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Gene Wolfe by Neil Gaiman | Books | The Guardian
'Whatever I imagined the author of those glittering, dangerous stories to have been, I was not expecting the genial gentleman I met'
gene.wolfe  books  author  culture  ficton  sf  scifi 
9 days ago by po
American Meritocracy Is a Myth | The Nation
Recent scandals in politics and higher education show how the rich perpetuate inequality in the US.
no.fucking.shit  elitism  meritocracy  usa  culture 
16 days ago by po
Your Speech, Their Rules: Meet the People Who Guard the Internet
Tech platform trust and safety employees are charged with policing the impossible. They open up to Medium’s head of trust and safety.
internet  infrastructure  moderators  moderation  governance  web  culture  trust 
16 days ago by po
Opinion | A God Problem - The New York Times
Perfect. All-powerful. All-knowing. The idea of the deity most Westerners accept is actually not coherent.
theology  culture 
16 days ago by po
The Source for Arts Events| Find Things to Do | Oregon Coast Arts
OCCA promotes and provides high-caliber arts experiences on the Oregon coast.
oregon  arts.festival  art  culture 
16 days ago by po
Tsing, A.: The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins (Paperback and Ebook) | Princeton University Press
Matsutake is the most valuable mushroom in the world—and a weed that grows in human-disturbed forests across the northern hemisphere. Through its ability to nurture trees, matsutake helps forests to grow in daunting places. It is also an edible delicacy in Japan, where it sometimes commands astronomical prices. In all its contradictions, matsutake offers insights into areas far beyond just mushrooms and addresses a crucial question: what manages to live in the ruins we have made?</bl...
capitalism  history  anthropology  food  farming  culture  usa 
17 days ago by po
It Started as an Online Gaming Prank. Then It Turned Deadly | WIRED
A $1.50 wager on a "Call of Duty" match led to a fake 911 call reporting a violent hostage situation in Wichita. Here’s how it all went horribly awry.

Still nobody pointing out police overreaction and inability to de-escalate.

And yet
swatting  crime  video.games  culture  police  police.violence  trolls 
17 days ago by po
Contempt Culture - The Particular Finest
It’s 2015, and I saw a presenter at a Python conference make fun of Java. How would that feel to people trying to move from Java into something else? I wouldn’t feel welcome, and I’d have learned that the idea that the Python community is welcoming wasn’t true.

This is important.

The "We Are Nice Beause Matz Is Nice" fiction of Ruby lasts exactly 30 seconds into a conversation with your average Rails developer.

See also: DHH, esr, linus torvalds, and so many other "luminaries" who are likewise toxic assclowns.
community  culture  programming  diversity  society  contempt  technology  social.media  important 
19 days ago by po
Twitch emotes list: the meaning of Twitch characters, explained - Polygon
From Twitch born memes to extension icons, these are what people are trying to say they drop these illustrations into the right sidebar.
emotes  twitch.tv  culture  games  racism  weird 
27 days ago by po
Good enough to eat? The toxic truth about modern food | Books | The Guardian
We are now producing and consuming more food than ever, and yet our modern diet is killing us. How can we solve this bittersweet dilemma?
nutrition  calories  food  supply.chains  diet  obesity  business  culture  economics  fruit  psychology  eating 
4 weeks ago by po
The Carolina Kissing Case - Providentia
It all began on November 1, 1958 in Monroe, North Carolina when two boys, aged eight and nine, were walking seven-year-old Sissy Marcus home from school. Though what happened next seemed innocent enough, it was only after Sissy got home...
civil.rights  culture  usa  fail  racism 
4 weeks ago by po
How Inuit Parents Raise Kids Without Yelling — And Teach Them To Control Anger : Goats and Soda : NPR
At the top of the world, the Inuit culture has developed a sophisticated way to sculpt kids' behavior without yelling or scolding. Could discipline actually be playful?
culture  inuit  indigenous.peoples  children  anthropology  oral.tradition  storytelling  parenting  health  play  childhood  fascinating  self.control  discipline  pedagogy 
5 weeks ago by po
Why China's loving Green Book so much — Quartzy
A story about US segregation history has been a surprising hit with Chinese moviegoers, who nowadays seem to mostly favor films about China's rising power.
china  culture  movies  film  usa  segregation  racism 
6 weeks ago by po
James Bond, the Japanese Fisherman | Costume & Culture
Part 1: Trans-status disguise on film James Bond is a man of expensive taste. His tailored suits and Omega watches reflect a kind of elitism. He presents himself with an air of confidence that is unattainable to most, and that suave sophistication is a hallmark of Bond in every incarnation. It makes women swoon, and…
yellowface  culture  film  fashion  history 
6 weeks ago by po
Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world.
books  anonymous  journalism  internet  culture  trolls 
6 weeks ago by po
The Religion of Workism Is Making Americans Miserable - The Atlantic
For the college-educated elite, work has morphed into a religious identity—promising transcendence and community, but failing to deliver.

