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There is no evil like reCAPTCHA (v3) — Stoicism & Me
Like many things that starts out as a mere annoyance, though eventually growing into somewhat of an affliction. One particularly dark and...
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25 days ago by po
Streamlabs Chatbot FAQs – Streamlabs
Mixer Docs Twitch Docs YouTube Docs Chatbot Download Discord Support If you're on Windows 7 and the bot no longer boots up...
streamlabs  bots  chatbot  faq 
april 2019 by po
California Law Bans Bots From Pretending to Be Human | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
This doesn't seem enforceable and the language is a bit weird.
Also, if someone mistakes an agent or bot as human, does that count?
Seems like this is ripe for abuse.
law  california  usa  bots  automation 
october 2018 by po
Inside Facebook and Twitter’s secret meetings with Trump aides and conservative leaders who say tech is biased - The Washington Post
...because if there's only a tiny minority of right-wing pro-authoritarian twitter users who secretly wish to be ruled by a monarch, that's gotta be wrong. There should be an even mix of fascism and white supremacists or else it's unfair!
twitter  enablers  polarization  politics  social.media  wannabe.fascists  fascism  corruption  false.equivalence  false.balance  false.equality  bots 
june 2018 by po
Davos Man (@TheDavosMan) | Twitter
Quite possibly a Markov Chain of the delusional plutocracy of the wealthiest people in the world.
satire  twitter  parody  word.salad  bots  markov.chain 
january 2018 by po

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