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台灣的英文住址 Taiwan English postal addresses
my %h=qw/路 Road 段 Section 巷 Lane 弄 Alley 號 No. 樓 Floor/;
Taiwan  addresses  howto  by:jidanni 
december 2018 by pne
Oh, shit, git!
Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is fucking impossible. Git documentation has this chicken and egg problem where you can't search for how to get yourself out of a mess, unless you already know the name of the thing you need to know about in order to fix your problem.

So here are some bad situations I've gotten myself into, and how I eventually got myself out of them in plain english.
git  howto  cheatsheet 
september 2016 by pne
How to make good glosses
Includes bits on how to make the fields of meaning of conlang words not correspond 1:1 to any given English (etc.) word, by looking at related words, e.g. by looking at the variety of glosses that bilingual dictionaries use to gloss a foreign word in order to get inspiration for related fields of meaning.
conlang  howto  glossing  glosses  vocabulary 
august 2016 by pne
NearlyFreeSpeech.NET :: View topic - Background processes died last night
Some tips on how to get PHP to work on a daemon-based site at NFSN. (Until NFSN supplies a site type with both daemon processes enabled and a built-in PHP interpreter.)
NFSN  NearlyFreeSpeech  PHP  howto  daemons 
march 2016 by pne
NearlyFreeSpeech.NET :: View topic - Wordpress and Jetpack: insufficient permissions to configure
On how to configure xmlrpc.php so that it doesn’t get flooded by pingback spam, by installing and activating the ‘disable-xml-rpc-pingback’ plugin.
WordPress  xmlrpc.php  pingback  spam  configuration  howto  NearlyFreeSpeech  NFSN  forum 
october 2014 by pne
Numbers and Counting | Learn Japanese
How to inflect numbers such as 'yonpun' or 'muika'.
Japanese  numbers  howto  grammar 
august 2014 by pne
AIPS++ NOTE 173: Initialization of Static and Global Variabless in C++
How to make sure that static objects are initialised at the point where you want them to be, even across files.
C++  howto  programming  softwaredevelopment  initialisation 
july 2014 by pne
Sources of Income: Simoleons - The Sims FreePlay
Includes a description of the "ghost hunter flashmob" for earning § and LP
sims  TheSimsFreePlay  advice  howto  income  ghosthunter  flashmob 
may 2014 by pne
NearlyFreeSpeech.NET :: View topic - Determine realm from ssh command line?
Determining the CGI/SSH realm of a site from the ssh command line:

$ df /
NearlyFreeSpeech  NFSN  realm  howto  forum 
may 2014 by pne
NearlyFreeSpeech.NET :: View topic - Getting/making .chn file
How to create a .chn file by chaining certificates, in which order to do so, and how to check you got it right.
NearlyFreeSpeech  NFSN  SSL  howto  forum 
april 2014 by pne
Aldi Funkuhr - ALDI-Fan Forum
Tipps und Tricks dazu, wie man diverse Aldi-Funkuhren wieder auf die richtige Zeit einstellt, insbesondere nach einem Batteriewechsel.
Aldi  Funkuhr  howto  forum  Uhren 
march 2014 by pne
Note: different Unison versions in different Ubuntu systems | Linux and Web Development
How to install a different version of Unison from another repository so that two Ubuntu machines will have the same Unison version
Unison  synchronisation  howto  files  Ubuntu  Linux 
march 2014 by pne
How to configure SWAT (the Samba web administration tool) to use SSL, for secure remote administration
Samba  SWAT  SSL  security  remoteadministration  administration  howto 
march 2014 by pne
Welcome - Swap-bot:
Includes tips for taking screenshots of scrolling windows such as web pages in a browser - a pay-for standalone program and a Firefox extension.
swap-bot  forum  howto  screenshots  Firefox  tips 
february 2014 by pne
Eclipse4/CSS - Eclipsepedia
How to change the appearance of various parts of the Eclipse UI with CSS (and how to find the CSS files that govern the appearance)
Eclipse  UI  CSS  howto 
december 2013 by pne
Eclipse tabs repositionning - Stack Overflow
Juno by default doesn't present the MRU (Most Recently Used) tab behaviour that you see in Indigo (it never worked quite right) and instead uses the Editor document order.

