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"Advantage" by WrenClayton
Dean’s been hexed by a succubus, and now all she can think about is sex.  Her soulless brother doesn’t exactly provide the help she’s looking for.
[bee] romanticized dub-/non-con of the sex spell variety.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  non-con  dub-con  soulless!sam  top!sam  bottom!dean  fuck-or-die  genderswap  cis-girl!dean 
june 2014 by poiisons
Untitled Wincest + lactation kink by WrenClayton
Dean’s used to solving some weird cases with her brother, but this one’s getting a little more up close and personal than she’s used to.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  lactation  breast-expansion  nipple-play  genderswap  cis-girl!dean 
may 2014 by poiisons

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