways: not enough time to have built confidence in himself. Not enough time to really trust Viktor. Not enough time, perhaps, to have figured out what he wants at all.
kink-exploration  fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  first-time  foot-fetish  coming-untouched 
november 2017 by poiisons
"A Study in Possession" by Farasha
TMZ catches a dick outline at the kiss & cry in Beijing, after Yuuri has skated Eros. Yuuri helps Victor with his self-control problem.
Or, Victor learns just how possessive Yuuri is of their intimacy.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  face-fucking  facials  orgasm-denial  edging  voyeurism  exhibitionism  sex-toys  prostate-milking  overstim  d/s  dom!yuuri  sub!victor  kink-exploration  top!yuuri  bottom!victor 
october 2017 by poiisons
"Care and Feeding" by Farasha
Victor likes being Yuuri's. Yuuri likes taking care of him. It comes together unexpectedly, but Yuuri is happy to indulge Victor - and finds that it's not much of an indulgence when he enjoys it too.
fandom:yoi  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  ship:victuuri  d/s  puppy-play  collars  sex-toys  felching  rimming  kink-exploration  topping-from-the-bottom  sub!victor  dom!yuuri  top!victor  bottom!yuuri  barebacking 
october 2017 by poiisons
"Changing Shapes" by stardropdream
Yuuri thinks about kissing Victor again and starting over from square one. But Yuuri knows that Victor’s stamina isn’t as robust as Yuuri’s own, and he doesn’t quite feel bold enough to make demands while in Victor’s bed. But now that Yuuri is getting semi-regular sex, he finds that he really can’t stop thinking about it most of the time. It is, frankly, rather embarrassing. But also exhilarating to think that, somehow, Victor wants him. That, somehow, Victor is just as enthusiastic about sleeping with Yuuri, despite Yuuri’s complete lack of experience.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  come-eating  facials  h/c  hurt!yuuri  body-worship  first-time  kink-exploration  from iphone
october 2017 by poiisons
"One More Time" by forochel
By way of response, Viktor shifts his weight to his left elbow and splays his right hand out over Yuuri's sternum, soothing it down to rest over Yuuri's abdomen. Goosepimples rise in its wake. His thumb rubs contemplatively at the soft cotton just over Yuuri's belly-button. His gaze is hot on Yuuri's face, devouring.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  impreg!kink  sequel  barebacking  kink-exploration  bottom!yuuri  top!victor  rimming  dirty-talk  cockwarming 
september 2017 by poiisons
"The View From Cloud Nine" by BewareTheIdes15
“You are the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen,” Otabek says like a prayer, a belief so devoutly held that certainty transmutes it into something off-handed. One of these days Yuri’s brain is just going to evaporate, poof, nothing to blame but Beka’s weird-ass compliments and the bright, fingerpaint streaks they leave on Yuri’s insides.
fandom:yoi  ship:otayuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  panty!kink  bottom!otabek  top!yuri  riding  kink-exploration 
september 2017 by poiisons
"put your feet in the right place" by katsukiy
Yuuri clears his throat instead, flushes to the tip of his ears and says “You can fuck my feet. If you want.”
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  foot-fetish  footjob  kink-exploration  come-eating  from iphone
july 2017 by poiisons
"A melody I want your lips to sing" by fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone
Strange Artefacts is more than Grant's business, it's his family, though lately he's buried himself in his writing. But when Frank starts working for him - and exploring the scene - Grant finds he can think of little else.
[riot] part two of the sceneverse.
sub!frank  dom!grant  solo!grant  voyeurism  UST  kink-exploration  non-sexual-kink  au  fandom:mcr  ship:grant/frank  ship:frank/omc  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  sequel  bondage  bdsm  spanking 
december 2015 by poiisons
"Take me down where I wanna be" by fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone
Strange Artefacts is a sex shop with its own cast of characters. Frank needs a job, and instead he gets an education, and maybe a brand new type of relationship...or two.
[riot] part one of the sceneverse.
sub!frank  bottom!frank  solo!frank  spanking  pining  fandom:mcr  ship:frank/omc  ship:grant/frank  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  au  voyeurism  non-sexual-kink  bdsm  UST  sex-toys  kink-exploration 
december 2015 by poiisons
Untitled Gerard/William Beckett by 7iris
William's hand is still wrapped around Gerard's tie, and okay, maybe he should have been more careful about pulling on the neckwear of people he's not friends with, but he really could not have predicted this reaction.
facials  fandom:mcr  ship:gerard/william-beckett  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  first-time  d/s  breathplay  bathroom-sex  face-fucking  dom!william  sub!gerard  kink-exploration 
november 2015 by poiisons
"Ray and Mikey vs. BDSM" by inlovewithnight
He'd forgotten that Mikey was both really literal and kind of evil.