Because labor as a virtue is a puritanical ideal that is about as sensible as a supposedly loving, omniscient, and omnipotent god who punishes people out of spite and cruelty according to magical plan known only to it and a select group.
workism  labor  identity  culture  usa  economics  puritanism  religion  cognitive.dissonance 
6 weeks ago by po
Liz and Mollie (@lizandmollie) • Instagram photos and videos
23.9k Followers, 499 Following, 138 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Liz and Mollie (@lizandmollie)
work  culture  infographics  comics 
8 weeks ago by po
How to create a culture of belonging at work — Quartz at Work
What if you could bring yourself out of hiding and into the workplace?
culture  labor  work  employment  advertorial  books 
8 weeks ago by po
Instagram is introducing "sensitivity screens" for self-harm content — Quartz
There's no easy solution.
Actually there is: quit the game.
Stop trying to rent-seek interpersonal relationships by depersonalizing them.
Humanity is horror; pretending otherwise is delusional.
instagram  culture  censorship  self.harm  social.media 
9 weeks ago by po
There Are Some Intriguing Differences Between The USA And Japan In How Emotions Influence Health – Research Digest
By Emma Young. Cultural attitudes to what is and is not a desirable emotional state, and related behaviours, can influence health, and deserve more attention.
psychology  usa  japan  health  culture 
9 weeks ago by po
The False Science Linking Body Shape to Personality - The Atlantic
People continue to fall back on harmful assumptions about the link between body shape and personality.
body.image  culture  usa  stereotypes  history  eugenics  weird 
11 weeks ago by po
Should I grow a beard? A philosopher considers the ethics of facial hair — Quartzy
“We ought to respect the beautiful and create it where possible: if one can grow beautiful facial hair, one should, as it has moral worth."
aesthetics  morality  philosophy  interview  culture  identity  history 
january 2019 by po
How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation
This isn't just Millennials.
This is about modern labor in general.

I love this graf, though:

In the movie version of this story, this man moves to an island to rediscover the good life, or figures out he loves woodworking and opens a shop. But that’s the sort of fantasy solution that makes millennial burnout so pervasive. You don’t fix burnout by going on vacation. You don’t fix it through “life hacks,” like inbox zero, or by using a meditation app for five minutes in the morning,...
labor  burnout  careerism  work  culture  modernity 
january 2019 by po
Finally, a Chinese Leader Who Speaks Intelligible Mandarin - The Atlantic
After ten years of the stoic Hu Jintao, Weibo users appear to like the cut of Xi Jinping's jib.
language  china  chinese  government  speech  culture  history  putonghua 
january 2019 by po
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a leading quarterly contemporary art magazine, featuring unique, cutting edge Australian and international creatives.
art  blogs  magazines  culture 
december 2018 by po
A vegan tweet mocking a Chinese hotpot caused outrage online — Quartzy
Before there were "plant-based diets" as a lifestyle, there were food traditions that included little to no meat.
neocolonialism  twitter  food  history  culture  veganism  white.grievance  morality  social.media 
december 2018 by po
You can now visit the Medusa statue that #MeToo made famous — Quartzy
The statue that went viral online is on display IRL in New York City—and you can buy a mini version of it.
mythology  medusa  art  metoo  feminism  culture  identity  meaning 
december 2018 by po
British culture and design explored through biscuit typography — Quartzy
As a PhD student researching vernacular typography, Elena Veguillas's eye was naturally drawn to the letterforms etched on biscuits.
design  food  cookies  uk  british  culture 
december 2018 by po
5 Indie Heroines Who Need To Get Their Shit Together | Tribeca
An interesting take on female characters in the "hero cycle" of undergoing a personal change due to the core conflict of their stories.

