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"call me peaches when we get this nasty" by anandrine
Phichit had heard a soft whine, and he laughed. "You didn't tell me you and Victor got a new puppy."
"Oh," Yuuri hummed, "we didn't. Vityusha just usually isn't naughty enough he needs correcting while we're talking."
He had said it so casually, and Russian has so many diminutives he can’t keep track of them--it took Phichit a second to catch up. "Yuuri, oh my god," he had hissed with scandalized delight. "Are you doing what I think you are."
fandom:yoi  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  ship:victuuri  ship:victor/yuuri/phichit  pet-play  puppy-play  dom!yuuri  sub!victor  d/s  foot-fetish  footjob  facials  voyeurism 
november 2017 by poiisons
"Sleeping Beauty" by Farasha
Victor is too tired for sex after long days of practice at the rink. Yuuri isn't, though, and Victor is more than okay with that.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  somnophilia  barebacking  comeplay  facials  intergluteal-sex  biting!kink  marking  sex-toys  bottom!victor  top!yuuri 
october 2017 by poiisons
"A Study in Possession" by Farasha
TMZ catches a dick outline at the kiss & cry in Beijing, after Yuuri has skated Eros. Yuuri helps Victor with his self-control problem.
Or, Victor learns just how possessive Yuuri is of their intimacy.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  face-fucking  facials  orgasm-denial  edging  voyeurism  exhibitionism  sex-toys  prostate-milking  overstim  d/s  dom!yuuri  sub!victor  kink-exploration  top!yuuri  bottom!victor 
october 2017 by poiisons
"Changing Shapes" by stardropdream
Yuuri thinks about kissing Victor again and starting over from square one. But Yuuri knows that Victor’s stamina isn’t as robust as Yuuri’s own, and he doesn’t quite feel bold enough to make demands while in Victor’s bed. But now that Yuuri is getting semi-regular sex, he finds that he really can’t stop thinking about it most of the time. It is, frankly, rather embarrassing. But also exhilarating to think that, somehow, Victor wants him. That, somehow, Victor is just as enthusiastic about sleeping with Yuuri, despite Yuuri’s complete lack of experience.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  come-eating  facials  h/c  hurt!yuuri  body-worship  first-time  kink-exploration  from iphone
october 2017 by poiisons
"Okaerinasai" by forochel
The first time is completely innocent and absolutely significant. Earth-shattering, but only emotionally.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  language!kink  barebacking  bottom!yuuri  top!victor  fluff  sex-toys  facials  impreg!kink  dirty-talk  cockwarming 
september 2017 by poiisons
"the One Where Gerard Gets Gangbanged" by Anonymous
The only thing Gerard likes better than when his band take turns is when they don't.
fandom:mcr  ship:mcr-gsf  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  bottom!gerard  top!frank  facials  spanking  from iphone
february 2017 by poiisons
"Better When It's Real" by mahoni
Frank finds amateur gay porn online starring a guy who looks remarkably like one of his bandmates.
fandom:mcr  ship:frank/gerard/bob  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  first-time  spit-roasting  facials  sex-work-au 
december 2015 by poiisons
"I Am A Camera" by fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone
Grant and Frank congratulate Gerard on his book release with their own hands-on celebrations.
[riot] part nine of the sceneverse.
top!gerard  spitroasting  top!grant  bottom!frank  coming-untouched  ship:grant/frank  fandom:mcr  ship:grant/gerard/frank  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  bondage  sequel  facials  dom!grant  sub!frank  nipple-play 
december 2015 by poiisons
"Learn Your Lesson, Lead Me Home" by fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone
Gerard joins Frank and Grant for play sessions more and more often, they all realize that their current arrangement isn't quite working for anyone, and Grant has to deal with the reappearance of an unwanted figure from his past.
