I’m building a robot boyfriend—and you can, too — Quartz
> I’ve now realized that Gabriel2052 is an act of self-investment and a protest against quiet and demure female sexuality. Through building him, I am finding love, contentment, and inspiration from inside myself. Through struggling with a project that feels at times like a mixture of bravado, foolishness, and entitled tech-industry optimism, I find opportunities to confront deeply intimate ideals I’ve long held about love, lovelessness, and solitude.
robotics  robots  sex  intimacy  affection  design  engineering  psychology  narcissism  analysis  fascinating  pygmalion 
43 minutes ago
Flunk – Play Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
lyrics are kind of rubbish but the cadence is beautiful
music  song  lyrics 
1 hour ago
Why buy an iPhone X? Because of everything else Apple makes — Quartz
author's lockin surface:
- apple watch
- airpods
- imessage

Funny. I use none of those tools and am using an iphone because:
- (presumed) better security in ios than android
- only vendor still selling decent quality small phones (SE)
- apple is trending toward supporting ios for phones 4+ years. Premium and flagship android phones are abandoned in less than 3 years. Nexus 5, introduced in late 2013 with A4.4, A5, and A6 (2015) but not A7 (2016).
- Non-flagship androids are even worse often with appallingly slow security updates.
vendor.lockin  apple  aaaa 
Good Morning by Max Frost
Tight build-up and amazing hook with the scratch.
Bass and piano and straight stax.
Choral backing is hot.

Lyrics are really dumb.
"Feeling fresh like a Ziploc new man"

(Used in the pepsico "bubly" commercial.)
music  song  track  audio  sound 
What Happens When You Have An Artistic Temperament But You Are Not An Artist | Thought Catalog
> However, if you amass enough of either you will eventually become interesting to look at and may consider a career as a found art object. Photographers will wish to photograph you as they tend to do with interesting to look at things.
sad  funny  artistic  beautiful 
What did Hannah Arendt really mean by the banality of evil? | Aeon Ideas
> For Arendt’s critics, this focus on Eichmann’s insignificant, banal life seemed to be an ‘absurd digression’ from his evil deeds.

Implicit in the critics' assumption is that great evil must come from profound misdeeds - that monstrosity must come from monsters.
History is rife with examples of injustice and evil that come from ordinary indifference and pedestrian animus.
hannah.arendt  evil  crime  genocide  language  history  banality.of.evil 
Want to feel unique? Believe in the reptile people | Aeon Ideas
> This has led many researchers to conclude that the agreement with specific conspiracy theories is not so much dependent on the specific topic, but is rather the manifestation of a more general worldview. The ‘conspiracist ideation’, ‘monological belief system’ or ‘conspiracy mentality’ can be thought of as the general extent to which people see the world as governed by hidden, sinister forces.

> The rationale behind this is that lacking control increases the need to engage in the compensatory illusion of control – that is, in conspiracy theories. Detecting patterns where there are, in fact, none at least leaves open the possibility of gaining control, whereas the attribution of, say, a natural disaster to unchangeable and uncontrollable weather dynamics does not.

I wonder if this is why weather and economic entropy always seem to be central to certain conspiracy theories.
causality  conspiracy  psychology  control  power  randomness  entropy 
kckcbbb comments on Goddess [by_James_Zwadlo]
> So yes, there's some soft pink light, and the image is obviously computer generated, but... there's something else. There's something unnameable and horrific there. Like I keep waking up into the same vaguely uncomfortable dream where the I can't get the taste of a mid-90s mall's food court out of my mouth and I can't stop hearing the end of a 56kbps modem's handshake.
aesthetics  vaporwave  culture  1990s  90s  art  tropes  indicators 
2 days ago
Bagman Studios
the color palate reminds me of early matt furie
art  illustration 
3 days ago
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