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"Always One, Never Broken" by KatsudonLink
"We already checked four times. There isn't anything wrong with him. Have you ever considered the possibility that this is just how he is?"
The silence hurts Yuri's bones, but what he hears after that is somehow even worse. His mother speaks like she is talking to customer service about an item that malfunctioned too early.
"My son...are you saying that he is broken?"
fandom:yoi  rating:r  wc:<10k  WIP  a/b/o  omega!yuri  demisexual!yuri  angst 
december 2017 by poiisons
"made from love" by alykapedia
"Then just stop trying to make a baby when you have sex!"
Yurio finally screams, a month after Yuuri's third heat off contraceptives and the pregnancy test comes out negative.
"Maybe the baby's having performance anxiety with all the pressure you idiots are putting on it! Just have sex like you normally do and maybe you can finally get knocked up!"
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  WIP  a/b/o  alpha!victor  omega!yuuri  top!victor  bottom!yuuri  m-preg  sequel 
november 2017 by poiisons
"be the hitch in your breath" by alykapedia
The smart and responsible thing to do is to shake his head and say no. Send out a few messages to let people know that Viktor’s in his rut and they won’t be making it to practice any time soon, make sure they have supplies to last a week or so, and maybe ask Yurio to come over and get Makkachin.
But Yuuri does none of that because he's kind of an idiot when it comes to Viktor.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  a/b/o  alpha!victor  omega!yuuri  sequel  marathon-sex  bottom!yuuri  top!victor  knotting 
october 2017 by poiisons
"sip thy jasmines" by alykapedia
“Did you know, my darling,” Viktor croons, stepping ever closer until he is pressed flush against Yuuri, until Yuuri can feel the promising swell of him, insistent upon the small of his back. “That whenever you lean forward, your nipples peek out just so and I have to restrain myself from putting my mouth on you?”
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  au  regency-au  a/b/o  alpha!victor  omega!yuuri  intersex  intersex!yuuri  lactation 
october 2017 by poiisons
"let's start living dangerously" by lazulisong
"What is it with alphas in rut and feeding me?" says Yuri. It just comes out, because Yuri is a disaster.
"What," says Victor.
"What," says Yuri.
fandom:yoi  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  a/b/o  alpha!victor  omega!yuuri  first-time  bottom!yuuri  top!victor  knotting  pining  schmoop 
september 2017 by poiisons
"while you're here in my arms" by lazulisong
"I got you purple sports drink," says Victor, eyes slightly crazy, and Yuri hates even more that he's into a person that likes purple sports drink.
wc:<10k  ship:victuuri  fandom:yoi  a/b/o  omega!yuuri  alpha!victor  rating:r  pining  sequel 
september 2017 by poiisons
"catch me when I start to fall for you" by lazulisong
It's really bad, worse than even meeting a beautiful boy at a stuffy banquet and getting a mouth and nose full of his scent and then that beautiful boy disappearing so thoroughly that Victor couldn't even chase after him.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:r  a/b/o  alpha!victor  omega!yuuri  wc:<10k  pining 
september 2017 by poiisons
"Pelvic Floor Toning" by forochel
“Stupid Viktor,” Yuuri says thickly, blinking away the film of tears still sticking to his lashes.
Stupid Viktor does not immediately capitulate and promise to cherish and fuck Yuuri until their dying days. Instead, he huffs out another laugh. “No I just didn’t want to presume — you’re in heat and —
“I’m only almost in heat,” Yuuri snaps, and then jerks away almost instinctively, recoiling in shame.
“Yes, exactly,” Viktor says, because he seriously has a problem with putting his foot in his mouth.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  a/b/o  alpha!victor  omega!yuuri  solo!yuuri  sex-toys  intersex!yuuri  intersex  first-time  bottom!yuuri  top!victor  kegels 
september 2017 by poiisons
"Fever" by MilkTeaMiku
Yuuri had always known he was a little bit different when compared to other figure skaters. Of course, the fact that he was socially awkward and rather ungraceful kind of made him stand out anyway, but it was more than that.
It was biology.
