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Interview: David Cross, Stand-Up and Author, “I Drink For a Reason” | Dead-Frog
I’m one of those people… like a lot of live performers… that you can be killing, doing a set in front of two thousand people and fucking killing. And you see the guy or this woman in a seat, arms crossed, scowling and that’s the person you notice. All of the sudden you’re like, “Oh, wow, that person hates me.” You might as well shine a spot on them and everyone fades away. It’s a strange phenomenon. You talk to other comics and they’re like, “Yeah, man. There’s one chick in the seventeenth row…” (laughs)

I was doing this interview that was a follow up on this other interview; it was much like anything on the Internet—it had a hyper-extensive quick life. Something happens on the Internet, it’s like a supernova for two or four days and then it just disappears and goes away. People move on and they don’t even think about it anymore. So in that four-day period there was a lot of shit, and I’m doing an interview with a newspaper about the response, which was posted on this or that. And of course it went away almost immediately. And I was saying to the reporter that I have a Google alert for me and I saw this and all these mean, nasty things, and as much as you try and be above it, it affects you.

And the guy’s like, “I’m surprised to hear that. Why don’t you just stop the Google alert and not pay attention to any of that stuff?”
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