fandom:mcr  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  ship:rikey  spanking  humor  kink-exploration 
november 2015 by poiisons
"we'll laugh as we die" by akamine_chan
Closing his eyes, Frank thought about it. He was in his own house, spread out naked in his own comfortable bed, with Mikey, his best friend and boyfriend and lover and yeah, there was no place safer than this. Right here. Home.
fandom:mcr  ship:frikey  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  tickling  kink-exploration  bondage  coming-untouched  schmoop 
october 2015 by poiisons
"Give Me An Angle That I Haven't Tried Before" by annemari
"Fuck, I'm so full," Ray says, grunting as he takes his jacket off. Mikey looks over and yeah, even in just the low light coming from the bedside lamp, he can see that Ray's stomach is bigger than usual, slightly rounded out.
fandom:mcr  ship:rikey  first-time  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  stuffing!kink  belly!kink  h/c  hurt!ray  kink-exploration 
september 2015 by poiisons
"L For Lucky (M for Mine)" by deadpegasus
“Yeah, look.” Mikey turns his head to peer at the crowd over his shoulder. “This is going to seem weird, but.” He stares behind him and seems, for a moment, at a loss for words. “Well, there’s no tasteful way to say it.” Mikey looks Ray in the eye and just shrugs. “This is a highly organized sexual gathering for very specifically kinky people.”
Ray feels a bit of spittle lodge in his throat and tries his best not to sputter when he disagrees, “That’s actually a pretty tasteful description of an orgy.”
[riot] read the author's notes for detailed warnings.
ship:rikey  ship:frerard  ship:petekey  fandom:mcr  kink-exploration  fandom:fall-out-boy  exhibitionism  voyeurism  h/c  size!kink  angst  wc:25k-50k  solo!ray  au  ship:ray/ofc  public-sex  bottom!mikey  top!ray  first-time  from iphone
july 2015 by poiisons
"Stars and Fire" by onceuponamoon
Nights like these are absolutely the fucking best, Frank thinks, because he’s got a can of piss-beer in either hand, the stars are out, the fire’s big, and he’s slumped against Gerard’s shin – for once bared to the world instead of hidden behind a size-too-big amount of denim even though it’s only like fifty degrees and he probably should be wearing jeans. Every so often, between sips, Frank turns to mouth at the warm skin.
multiple-orgasms  top!gerard  bottom!frank  fandom:mcr  ship:frerard  rating:nc17  kink-exploration  wc:<10k  breathplay  drug-use  overstim  face-fucking 
july 2015 by poiisons
"Pad Ped Chicken" by justhush
“Do you like to be told what to do, sometimes?” Mikey asks, voice low.
ship:waycest  rating:r  wc:<10k  fandom:mcr  kink-exploration  d/s  dom!mikey  sub!gerard 
june 2015 by poiisons
"if you look in the mirror" by akamine_chan
Frank toyed with the idea of asking for help, but in the end, decided against it. He wasn’t embarrassed, exactly, or ashamed, but this was new and unsettling and he wasn’t ready to share it with anyone else.
fandom:mcr  ship:frerard  rating:pg  wc:<10k  genderplay  crossdressing  kink-exploration 
june 2015 by poiisons
"If This Gets Weird" by rivers_bend
It doesn’t occur to him to ask what helping would entail until Mikey gives him a sideways look. “Don’t think it’s the kind of help you should ask your brother for,” he says. “But thanks.”
Gerard tries to think of something he wouldn’t help Mikey do, but there’s nothing. He’d drive a getaway car, bury a body, even give him bone marrow, and he’s seen the needles they use to get at that shit. “There’s no such thing,” he says.
Mikey shrugs, picks up an ad for lipstick and starts tearing around the edge of the logo. “It’s kind of a sex thing,” he mumbles.
fandom:mcr  ship:waycest  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  first-time  figging  frottage  kink-exploration 
june 2015 by poiisons
"Give the dog a bone" by autoschediastic
Gerard arfs in agreement before he grins up at Frank. "Pet me, motherfucker, I'm a good dog."
fandom:mcr  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  ship:frerard  puppy-play  schmoop  kink-exploration  tickling  bottom!frank  top!gerard 
may 2015 by poiisons
"Pull & Twist" by lazy_daze
He whirls around and points at Dean, high on the satisfaction of finding out what was bugging him. "You have a thing!" he says, triumphant. "A kinky - thing about saran wrap!"
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  plastic-wrap!kink  kink-exploration  from iphone
august 2014 by poiisons
"Auto-Erotic" by italics_of_uncertainty
Dean's first love was the Impala, and he's never quite gotten over the way the scent of hot vinyl turns him on.
fandom:spn  ship:deanpala  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  ship:wincest  ship:sam/dean/impala  breathplay  kink-exploration  solo!dean  car-sex  bottom!dean  top!sam  first-time 
august 2013 by poiisons

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