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3 hours ago
John Kelly Was a Bully, Bigot, and Liar for Donald Trump
The departing White House chief of staff was Trump’s nasty and brutish mini-me. He was never the “adult in the room.”
politics  journalism  bad.journalism  nonsense.culture  government 
3 hours ago
Speaker Paul Ryan retires: his legacy is debt and disappointment - Vox
In important ways, Trump is not a break from the Republican Party’s recent past but an acceleration of it. A party that acculturates itself, its base, and its media sphere to constant nonsense can hardly complain when other political entrepreneurs notice that nonsense sells and decide to begin marketing their own brand of flimflam.

Ultimately, Ryan put himself forward as a test of a simple, but important, proposition: Is fiscal responsibility something Republicans believe in or something they simply weaponize against Democrats to win back power so they can pass tax cuts and defense spending? Over the past three years, he provided a clear answer. That is his legacy, and it will haunt his successors.

sovereign.debt  failboat  government.corruption  congress  republicans  republicanism  post.truth.politics 
3 hours ago
Giallo - Wikipedia
giallo has some interesting design vocabulary that seems to have been forgotten.
genre  movies  film  terminology  style  italian  cinema 
9 hours ago
The 40 greatest family games, from Guess Who to Catan.
Transform your family into a game family with these games, perfect for ages 4 to 16.
games  boardgames  family.games  children  childhood 
9 hours ago
The Saddest Movie in the World | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian

The 16 Short Film Clips and the Emotions They Evoked:

Amusement: When Harry Met Sally and Robin Williams Live

Anger: My Bodyguard and Cry Freedom

Contentment: Footage of waves and a beach scene

Disgust: Pink Flamingos and an amputation scene

Fear: The Shining and Silence of the Lambs

Neutral: Abstract shapes and color bars

Sadness: The Champ and Bambi

Surprise: Capricorn One and Sea of Love

Sea of Love? Really?
movies  emotion  sadness  crying  empathy  psychology  research  lists 
9 hours ago
vfarcic (Viktor Farcic) · GitHub
vfarcic has 121 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
devops  code  repositories  interesting  docker  kubernetes 
10 hours ago
How to take more risk in your decisions — Quartz at Work
A new study published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes finds that though people often crave risk, our impulse to self-protect paralyzes us from choosing the road less traveled. But we tend to get a lot more adventurous when advising others. And that’s because we actually employ different mindsets when we make decisions for ourselves versus when we recommend decisions for others.
advice  self.preservation  self.sabotage  ambition  mindset  fear  fear.of.failure  failure  analysis.paralysis 
10 hours ago
Endnotes is a communist theoretical journal produced by a discussion group of the same name based in Britain and the US.
debate  communism  journals  blogs  books  philosophy  zines  provocative 
10 hours ago
Endnotes is a communist theoretical journal produced by a discussion group of the same name based in Britain and the US.
debate  communism  journals  blogs  books  philosophy 
10 hours ago
Secret Pass » Linux Magazine
Pass is a simple shell script that helps you manage and synchronize passwords using Git.
passwords  linux  tools  security  git 
10 hours ago
5 Indie Heroines Who Need To Get Their Shit Together | Tribeca
An interesting take on female characters in the "hero cycle" of undergoing a personal change due to the core conflict of their stories.

But all of these characters are young and white and generally have upper middle class privileges if not the attendant money.
Also, 4 of the 5 movies are from the 1990s.
characters  female  characterization  writing  fiction  culture  identity  lists  stereotypes 
10 hours ago
Facebook's answers to senators show how little power people have on the internet — Quartz
Pointing to its data policies, Facebook explains that it may use user information for research. “Users do not have the ability to opt out of such research; however, we disclose our work with academic researchers in our Data Policy, and our work with academics is conducted subject to strict privacy and research protocols.” 

yeah, that.
facebook  corruption  surveillance.capitalism  no.fucking.shit.guys 
10 hours ago
Facebook is launching a career development site — Quartz at Work
Learn With Facebook offers free online courses to help you shore up your skills.
facebook  linkedin  social.media  rubbish 
11 hours ago
Malibu's fire shows the cruelty and kindness of social media — Quartzy
When disaster hits close to home, the cruelty and kindness of social media comes into focus.
social.media  disasters  catastrophes  books  psychology  mass.psychology 
11 hours ago
GNU Screen splitting
I’ve never been an avid user of [GNU Screen][1] despite a number of people giving it rave reviews. I never needed to resume remote sessions and the window ma...
gnu.screen  tips  techniques  helpful 
11 hours ago
New York lawmakers want to punish AirDropping uninvited dick pics — Quartz
It would be hard to police, but you can shield yourself by changing one setting on your phone.

