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Rec: Sherlock (BBC): Mind Heist by analise010
Summary: Jim Moriarty has stolen some very important bank codes. To extract them from his mind, Irene, Molly and their team have devised an intricate net of dreams that will not only make Moriarty give them the codes, but will also make him believe in the best distraction they can imagine - Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective. An Inception-style AU.

Rec Snippet: "What I really loved about this story is how self-sufficient the women were. They plated on Moriarty's arrogance and invented the character Sherlock Holmes in order to beat him at his own game. I also had a great time performing the different accents! (I'm hopelessly American, but I have confirmation from a few of my UK peers that my voice acting wasn't too horrible. :D)"
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