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An Examination of Stamina by Viktor Nikiforov by Anonymous_Ostrich [Archive of Our Own]
"Viktor…" Yuuri's voice was low and gravelly, his teeth grazing the bend of Viktor's neck, "Is it really okay to keep going?"
fandom:yoi  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  ship:victuuri  top!yuuri  bottom!victor  barebacking  marathon-sex  multiple-orgasms 
january 2018 by poiisons
"my gift of love never unwrapped" by anandrine
"Wait, wait," Yuuri says, pulling back and sitting up slightly. "That old myth? Who told you that?"
Myth, as in not true? It's definitely true. Victor wouldn't have spent his entire very lonely, very celibate adulthood following a myth. (Well, his entire life up until coming to Hasetsu, anyway. Victor thinks he's been very obvious about how eagerly he would welcome Yuuri making love to him in any manner, position, or room, but preferably on a night they're not at a competition, since you can't have sex before competitions!)
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  ship:yuuri/phichit  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  first-time  virginity  virgin!victor  virginity-kink  top!yuuri  bottom!victor  rimming 
january 2018 by poiisons
"These Violent Delights" by butterbeerbitch
It was the wanting that made him feel dirtier than the e-mails, the money, the key cards, strangers' hands groping his ass on the way to their hotel room.
And with every other client, it made him feel soiled-through. With Yuuri, it broke his heart.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  au  sex-work-au  bottom!victor  top!yuuri  escort!victor  age-swap  bdsm  d/s  dom!yuuri  sub!victor  angst  bottom!yuuri  top!victor 
january 2018 by poiisons
"ebony & ivory" by wbtrashking (fan_nerd)
Yuuri jumps when someone hurries into the elevator, apologizing profusely.
The apartment complex is full of eccentrics, seeing as it's only a few miles from the artistic center of town. It isn't the first time that the concert pianist has run into someone who's late for work, fussing with their hair, or adjusting the lapels of a suit. Yuuri taps out a rhythm to fill the silence, something original.
When he sees the silver-haired man pull out a notebook, he recognizes the handwriting. Notes had been slipped under his door in that loopy script for weeks now.
This handsome man is his upstairs neighbor.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  wc:10k-25k  au  music-au  pianist!yuuri  slow-burn  rating:nc17  first-time  bottom!victor  top!yuuri 
january 2018 by poiisons
"silver" by pageleaf
"Oh? You can't kiss silver?"
Viktor makes a mock-horrified face. "Silver? No way!"
Ah. Yuuri recognizes this—Viktor getting into one of his bratty moods. Yuuri's never really tried to do anything about it before, and eventually Viktor always tones it back down, but this time, Yuuri wonders...
He shrugs. "Well, I guess I just won't be able to kiss you then."
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  dom!yuuri  sub!victor  top!yuuri  bottom!victor  from iphone
january 2018 by poiisons
Ripped Fishnets and Grey Hoodies by pensversusswords [Archive of Our Own]
Yuuri is incapable of not giving Viktor what he wants, even though they could very easily get caught writhing against each other like they have absolutely no control over themselves.
fandom:yoi  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  ship:victuuri  public-sex  age-swap  intercrural-sex  sub!victor  dom!yuuri  bottom!victor  top!yuuri 
december 2017 by poiisons
"Patience" by pensversusswords
Yuuri isn't a morning person, but that doesn't mean Viktor can't still have some fun.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  somnophilia  fluff  bottom!victor  top!yuuri 
december 2017 by poiisons
"Sleeping Beauty" by Farasha
Victor is too tired for sex after long days of practice at the rink. Yuuri isn't, though, and Victor is more than okay with that.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  somnophilia  barebacking  comeplay  facials  intergluteal-sex  biting!kink  marking  sex-toys  bottom!victor  top!yuuri 
october 2017 by poiisons
"A Study in Possession" by Farasha
TMZ catches a dick outline at the kiss & cry in Beijing, after Yuuri has skated Eros. Yuuri helps Victor with his self-control problem.
Or, Victor learns just how possessive Yuuri is of their intimacy.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  face-fucking  facials  orgasm-denial  edging  voyeurism  exhibitionism  sex-toys  prostate-milking  overstim  d/s  dom!yuuri  sub!victor  kink-exploration  top!yuuri  bottom!victor 
october 2017 by poiisons
"Hardly Dancing" by pensversusswords
Outfit: Faded torn jeans, fishnets, pink crop top, hair down.
Venue: Frat party. Not the most glamorous location, but it'll do.