[riot] part seven of the sceneverse.
riding  sub!gerard  spanking  safewording  sequel  fandom:mcr  ship:grant/frank  ship:grant/gerard/frank  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  au  bdsm  dom!grant  sub!frank  roleplay  bondage  sex-toys  orgasm-denial  facials  double-penetration  rimming  voyeurism  drunk-sex  top!grant  top!gerard  bottom!frank  face-fucking  top!frank  bottom!gerard  comeplay  rough-sex  wall-sex  breathplay 
december 2015 by poiisons
Untitled Gerard/William Beckett by 7iris
William's hand is still wrapped around Gerard's tie, and okay, maybe he should have been more careful about pulling on the neckwear of people he's not friends with, but he really could not have predicted this reaction.
facials  fandom:mcr  ship:gerard/william-beckett  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  first-time  d/s  breathplay  bathroom-sex  face-fucking  dom!william  sub!gerard  kink-exploration 
november 2015 by poiisons
"el-oh-vee-ee" by akamine_chan
He knew after the show he should just go back to the motel, take a shower, drink some more tea and go to bed early. But Frank had always been bad at doing what he should.
fandom:mcr  ship:frank/bert-mccracken  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  facials  angst 
september 2015 by poiisons
"Spun" by dear_monday
If there's one thing Gerard dislikes more than his job at the Needle, Belleville's premier independent record store, it's his co-workers. Frank has an attitude problem, Ray has a stick up his ass, and the less Gerard knows about what Mikey has, the better. The customers are bad, the colleagues are worse and the job, as Gerard will tell anyone who'll listen (i.e. no one), is definitely the worst thing that's ever happened to him. But then, one day, Brian announces that they're being bought out, and everything changes. An Empire Records AU.
humor  fandom:mcr  ship:frerard  au  rating:nc17  wc:25k-50k  drunk-sex  first-time  facials 
september 2015 by poiisons
"Gerard Goes on a Soul Quest (Seriously)" by willgrahamchops
Gerard has a thing for his little brother. Mikey has a thing for pain. Frank has a thing for shortbread cookies and gas stations. Maybe he has a thing for incest too, if he's being honest with himself.
[riot] warning for assault, armed robbery, mistaken identity dub-con, and drug addiction. contains a bunch of side pairings. i'm not entirely sure how i feel about this fic, but it's not awful.
barebacking  fandom:mcr  rating:nc17  wc:100k-125k  bdsm  bloodplay  ship:waycest  ship:frerard  ship:fraycest  dub-con  angst  humor  gunplay  d/s  dirty-talk  h/c  pain-play  au  first-time  facials  underage  hs-au  ptsd  ship:petekey  dom!pete  sub!mikey  coming-untouched  frottage  slutplay  ship:frank/gerard/conor-oberst  top!gerard  bottom!conor-oberst  riding  ball-sucking  ball-play  ship:gerard/adam-lambert  drug-use  ship:mikey/ryan-ross  waxplay  bondage  dom!adam-lambert  sub!gerard  shotgunning  ship:rayrard  bottom!frank  dacryphilia  breathplay  ship:ray/bob  bottom!mikey  rimming  dom!gerard  dom!frank  shower-sex  face-fucking 
september 2015 by poiisons
"Want you smothered want you covered (like my Waffle House hashbrowns)" by anoneknewmoose
Ray Toro is on stage in front of thousands of kids, playing his heart out with his brothers, and his hair is full of come.
fandom:mcr  ship:mcr-gsf  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  facials  intercrural-sex  comeplay  voyeurism  orgasm-denial  sequel  ship:wraycest 
july 2015 by poiisons
"We Used To Be Friends" by ladyfoxxx
Best friends since high school, if Frank could've chosen a brother, he'd pick Mikey. Then Mikey became a rock star and Frank... didn't. After years of radio silence, Mikey steps onto a stage in Jersey and back into Frank's life.
(Or, the one where Frank is a school teacher and Mikey plays rhythm in The Used.)
fandom:mcr  ship:frikey  rating:nc17  wc:50k-75k  au  teacher!frank  hs-au  first-time  top!mikey  bottom!frank  facials  angst 
july 2015 by poiisons
"For The Night" by silentdescant
“I’ll do anything, within reason. As long as you pay me for it.”
au  sex-work-au  hooker!frank  fandom:mcr  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  ship:frerard  facials  comeplay  riding  bottom!frank  top!gerard 
july 2015 by poiisons
"Faceless Crush" by synonomy
He's this slouching ink-stained greaseball in the back corner of the art room.
underage  first-time  facials  coming-untouched  fandom:mcr  ship:frerard  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  au  hs-au 
july 2015 by poiisons
"Saturday Night Special" by romantical
Frank is sprawled on the couch, his shirt hiked up so the hem is under his chin and all Gerard can see is pale skin and dark ink.
