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Restoring a Backup into an Amazon RDS MySQL DB Instance - Amazon Relational Database Service
Follow these instructions for restoring a backup into an Amazon RDS MySQL DB instance.
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12 weeks ago by po
Fixing The SSH Authentication Issue In MySQL Workbench
As a user of M$ Windows, I use the putty tools to connect to my server through ssh — based on a key pair which was generated with puttygen. MySQL clients like HeidiSQL can successfully connect to the…
mysql  trobuleshooting  putty  windows  ssh 
december 2018 by po
PostgreSQL cheat sheet for MySQL users · GitHub
PostgreSQL cheat sheet for MySQL users. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
postgresql  mysql  orientation  tips  sysadmin  dba  cheat.sheets 
december 2018 by po
A Mystery with open_files_limit - Percona Database Performance Blog
In this blog, we'll look at a mystery around setting the open_files_limit variable in MySQL and Percona Server for MySQL.
mysql  systemd  resources  filehandles 
december 2018 by po
How A Tiny Go Microservice Coded In Hackathon Is Saving Us Thousands | Movio Blog
> The slowness was mostly in the final aggregation step, which could produce billions of intermediate rows on groups with many filters. However, a few filters were slow no matter what. Even on fully indexed query execution plans they still had to scan over half a billion rows.

That's because the model is broken with many-to-many relationships which is a typical outcome of denormalized data.
Instead of solving this correctly with the _relational_ part of the rdbms, the authors have instead chosen to implement a where clause in go using a bitmap.
Here's your sign.

> In financial terms, we saved $31.000 yearly in AWS bills and $4.000 yearly in after-hours support.

What a bargain. /s
nih  mysql  golang  infinidb  bad.advice 
april 2018 by po
Installing Percona Server on Debian and Ubuntu
apt-get install percona-server-server-5.7
percona  mysql  apt  debian 
july 2017 by po
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