Dickpics are stupid.
Allowing anyone to airdrop anything to you is stupid.
Making a law prohibiting this is stupid.
I'm not sure if there's an upside to any of this.
airdrop  apple  ios  iphone  mobile  trolling  stupid 
11 hours ago
How To Repair An AWS EC2 Instance Without Console
Learn how to fix an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance without console access by mounting the volume to a new instance and repairing it there.
aws  ec2  troubleshooting  console 
11 hours ago
Getting Console Output and Rebooting Instances - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
Get console output to help diagnose problems and determine if you should reboot your instance.
aws  console  reboot  logging  ec2 
11 hours ago
Bokononism - Wikipedia
Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons
religion  satire  fiction 
12 hours ago
How To Secure Nginx with Let's Encrypt on Debian 9 | DigitalOcean
Let's Encrypt is a Certificate Authority (CA) that provides an easy way to obtain and install free TLS/SSL certificates, enabling encrypted HTTPS on web servers. In this tutorial, you will use Certbot to obtain a free SSL certificate for Nginx on Debi
digital.ocean  guides  nginx  lets.encrypt  encryption  tls.certificates  debian 
13 hours ago
The Wetware Crisis: the Dead Sea effect : Bruce F. Webster
Mildly bogus metric since the argument is that good staff retention is rare.
However, it does reflect the reality that most orgs do not effectively promote IT staff so they have to move on.
business  management  programming  project.management  software  teams  communications  critique  technology  it  patterns  labor 
13 hours ago
The case for buying kids audiobooks this holiday season — Quartz
"Print may be best for lingering over words or ideas, but audiobooks add literacy to moments where there would otherwise be none."
audiobooks  pedagogy  children 
13 hours ago
Fully automated installation/configuration of JIRA
I'm using Ansible to create a fully automated instance of JIRA. The main use-case is that it will allow us to test changes, upgrades, etc. on a test
ansible  jira  tips  discussion  advice 
13 hours ago
GitHub - idealista/jira-role: Ansible role to install Atlassian JIRA
Ansible role to install Atlassian JIRA. Contribute to idealista/jira-role development by creating an account on GitHub.
ansible  jira  ansible.role 
13 hours ago
GitHub - alvistack/ansible-role-jira: Ansible Role for Atlassian Jira Installation
Ansible Role for Atlassian Jira Installation. Contribute to alvistack/ansible-role-jira development by creating an account on GitHub.
ansible  jira  ansible.role 
14 hours ago
Atlassian and Ansible
Ansible as the IT automation engine fits nicely with the Atlassian suite of tools, connecting the different phases of the development cycle and working to accelerate the workflow from code commitment to production.
ansible  ansible.tower  atlassian  jira  marketing 
14 hours ago
jira - create and modify issues in a JIRA instance — Ansible Documentation
So ansible can interact directly with jira...
I'm not sure why anyone would need it but I guess it's nice that it exists.
ansible  jira 
14 hours ago
PostgreSQL cheat sheet for MySQL users · GitHub
PostgreSQL cheat sheet for MySQL users. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
postgresql  mysql  orientation  tips  sysadmin  dba  cheat.sheets 
14 hours ago
GitHub - pantarei/ansible-role-jira: Ansible Role for Atlassian JIRA Installation.
Ansible Role for Atlassian JIRA Installation. Contribute to pantarei/ansible-role-jira development by creating an account on GitHub.
ansible  jira 
14 hours ago
How to Play Two Truths, One Lie: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to Play Two Truths, One Lie. Getting to know new people can be really hard. That is what makes ice-breaker games so great! One of the most famous "ice-breakers" is the game "two truths and a lie" which involves guessing which of three...
games  party.games  interpersonal.communications 
14 hours ago
Icebreakers: free instructions to the best games and activities
The best icebreakers: Free instructions for how to play good icebreaker games, team building activities, party games, classroom ice breakers, etc.
games  party.games  interpersonal.communications 
14 hours ago
Two Truths and a Lie Ideas, Examples & Instructions | HobbyLark
Two truths and a lie is a great game for anyone and in almost any situation. This explains how to play the game, how to make it more fun and examples of things you could say.
games  party.games  interpersonal.communications 
14 hours ago
Contagious – Jonah Berger
As with so many business books, there's about 5-15% useful information summarized somewhere in the conclusion, and tons of anecdotes that are effectively folktales.
books  virality  viral.marketing  advertising  sales  research 
14 hours ago
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