fandom:mcr  ship:frerard  rating:nc17  solo!frank  humor  wc:<10k  facials 
june 2015 by poiisons
"Strange Steps" by theopteryx & fleurdeliser
Gerard wanted nothing more than to make it through the rest of the senior year of high school unscathed. He was fine with being invisible. Really. The only real highlights of his life were hanging out with Ray, working on the comic book with Mikey, and weekly dance lessons with his grandma and all of her crazy old friends. But then Frank Iero (popular, pretty Frank Iero with his stupid hair and stupid sunglasses who didn't even remember that they had gym class together Freshman year when they were both awkward losers) showed up at the studio one day. And then wouldn't leave him alone. Apparently there was one thing Frank Iero wasn't good at - dancing. And he wanted Gerard to teach him. Gerard wasn't sure his life could get any worse, but, well, this was coming pretty damn close.
fandom:mcr  ship:frerard  rating:nc17  wc:25k-50k  underage  au  hs-au  fluff  facials  first-time 
june 2015 by poiisons
"All Over Me" by shiningartifact
Gerard's been away for a few months and joins Frank on the first stop of the Leathermouth/Reggie tour. Frank's new body is basically Gerard's new favorite thing.
fandom:mcr  ship:frerard  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  facials  body-worship  chubby!frank  nipple-play  size!kink  bottom!frank  top!gerard  riding  face-fucking 
june 2015 by poiisons
"Sit Tight" by desfinado
Gerard's mind is blown when he finds out Frank gets bossy with the ladies.
fandom:mcr  ship:fraycest  wc:<10k  rating:nc17  bondage  facials  coming-untouched 
may 2015 by poiisons
"Eyes on the Prize" by soulmatecest
This is not how Jared wanted to start his first semester at college. And definitely not how he expected to end up hooking up with the hot RA who lives right in front of him — the one that Jared likes a little too much and may have been crushing on for several weeks —.
But, as Chad likes to put it: when life gives him lemons, Jared ends up sucking Jensen Ackles’ dick in the laundry room.
endearments  fandom:spn-rpf  rating:nc17  wc:25k-50k  ship:j2  top!jensen  bottom!jared  dirty-talk  au  college-au  rimming  barebacking  comeplay  first-time  facials  from iphone
may 2015 by poiisons
"More Than Good" by keep_waking_up
Jensen’s mom and Jared’s dad got married when they were both twelve. They barely knew each other from school and then one day they were staring over the dining room table at each other.
fandom:spn-rpf  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  underage  ship:j2  a/b/o  knotting  facials  fingerfucking  alpha!jared  au  bottom!jensen  hs-au  stepbrothers-au  top!jared  omega!jensen  demisexual!jensen  from iphone
december 2014 by poiisons
"Tethered to You" by annabeth
Sam wants Dean, but he'd like him even better dead.
[bee] this fic is a little dark, but i promise it isn't as bad as it sounds. there's a warning for non-con, but it's not graphic or inflicted on sam or dean.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  rating:nc17  wc:25k-50k  ship:sam/omc  necrophilia  breathplay  drug-use  voyeurism  solo!sam  roleplay  snowballing  bondage  humor  gunplay  bottom!dean  top!sam  iceplay  rimming  facials  pain-play  felching  dark!sam 
february 2014 by poiisons
"like a slow fire burn" by _mournthewicked & obstinatrix
So maybe, when they're both under the influence, the Winchesters like to mess around. It's no big deal, except for the part where they're afraid to mention it in the cold light of day. And then there's weed, and Cas's insane angel logic, and somehow Dean ends the night with all the shame plowed right out of him.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  ship:wincestiel  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  weed  shotgunning  facials  bottom!dean  rimming  top!cas  top!sam  spit-roasting  schmoop 
january 2014 by poiisons
"Semper Fi" by veronamay