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  a/b/o  omega!yuuri  alpha!victor  knotting  praise!kink  top!victor  bottom!yuuri 
september 2017 by poiisons
"Flush" by MilkTeaMiku
“So no one’s ever been offered the honour of having you?” Victor asked, eyes flashing. At Yuuri’s tentative headshake, another predatory grin curled at his lips, and he pressed closer. His hand cradled Yuuri’s face almost tenderly as his thumb ran across Yuuri’s suddenly dry lips. “Oh Yuuri,” he purred, grinding his hips down once more, “alphas don’t hunt omegas – they court them.”
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  a/b/o  alpha!victor  omega!yuuri  first-time  intercrural-sex  frottage  praise!kink 
september 2017 by poiisons
"rouge my knees and roll my stockings down" by alykapedia
“It’s just that only whores wear the knot in front,” Yuuri says, stepping in close to breathe in Viktor’s intoxicating scent before peering up at him through lowered lashes and affecting an accent he’s heard during one of his and Phichit’s ill-advised jaunts to Covent Garden. “Did you want me to be your whore, milord?”
fandom:yoi  ship:victuuri  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  a/b/o  alpha!victor  omega!yuuri  top!victor  bottom!yuuri  knotting  wall-sex  au  regency-au  from iphone
july 2017 by poiisons
"More Than Good" by keep_waking_up
Jensen’s mom and Jared’s dad got married when they were both twelve. They barely knew each other from school and then one day they were staring over the dining room table at each other.
fandom:spn-rpf  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  underage  ship:j2  a/b/o  knotting  facials  fingerfucking  alpha!jared  au  bottom!jensen  hs-au  stepbrothers-au  top!jared  omega!jensen  demisexual!jensen  from iphone
december 2014 by poiisons
"Help Me Won't You" by jackles67
Jared, an Alpha, goes into heat. He's helpless with need until his neighbor Jensen, an omega, comes home.
fandom:spn-rpf  ship:j2  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  a/b/o  knotting  au  topping-from-the-bottom  bottom!jensen  top!jared 
december 2013 by poiisons
"A Fine Frenzy" by the_gabih
The rest of Dean's family have these romantic, almost fairytale stories of how they first met their mates. Dean? Not so much. But he's okay with that.
fandom:spn  rating:nc17  ship:destiel  a/b/o  alpha!cas  omega!dean  knotting  WIP  bottom!dean  top!cas 
november 2013 by poiisons
"Punches and Pastries" by keep_waking_up
Okay, so maybe Jensen shouldn't have beaten up the two Alphas harrassing him.  But did the big idiot Alpha from the bakery really have to call the police?
fandom:spn-rpf  ship:j2  rating:nc17  a/b/o  omega!jensen  alpha!jared  knotting  fluff  topping-from-the-bottom  bottom!jensen  wc:<10k 
october 2013 by poiisons
"Bare Your Neck (While You're Buried Inside Me)" by saltandbyrne
Castiel is an alpha but, much to the shock of those around him, he's also a sub, and becomes mated to a very dominant omega— Dean. People look down on him for it, but Castiel is proud to wear his omega's collar and loves nothing more than rolling over and bearing his neck for Dean like a good bitch.
fandom:spn  ship:destiel  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  a/b/o  alpha!cas  omega!dean  bdsm  knotting  rough-sex  dirty-talk  comeplay  felching  au  overstim  gagging  bondage  spanking  top!dean  bottom!cas 
october 2013 by poiisons
"Home For Now" by saltandbyrne
Sam might be away at Stanford, but there's still one thing only Dean can take care of.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  rating:nc17  wc:<10k  a/b/o  alpha!dean  omega!sam  knotting  top!dean  bottom!sam  angst  comeplay 
october 2013 by poiisons
"Heat Of The Moment" by endversed
Dean finds a sixteen year old omega living on the streets during his first heat, so he takes the kid home to keep him safe. But, as it turns out, he's finding the kid difficult to resist, himself.
[bee] warning: starts out with dean saving cas from a potential non-con situation, in which the attacker says a bunch of gross rape-positive things.
fandom:spn  ship:destiel  rating:nc17  wc:10k-25k  underage  a/b/o  dirty-talk  fingerfucking  knotting  barebacking  au  bottom!cas  top!dean  omega!cas  alpha!dean  twink!cas 
september 2013 by poiisons

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