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Active Directory at Home : homelab
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I have set two Proxmox servers, one at home and one in a Datacenter. They are connected through a VPN and each of them runs one OpenVZ container with a Domain Controller. In addition I have a fairly large file Server that is a separate physical machine.

I have a bunch of services using the AD for Authentication, each uses its local DC as primary server. The Services that use it are:

E-Mail (postfix, dovecot, horde)
Webapps: Wordpress/Piwik/Subsonic/Owncloud
File Server: Debian, ZFS, Samba4( currently zfsonlinux does not seem to process deletes until a volume is remounted. It might be related to the extended attributes but it still have to look into it some when)
Windows Home Server: just for backups of Windows clients, I should really replace this though (open to suggestions, thinking about giving in and using Microsoft instead of Open Source)
3 Windows Clients
OpenVPN: managed and authenticated through AD
Mumble uses it for authentication
I might have forgotten one or two things on my AD here, but those are the main ones. And there is also a bunch more stuff not connected to the AD running as Virtual Machines.

In general, I always try to connect stuff that requires a password to my AD because then I have to manage fewer passwords. On the other hand I try to use Open Source operating systems on all my servers. This due to ideological and cost issues. I don't really want to get 2 server 2012 data center licenses(Also Linux is fun). If it wasn't for gaming, I would probably even change the Clients over to Linux.

If you need help with connecting any of the listed stuff to Active Directory, I might be able to help. Not all that stuff has obvious documentation for it unfortunately.
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