How to clear bash history completely? - Ask Ubuntu
cat /dev/null > ~/.bash_history && history -c && exit
bash  linux  funny  tips 
Change default network name (ens33) to old “eth0” on Debian 9
vim /etc/default/grub
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0"
grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
# don't forget to rename the important ones
vim /etc/network/interfaces
debian  linux  networking 
How Employers Track Their Workers - The Atlantic
for the no.fucking.shit file:

In general, studies of surveillance suggest that it can increase workplace stress, promote worker alienation, lower job satisfaction, and convey the perception that the quantity of work one generates is more important than its quality. In an analysis aptly titled “Watching Me Watching You,” the British anthropologists Michael Fischer and Sally Applin conclude that workplace surveillance creates “a culture where … people more often alter their behavior to suit machines and work with them, rather than the other way around,” and that this tends to erode their sense of “agency.” That is, the constant surveillance of employees diminishes their capacity to operate as independent thinkers and actors.
surveillance.capitalism  corporate.surveillance  privacy  management  labor  inelasticity  time  no.fucking.shit 
Top 5 Contemporary Software Engineering Books – KI labs Engineering – Medium
It's nice to see some recent recommendations rather than the same same old AOCP, GoF, Dragon Book, etc. recommendations (which drive sales, but not readers).

#1 Software Design X-Rays
2018, by Adam Tornhill
#2 A Philosophy of Software Design
2018, by John Ousterhout
#3 Designing Data-Intensive Applications
2017, by Martin Kleppmann
#4 Developer Hegemony
2017, by Erik Dietrich
#5 The Manager’s Path
2017, by Camille Fournier
books  lists  programming  development 
Comedians Share the Jokes They Most Regret
times changes and tastes change.
The best ones are the ones that come from self-reflection.
culture  comedy  humor 
CLI: improved
some of these are kind of handy but only from a ui perspective
cli  bash  terminal  linux  tools  lists  odd  ui  ux 
Algorithms can't fix societal problems—and often amplify them — Quartz

“What we’re doing is using the idea of eliminating individual irrational bias to allow this vast structural bias to sneak in the back door of the system,” she said.
machine.learning  risks  hazards  no.fucking.shit 
I Built My Multimillion-Dollar Side-Hustle While Working a Full-Time Job and So Can You
Well of _course_ he's a motivational speaker too.

But it sounds like he actually built something: a coffee distributor with extra marketing.
suvivorship.bias  enttrepreneur  coffee 
How to overcome common decision-making obstacles

Obstacle 1: Putting too much importance on your “anchor”
Obstacle 2: Overconfidence
Obstacle 3: Confirmation Bias
Obstacle 4: Group think
Obstacle 5: Present Bias
Obstacle 6: Personal patterns
decision.making  bias  lists  analysis  trobuleshooting  obstacles 
If you're worried about online privacy, you no longer have an excuse — Quartz
The fact that email addresses are the cornerstone of this identity scheme should give everyone pause.
The industry should be moving away from email, not toward it.
And yet, here we are.
panopticon  surveillance.capitalism  privacy  secrecy  infosec  security  email  digital.identity 
From Rimowa to Away: How luggage got so hip — Quartzy

“Travel is the new currency, and millennials are the driving force here,” Napoli said. “They’re willing to pay for an experience more than a product. But you need luggage to have that experience.”

Stripping out the buzzwords, it's still a clever marketing position to sell into the fantasy.
travel  hype  fashion  luggage  nonsense 
Opinion | We’re Measuring the Economy All Wrong - The New York Times
cui bono.
The skewed statistics aren't wrong to those parties intended to benefit.
economics  inequality  fail  metrics  law  statistics  income  labor  no.fucking.shit 
Cat Gravy Recipe - Three Cats and a Lady
diy chicken stock would make the most sense.
cat.food  pet.nutrition  cats 
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