But all of these characters are young and white and generally have upper middle class privileges if not the attendant money.
Also, 4 of the 5 movies are from the 1990s.
characters  female  characterization  writing  fiction  culture  identity  lists  stereotypes 
december 2018 by po
The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop
The funniest part for me is that I'm a fan of most of the extremes both low and high and barely a fan of a handful in the middle.

How high MF Doom is.
How low Run DMC is.
How average Eminem and KRS are.

Would like to have seen more indies.
Also the cutoff of 35K words seems unnecessarily arbitrary.
language  hiphop  vocabulary  analysis  linguistics  periodicity  music  culture  funny  infographic 
december 2018 by po
A Brief Comedy History of the Beastie Boys
The Beastie Boys are known for their important place in musical history, and New York history, but what’s often overlooked is their sense of humor — here’s a rundown of all the times they changed comedy.
music  history  comedy  beastie.boys  retrospectives  books  culture  music.videos 
december 2018 by po
Productivity is dangerous | The Outline
So then, if we cannot blame Calvinists for the rise of capitalism specifically, we may attempt to blame them for a much larger malady: That religious philosophy is responsible for that feeling that we are constantly losing time, as we hurtle ever-closer to death.
linkeding  cults  culture  social.media  labor  productivity.porn  capitalism 
november 2018 by po
Day of the Dead: Google Doodle marks Mexican holiday with altar — Quartz
Today's Google Doodle features a home altar with skulls and candles in imitation of the real-life settings in Mexico that mark rituals with ancient roots.
culture  mexico  dia.de.los.muertos  day.of.the.dead  death  spirituality  mortality 
november 2018 by po
Against software development
Software grows until it exceeds our capacity to understand it.

A provocative manifesto that isn't just about software but about ethics in technology and business.
programming  culture  software.engineering  ethics  business  design  interesting  morality  philosophy  aesthetics  technology  business.ethics 
november 2018 by po
The London Fields film is here! It's awful! And it's all thanks to a Surrey insolvency firm | Film | The Guardian
For years, it looked like the doomed Martin Amis adaptation may never see the light of day. Step forward West Byfleet’s finest…
martin.amis  movies  flops  cinema  film  culture  uk  business  insolvency  fascinating 
november 2018 by po
What My Harvard College Reunion Taught Me About Life - The Atlantic
This is an elite cohort though.
This is 1988 peak Gen-X/St.Elmo's Fire generation.
lists  advice  happiness  career  culture  relationships  aging  nostalgia  retrospectives  harvard  elite  elitism 
october 2018 by po
Comedians Share the Jokes They Most Regret
times changes and tastes change.
The best ones are the ones that come from self-reflection.
culture  comedy  humor 
october 2018 by po
Team Health Monitors for building high-performing teams
nothing like treating labor as anything more than the taylorist cogs they are...
culture  labor.monitoring  modern.timecards  management  business  metrics  atlassian 
september 2018 by po
Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza's definition of power — Quartz

I’m tired of being told what I should care about, when I should care about it, rather than being engaged about what I care about, and being asked what I want to see in order to address the challenges that we face every day.
activism  leadership  blm  usa  race  identity  culture  power 
september 2018 by po
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