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The computer languages most in demand in Silicon Valley — Quartz at Work
I love that "amazon web service," "Git," and "Rest" are 'computer languages' in the chart.
Stay sharp, qz.
programming.languages  popularity  nonsense  metrics 
5 weeks ago by po
These college degrees can be a waste of money — Quartz at Work
Highly biased and dubious metrics.
Especially with loaded terms like "underperforming majors" and Burning Glass' own admission that specialization can cause the metric to vary wildly.

Nonsense on stilts.
bogus.metrics  labor  skills  training  degrees  stem  liberal.arts  metrics  demographics  lists  highered  bias 
5 weeks ago by po
Why are pop songs getting so short? — Quartzy

Ponchick explained that since one stream typically earns the same no matter the track length, there’s an incentive to create shorter songs to garner as many streams as possible. “This is a total strategy to game the system,” Ponchick said. Across Repost’s more than 5,000 artists and the numerous platforms they partner with, Ponchick said “the artists who do well with us are artists who put out content frequently and content that’s shorter in length.”

This should come as no surprise that for any given metric, it will be gamed.
music  metrics  songs  length  formulaic  business  revenue  residuals 
6 weeks ago by po
Opinion | We’re Measuring the Economy All Wrong - The New York Times
cui bono.
The skewed statistics aren't wrong to those parties intended to benefit.
economics  inequality  fail  metrics  law  statistics  income  labor  no.fucking.shit 
7 weeks ago by po
No Cash Needed At This Cafe. Students Pay The Tab With Their Personal Data : The Salt : NPR
To get the free coffee, university students must give away their names, phone numbers, email addresses and majors, or in Brown's lingo, concentrations. Students also provide dates of birth and professional interests, entering all of the information in an online form. By doing so, the students also open themselves up to receiving information from corporate sponsors who pay the cafe to reach its clientele through logos, apps, digital advertisements on screens in stores and on mobile devices, signs, surveys and even baristas.
panopticon  surveillance.capitalism  metrics  identity  coffee  ecommerce  corruption 
9 weeks ago by po
Team Health Monitors for building high-performing teams
nothing like treating labor as anything more than the taylorist cogs they are...
culture  labor.monitoring  modern.timecards  management  business  metrics  atlassian 
10 weeks ago by po
Through a Dashboard Darkly – Brain of Buildchimp – Curated Selections from the Voices in My Head

This is a story of a flawed development process on top of a flawed infrastructure, without the necessary data to drive decision-making. It’s also a story of waking up to these problems and charting a way out.

Worth noting:

The funny thing about reasoning with incomplete or irrelevant information is that it’s hard to be objective; it’s hard to tell from motivated reasoning and outright justification.

Although, we're almost always working without complete information....
dashboards  metrics  monitoring  observability  performance  development  programming  workflow 
august 2018 by po
Initial coin offerings: Disclosure tends to mean better outcomes for ICOs — Quartz
Disclosure alone doesn't mean squat if your contracts are unenforceable.
Much like brazen, easily disprovable bald-faced lies go unpunished, what good is the transparency of knowing they are falsehoods if they are traded at the same value as earnest capital?
capital  digital.capital  lolbuttcoin  blockchain  economics  metrics  transparency  liquidity 
july 2018 by po
NAIRU and the Phillips curve: The strange thing about the low US unemployment rate — Quartz
These metrics are so outdated (and often gamed) that you have to go back to source data and how the calculations are performed. In some cases you need to reestablish first principles since the applicable collection data is suspect.
Dismal sciences.
labor  employment  unemployment  metrics  economics  fail 
may 2018 by po
Massive new data set suggests economic inequality is about to get even worse - The Washington Post
Well of course it has since the opposite of anything that could improve the situation has been done instead.
inequality  economics  money  culture  data  metrics 
january 2018 by po
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