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Deep Reinforcement Learning Doesn't Work Yet
June 24, 2018 note: If you want to cite an example from the post, pleasecite the paper which that example came from. If you want to cite thepost as a whole, ...
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Algorithms can't fix societal problems—and often amplify them — Quartz

“What we’re doing is using the idea of eliminating individual irrational bias to allow this vast structural bias to sneak in the back door of the system,” she said.
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Amazon’s AI-powered recruiting tool was biased against women — Quartz

The team decided to train the system on the previous 10 years of resumes sent to Amazon, which were mostly men.
When the algorithm reached its conclusions for what would be good and what would be bad in an applicant, it mirrored the hiring biases towards men that Amazon had shown in the past.

Honestly, I don't think this algorithm is bad.
It successfully reflected the bias of the organization.
While this is useless as a predictive tool, it's actually profoundly important as an auditing tool.
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This is the week that the drone surveillance state became real — Quartz
> But the “Eye in the Sky” researchers are trying to associate certain poses with intent. The researchers don’t discuss any false-positives for actions that could be misinterpreted as violence, such as play-fighting, knocking a fly off someone’s shoulder, or grabbing someone who’s falling.

This is straight out of some Warren Ellis story.
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june 2018 by po
Taryn Southern's AI-heavy album is a window into the future of work — Quartz
Here's a question: what if the ai has been solving your creative problem all along and you've been too stupid to recognize it?
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may 2018 by po
2018 AnacondaCON - YouTube
This isn't bad even if it's a bit inaccessible for non-tech people.
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