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zompist bboard • View topic - Sample sentences - developing grammar
includes a copy of Gary Shannon's Conlang Syntax Test Cases and a beginning reader
conlang  vocabulary  syntax  from:ZompistBBoard 
december 2018 by pne
Microsoft Word - 4. Manyleb Mynediad _Arholiad_ a Geirfa 13 Gorff 15 - 5186.pdf
Specification for Mynediad (Entry) level in Welsh, leading to roughly A1, with sample exam papers and a vocabulary of expected words.
Welsh  exams  specification  Mynediad  vocabulary  format:pdf 
november 2016 by pne
Learning new vocabulary - Welsh / General / Questions - SSi Forum
Discussion on where to find new vocabulary and which vocabulary to learn.

Also includes some recommendations for dictionaries and books.
Welsh  language  learninglanguages  forum  vocabulary  advice  dictionary  books  recommendations 
november 2016 by pne
"I am wearing the jacket." - Duolingo
On μπουφάν versus ζακέτα (in comments)
Greek  vocabulary  Duolingo 
november 2016 by pne
"A bátyám az a magas fiú ott hátul." - Duolingo
In practice: yes. The two most often used ways of talking about siblings is either specifying both gender & relative age (báty, öcs, nővér, húg), or not mentioning either (testvér.) Alternatively, you could use fiútestvér/lánytestvér (boy/girl sibling, ie brother/sister.)

Rarely you might encounter fivér (brother.) Also, nővér can be used as sister without specifying age. These two come up usually when you talk about a group of people, for example, the Wachowskis were known as Wachowski fivérek, then they became Wachowski testvérek, now they're Wachowski nővérek. (They are the people who made The Matrix.)
relatives  vocabulary  Hungarian  learninglanguages  from:Duolingo 
august 2016 by pne
How to make good glosses
Includes bits on how to make the fields of meaning of conlang words not correspond 1:1 to any given English (etc.) word, by looking at related words, e.g. by looking at the variety of glosses that bilingual dictionaries use to gloss a foreign word in order to get inspiration for related fields of meaning.
conlang  howto  glossing  glosses  vocabulary 
august 2016 by pne
KULTURA - Dvojtýždenník závislý od etiky
On "nonstandard" vs. "standard" pairs of words in Slovak, e.g. kojiť / dojčiť
Slovak  language  standards  vocabulary 
december 2015 by pne
Duolingo Turkish - Google Sheets
Vocabulary used in Duolingo courses, organised by lesson, as a Google Sheets sheet.
Duolingo  Turkish  learninglanguages  language  GoogleSheets  GoogleDocs  vocabulary  wordlist 
july 2015 by pne
[no title]
Vocabulary for the Turkish graphic novel
Turkish  language  learninglanguages  graphicnovels  vocabulary  wordlist 
july 2015 by pne
Even: Selv, endda, oven i købet, ikke engang, endnu or uden så meget som
Different Danish words for English "even" and when to use them.
Danish  vocabulary  language 
may 2015 by pne
Skyrocket your Vocabulary with italki! - English learning article - italki
Ideas for practising _useful_ words (rather than simply aimless growing vocabulary with "ten-dollar words")
italki  vocabulary  learninglanguages 
september 2014 by pne
Всем привет! Vsem privet!
Includes, in a comment, links for beginners (grammar, vocabulary, correlatives, etc.)
Interslavic  Slovianski  forum  links  useful  resources  grammar  vocabulary  correlatives 
february 2014 by pne
A Base Vocabulary List for any language
A list of 400 basic vocabulary terms for use in language learning.
language  learninglanguages  vocabulary  basic 
january 2014 by pne
[Spellyans] borrowing ~ purism
On English borrowings in Cornish... leaving aside Tregear (yay!).
English  Cornish  language  mailinglist  Spellyans  by:NicholasWilliams  purism  vocabulary  words 
september 2013 by pne
Pri la libro “Oficialaj lingvoelementoj de Esperanto (OLEO)”
Esperanto  fundamento  words  vocabulary  dictionary 
november 2012 by pne
qorDu' Sor
A Klingon family tree, describing how all the various relations are called
Klingon  tlhInganHol  family  relationships  cousins  vocabulary  KinshipTerms 
october 2011 by pne
Test Your Vocabulary
Estimates that I know about 27'200 words.
English  vocabulary 
july 2011 by pne
Ἡλληνιστεύκοντος: Comparison, TLG BC and AD
On the differences in word frequencies in the corpus of the _Thesaurus Linguae Graecae_ between BC and AD authors (roughly, between Ancient and Byzantine).

Much of the difference is due to the influence of theology (lots more "theos" and "logos", for example), but some also due to differences in vocabulary, e.g. earlier aneimi vs. later anerxomai. Fun stuff.
Greek  AncientGreek  NickNicholas  comparison  language  hellenisteukontos  vocabulary 
february 2010 by pne

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