Dean yanks the door open, eyebrows lowered in a formidable scowl, and then he stops dead when he sees the uniform. His eyes travel slowly down to Sam's feet, where his duffel sits on the ground; then it tracks back up Sam's body, taking in every detail in between: the blue-grey camouflage cloth, the corporal's stripes, the peaked cap, and the buzzcut.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  rating:r  wc:<10k  marine!sam  uniform!kink  facials 
january 2014 by poiisons
"The Stray" by saltandbyrne
Sam and Dean narrowly avoid running over an angel, one of those trendy new pets, and decide to keep him. A well-meaning attempt to find Cas some clothes online leads Sam and Dean somewhere they never would have expected.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  ship:wincestiel  wc:<10k  rating:nc17  h/c  au  wingkink  size!kink  comeplay  felching  rimming  dirty-talk  top!sam  top!cas  bottom!dean  facials  pseudo-bestiality  spit-roasting 
october 2013 by poiisons
"suck it and see" by atimi (bertee)
Closing his eyes, Sam curled his fingers in the sheets as Dean's tongue flicked into the dip of his navel.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  ball-sucking  facials 
september 2013 by poiisons
"Iron Hard" by veronamay
Sam is obsessed with Dean's hands, especially when he handles his gun.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  gunplay  hand!kink  breathplay  4x01  rimming  facials 
september 2013 by poiisons

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4x01  a/b/o  aftercare  alpha!jared  angst  au  ball-play  ball-sucking  barebacking  bathroom-sex  bdsm  biting!kink  bloodplay  body-worship  bondage  bottom!conor-oberst  bottom!dean  bottom!frank  bottom!gerard  bottom!jared  bottom!jensen  bottom!mikey  bottom!party-poison  bottom!victor  bottom!yuuri  breathplay  car-sex  chubby!frank  cockwarming  college-au  come-eating  comeplay  coming-untouched  d/s  dacryphilia  daddy!kink  danger-days  dark!sam  demisexual!jensen  dirty-talk  dom!adam-lambert  dom!alicia  dom!frank  dom!gerard  dom!grant  dom!mikey  dom!pete  dom!sam  dom!william  dom!yuuri  double-penetration  drug-use  drunk-sex  dub-con  edging  endearments  exhibitionism  face-fucking  facials  fandom:mcr  fandom:spn  fandom:spn-rpf  fandom:yoi  felching  fighting!kink  finger-fucking  fingerfucking  first-time  fluff  foot-fetish  footjob  frottage  gagging  gunplay  h/c  hand!kink  hooker!frank  hs-au  humor  hurt!frank  hurt!yuuri  iceplay  impreg!kink  intercrural-sex  intergluteal-sex  invisibility  kink-exploration  knotting  language!kink  leather!kink  marine!sam  marking  mutant-au  necrophilia  nipple-play  omega!jensen  orgasm-denial  overstim  pain-play  panty!kink  pet-play  photographer!gerard  photography  praise!kink  prostate-milking  pseudo-bestiality  ptsd  public-sex  puppy-play  rating:nc17  rating:r  riding  rimming  robot!frank  robot-au  roleplay  rough-sex  roughhousing  safewording  schmoop  scientist!gerard  sequel  sex-toys  sex-work-au  ship:frank/bert-mccracken  ship:frank/brian  ship:frank/fun-ghoul  ship:frank/fun-ghoul/party-poison  ship:frank/gerard/bob  ship:frank/gerard/conor-oberst  ship:frank/ofc  ship:frank/party-poison  ship:frankcest  ship:fraycest  ship:frerard  ship:frikey  ship:funpoison  ship:gerard/adam-lambert  ship:gerard/william-beckett  ship:grant/frank  ship:grant/gerard  ship:grant/gerard/frank  ship:j2  ship:kobrastar  ship:mcr-gsf  ship:mikey/alicia  ship:mikey/alicia/frank  ship:mikey/ryan-ross  ship:petekey  ship:ray/bob  ship:rayrard  ship:rikey  ship:sam/omc  ship:victor/yuuri/phichit  ship:victuuri  ship:waycest  ship:wincest  ship:wincestiel  ship:wraycest  shotgunning  shower-sex  shrinking  size!kink  slutplay  snowballing  solo!frank  solo!sam  somnophilia  spanking  spit-roasting  spitroasting  stepbrothers-au  sub!dean  sub!frank  sub!gerard  sub!grant  sub!mikey  sub!victor  teacher!frank  time-travel  tittyfucking  top!brian  top!cas  top!frank  top!fun-ghoul  top!gerard  top!grant  top!jared  top!jensen  top!mikey  top!party-poison  top!ray  top!sam  top!victor  top!yuuri  underage  uniform!kink  voyeurism  wall-sex  waxplay  wc:10k-25k  wc:25k-50k  wc:50k-75k  wc:100k-125k  wc:<10k  weed  were!frank  were-au  wingkink  xmas 

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