"choja'be'chugh qaQaHlaHbe'." - Duolingo
In which I quote Marc Okrand's note on {boQ} versus {QaH}
boQ  QaH  Klingon  language  tlhInganHol  Duolingo 
12 weeks ago
Die Letzte hat 4972 Gründe zur Gelassenheit | svz.de
Article about Karin Vogel, last in the line of succession to the UK throne (position 4973 as of 2001)
UnitedKingdom  royalfamily  succession  KarinVogel 
january 2018
Die Letzte in der Thronfolge - WELT
About Karin Vogel, the last person in the line of succession to the UK throne (position 4973 in 2001, 5753 in 2011, according to https://www.webcitation.org/5voynfjc2 and https://web.archive.org/web/20110517155140/http://www.wargs.com/essays/succession/2011.html , respectively).
UnitedKingdom  royalfamily  succession  KarinVogel  from:welt.de 
january 2018
Duolingo Auto-Follow Fix
Auto-follow discussions upon posting either a comment or a reply. (Works for sentence discussions too.)
Duolingo  userscripts  follow 
december 2017
the Enthusiast's Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe
railways  trains  wiki  Europe 
november 2017
Un Bore Mercher | Watch S4C
The first episode of Un Bore Mercher (5 Nov 2017), available until 10 Dec 2017
UnBoreMercher  Welsh  language  S4C  video  Clic 
november 2017
Makes all exercises doable from the keyboard (no need to use the mouse for e.g. tap-the-matching-tiles exercises).
Duolingo  Greasemonkey  extensions  keyboard 
november 2017
Reading a book - Welsh / General / Questions - SSi Forum
Recommendations on books for Welsh learners, including:

- e-ffrindiau (several votes!)
- Nofelau Nawr
- Blodwen Jones (N)
- Beth Nesa (S)
- Gwendolin Pari, PI (S)
- Cwm Grachod
- Coed y Brenin
- Sgŵp!
- Cysgod yn y Coed
- Deg Chwedl o Gymru
- Ar Ben Ffordd series
Welsh  language  learninglanguages  recommendations  SSiW  forum 
october 2017
"Arbeitet ihr in Berlin?" - Duolingo
On the various meanings of the German word "ihr"
ihr  German  grammar  from:Duolingo  forum  by:pne  Duolingo 
september 2017
Conjugation of Verbs in Polish - Duolingo
includes links to several dictionaries that allow you to check verb conjugations
Polish  language  verbs  learninglanguages  Duolingo  resources 
august 2017
A Guide to Using ЭТО - Duolingo
On это versus этот/эта/это/эти in sentences such as этот лев versus Это лев (= Это - лев).
Russian  grammar  Duolingo  from:Duolingo  by:olimo  это 
august 2017
Dealing with stress in Ukrainian
Where does the word stress go on a Ukrainian word?
Ukrainian  language  stress  accent 
august 2017
Course 'Hints and Tips' - a reminder - Duolingo
Notes from the Welsh team on a workaround for viewing course notes on a mobile device: use the "Puffin" browser.
Duolingo  tips  notes  Welsh 
august 2017
Kathryn Berck's answer to If you travel to a new country, where do you look for places to see? - Quora
Some recommendations on seeing people and interesting places rather than just taking a bus to a tourist attraction
from:Quora  travel  tourism  tips  by:KathrynBerck 
august 2017
00 siatka autobusow.png (PNG Image, 1923 × 2880 pixels)
Map of Piła public transport busses (and university locations)
Piła  publictransport  maps 
july 2017
Learn languages online or with Android and iPhone app for free
Learn the basics (A1/A2) of 50 languages for free. Online or as an app.
languages  learninglanguages  free  online 
june 2017
Duolingo's New Website – Duolingo Help Center
An article on the new, rewritten website, including known bugs (e.g. can't create a new sentence discussion) and currently unsupported but planned features.
Duolingo  KnowledgeBase  new  newsite  features 
june 2017
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