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networking - How do I connect two computers using USB 3.0? - Super User
This cable connects two USB3.0 hosts together. They provide chinish app for that but in Linux, you can use my patch to use it as virtual ethernet card. I managed to achieve speeds between 1-2Gbps. But you can write own driver to transfer any data: you simply write to USB EP0 and read from USB EP0 on the other side.
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february 2018 by po
How to use a YubiKey to secure all the things
Not a full guide. Lots of links to howtos and tutorials.
Unfortunately introduces terms before explaining them.
Some terms are never explained.
yubikey  gpg  ssh  gnupg  security  usb  hardware  token  totp  tips  links 
february 2018 by po
F3 by Digirati
testing usb keys pendrives flash memory
nand  flash  testing  tools  software  hardware  usb  test 
june 2016 by po

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