Objective: Finally win Yuuri's heart.
fandom:yoi  rating:nc17  ship:victuuri  au  college-au  age-swap  drunk-sex  pining  top!yuuri  bottom!victor  dirty-talk 
october 2017 by poiisons
"Gonna Give You Something Better" by forochel
It starts with Viktor’s Team Russia jacket, of course; Viktor trains and sweats his cologne off in it, so it smells the strongest of him. Yuuri wraps himself in it, drowns in the heady scent of Viktor’s natural musk, swims in the sleeves, imagines that the soft fabric against his skin is Viktor’s arms against his own.
But then it’s not quite enough, and Viktor’s absence yawns like a great gaping maw - dark, deep, bottomless, and with teeth sharp enough for Yuuri to cut himself on if he dwells too long on how far away Viktor is, halfway across the continent for sponsorship talks. Yuuri unhooks Viktor’s camel trench coat from the back of the front door, unwinds the matching scarf from the coat rack, swipes the thick, ribbed turtleneck from where Viktor’d left it on the sofa - he brings the spoils of his gathering into the bedroom, spills them over the wide, empty expanse of their bed.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  smell!kink  bottom!victor  top!yuuri  switching  top!victor  bottom!yuuri 
september 2017 by poiisons
"If You Show Me Yours" by airspaniel & dance_across
Phichit nods towards the flash drive in Chris’s hand. “Wouldn’t Victor be upset if he found out you showed me his nudes?”
Chris’s laugh is sudden and loud, unabashedly amused. “Upset? Fuck, the only thing Victor will be upset about is that I didn’t have these published as an art book for him to display on his coffee table.” He leans in again, speaking conspiratorially into Phichit’s ear. “I don’t think he would mind me giving you a private show.”
fandom:yoi  ship:phichit/chris  ship:victor/chris  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  bottom!phichit  top!chris  switching  exhibitionism  voyeurism  rimming  spanking  sequel  panty!kink  bottom!victor  riding  topping-from-the-bottom  d/s  dom!victor  sub!chris  dom!phichit 
september 2017 by poiisons
"Call Everything on the Ice..." by shysweetthing
Victor learns Japanese while in Hasetsu. He doesn't tell Yuuri, and things get dicey when he overhears Yuuri and Mari talking about him in Japanese. Repeatedly.
[bee]: the last chapter is about yuuri and victor's daughters and its so sweet i'm gonna crY?
fandom:yoi  wc:25k-50k  fluff  rating:nc17  ship:victuuri  angst  first-time  top!yuuri  bottom!victor  dirty-talk  exhibitionism  depression 
september 2017 by poiisons
"Perfect Fit" by threerings
Yuuri doesn't want Victor distracted by the attention of being back in Russia. He has a way to make sure Victor is thinking of him the entire time.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  sequel  size!kink  bottom!victor  top!yuuri  rimming  d/s  dom!yuuri  sub!victor  sex-toys 
september 2017 by poiisons
"Easy Accessibility" by threerings
“Yuuri,” he growled. “That sounds like a good way to break something.” He laughed. “Imagine the press conference. Mr. Nikiforov, how did you injure yourself? Well, see, Yuuri has this giant cock...”
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  size!kink  top!victor  top!yuuri  bottom!victor  bottom!yuuri  sex-toys  switching  sequel 
september 2017 by poiisons
"Learning You in Three Dimensions" by threerings
Victor Nikiforov thought he was used to the frustration that came from dealing with Yuuri Katsuki. Since his arrival in Hasetsu he’d adjusted his expectations. Yuuri was a much different person than Victor had expected from their previous interaction. Victor thought he’d accepted the fact that his time with Yuuri involved much less sex than he would prefer.
And then. And then he’d caught a glimpse of Yuuri’s dick.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  size!kink  first-time  top!yuuri  bottom!victor  sex-toys 
september 2017 by poiisons
"Pride and Joy" by threerings
A short and sweet Coda to Beautiful and New: On their last night in Sapporo, Victor insists on taking Yuuri out to dinner.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  sequel  top!yuuri  bottom!victor  rimming 
september 2017 by poiisons
"Beautiful and New" by threerings
After spending an amazing night with Victor Nikiforov after the banquet in Sochi, Yuuri has to deal with the fact that he seems to be suddenly dating his long-time idol and crush.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  wc:25k-50k  sequel  rating:nc17  rimming  phone-sex  bottom!yuuri  bottom!victor  top!yuuri  top!victor 
september 2017 by poiisons
"eat glitter for breakfast (and shine all day)" by katsukiy
He finds Yuuri draped on the sheets, flushed, almost writhing, impaled on a long, clear glittery jelly dildo that is very obviously double ended, the tip of it peeking out between beautiful spread thighs.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  sex-toys  bottom!yuuri  bottom!victor  from iphone
july 2017 by poiisons

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