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"Baba O'Riley and Eleanor Rigby walk into a bar" by sammehsayum
When Dean Winchester was four years old he almost lost his younger brother for the first time to a fire. When Dean Winchester was eighteen he almost lost his brother a second time to a full bathtub and a pack of sleeping pills, citing some decidedly unbrotherly feelings in his suicide note. At twenty-two he's about to lose him for a third time to Stanford University.
[bee] warning for attempted suicide.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  rating:nc17  wc:25k-50k  ship:sam/omc  bottom!sam  top!dean  first-time  suicide-attempt  angst  Mary-lives-AU  AU 
february 2014 by poiisons
"Man's long shadow driving on" by elanorelle
Dean Winchester would hold these truths to be self-evident: that Lawrence is home, that he loves his brother more than anything (more than he should), and that ghosts do not exist.
… Well, at least he was right about the first two.
fandom:spn  ship:wincest  rating:nc17  wc:25k-50k  mary-lives-au  au  sequel  bottom!dean  top!sam  first-time 
january 2014 by poiisons

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