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In the past twenty years, popular and academic audiences have taken a growing interest in the physical infrastructure of global supply chains. The journalist Alexis Madrigal’s Containers podcast took on the question of how goods travel so far, so quickly. The writer Rose George traveled the world on a container ship for her book Ninety Percent of Everything. And Marc Levinson’s The Box startled Princeton University Press by becoming a national bestseller. Most recently, Deborah Cowen’s The Deadly Life of Logistics offered a surprisingly engrossing history of that all-important industry.

These books help us visualize the physical infrastructure that makes global capitalism possible. But the data infrastructure has yet to be explored. How does information travel through the supply chain in such a peculiar way, so that I know to wait impatiently at my door at the exact moment my new iPhone will arrive—but no one really seems to know how it has gotten to me?
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Through a Dashboard Darkly – Brain of Buildchimp – Curated Selections from the Voices in My Head

This is a story of a flawed development process on top of a flawed infrastructure, without the necessary data to drive decision-making. It’s also a story of waking up to these problems and charting a way out.

Worth noting:

The funny thing about reasoning with incomplete or irrelevant information is that it’s hard to be objective; it’s hard to tell from motivated reasoning and outright justification.

Although, we're almost always working without complete information....
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