I believe you can re-activate it be either switching to the Classic theme in Preferences>General>Appearance or by editing the CSS. See

.MPartStack {
swt-mru-visible: true;
Eclipse  tabs  howto  from:StackOverflow  UI  CSS  MRU 
december 2013 by pne
On undoing, fixing, or removing commits in git
A git choose-your-own-adventure: cheat-sheet for fixing various problems you might have got yourself into.
tips  tutorial  git  reference  howto  cheatsheet 
december 2013 by pne
NearlyFreeSpeech.NET :: View topic - Reverting to nfshost domain
How to change options (such as "siteurl" and "home") in WordPress using wp-cli. (Useful when changing the domain of a site, for example... since you often can't use the web interface if WordPress keeps trying to redirect to what it considers the canonical domain, which may no longer be accessible!)
WordPress  wp-cli  NFSN  NearlyFreeSpeech  forum  options  settings  howto 
november 2013 by pne
Setting up Geronimo, your database, and build software
Tips on setting up Geronimo with a database - including how to install a database driver JAR in Geronimo and how to set up a pool.
Geronimo  database  installation  ApacheGeronimo  Apache  howto  JAR  JDBC  JavaEE 
october 2013 by pne
Keep only essential packages - Ask Ubuntu
How to determine which packages are essential for a base system (so that others can be removed, if desired)
Ubuntu  packagemanagement  howto 
october 2013 by pne
chat - Is there a way to access Skype IM logs? - Stack Overflow
Various tools that provide access to Skype conversation history / IM chat logs, even more powerfully than the client itself
tools  answers  Skype  IM  log  chat  conversation  history  howto  from:StackOverflow 
august 2013 by pne
Camping Helps Set Circadian Clocks Straight - Slashdot
Sub-thread with comments containing information on f.lux, redshift, and other devices to change the colour temperature of a monitor at night to help with sleep, including configuration information
configuration  f.lux  redshift  tools  howto  advice  from:Slashdot 
august 2013 by pne
Mac Howtos
Random miscellaneous bits of advice on how to do certain things on a Mac (involving, among other things, Emacs, X11, and scrolling in
howto  Mac  MacOSX  by:ewx 
july 2013 by pne
Google Chrome 27 Is Out: 5% Faster Page Loads - Slashdot
How to enable click-to-play for objects such as Flash (videos or ads) -

Firefox: Go to about:config and search for click_to. Turn it to true. (It's really neat and even tells you what type of content you'll load before you click.)
Chrome: Go to chrome://settings/content and select Click to play for plugins.
Firefox  Chrome  GoogleChrome  howto  configuration  clicktoplay  Flash  from:Slashdot  comment 
may 2013 by pne
NearlyFreeSpeech.NET :: View topic - Changes to database encoding?
MySQL charset problems due to double UTF-8 encoding or similar, when MySQL defaults or something changes.
MySQL  encoding  charset  NFSN  NearlyFreeSpeech  howto  UTF-8  mojibake 
may 2013 by pne
Boesche Direct - Gratis Rente für 25 Jahre - Seite 22
Ach, das ist ja nicht meine erste *KL-Bude. Bei Faber hat's ja letztendlich auch geklappt. Das schöne an Firmen wie Faber oder Boesche (im Gegensatz zu "Megaglück 24" und wie sie alle heißen) ist ja dass es sie wirklich gibt. Die haben sogar eine ladungsfähige Anschrift.

Schritt 0 ist, sie in einem freundlichen Brief höflich aufzufordern (aka "T5F").
Schritt 1 wäre, die zuständige Aufsichtsbehörde (in diesem Fall den Hamburgischen Beauftragten für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit) einzuschalten.
Schritt 2 wäre, Boesche von einem Anwalt anschreiben zu lassen. Alleine der Briefkopf wirkt oft Wunder.
Und Schritt 3 wäre dann konsequenterweise die gerichtliche Durchsetzung meiner Rechte. Aber ich kann mir kaum vorstellen, dass es so weit kommt. (N/S)KL-Einnahmen sind zwar heilige Kühe, aber sie halten sich selbst auch für ach so seriös. Deshalb wollen sie natürlich auch nicht, dass ihr schöner Ruf beschmutzt wird.
T5F  BoescheDirect  spam  antispam  BDSG  Datenschutz  howto 
april 2013 by pne
Welcome - Swap-bot: Home > Help > Other Help > Smell Removal
On how to get smoke smell out of things such as postcards
swap-bot  forum  advice  howto  smell  odour 
february 2013 by pne
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