2014 NFL schedule: Behind the scenes
This sounds like such a cool puzzle.
nfl  computers 
april 2014
The last finisher of the Boston Marathon
Everyone who finishes deserves a medal and a cheer.
marathon  boston 
april 2014
Untrusted - a user javascript adventure game
This is such a clever idea. Bookmarking to play a bunch later.
coding  programming  game  javascript 
april 2014
First Listen: Beck, 'Morning Phase'
I contend that Beck is fantastic in _every_ genre of music. He could make a soft jazz album and it would be astounding.
beck  music  preview 
february 2014
Chromebox, now for simpler and better meetings
This is a little shill-y, but the videoconference system at Google is one of the greatest things about working here. Collaborating with a co-worker in China is as easy as collaborating with one the next building over. If this box is half that good, it'll be a huge step for any company using Webex or GotoMeeting.
google  videoconference  chromebox 
february 2014
Jumping In The Harbor With The L St. Brownies
My hairy back is in the middle of the 7th photo. The closest thing I have to proof of how I spent my New Year's morning.
newyears  polar  swim  cold 
january 2014
The incandescent light bulb isn't dead
The incandescent bulb isn't banned -- there are simply efficiency requirements. To make X amount of light, the bulb must consume no more than Y watts. Halogen incandescent bulbs can do that.
light  technology  efficiency  energy 
january 2014
F1 2014's new rules
F1 racing has a whole bunch of new rules for 2014, mostly to push development of more efficient hybrid-style power trains.
car  technology  f1  racing 
december 2013
Mathematicians Team Up on Twin Primes Conjecture
Watching the twin primes gap move slowly downward the last six months has been really exciting. This is a fantastic article about the problem and the progress.
november 2013
Олимпийские перемены
This makes me smile so much. What a wonderful idea.
russia  olympics  exercise  subway 
november 2013
Chanukah and Thanksgiving: A Brief History
This is your last chance to celebrate both until 2070. (Not 77,000+ years as some others have claimed.)
thanksgiving  hanukkah  calendar 
november 2013
Healthcare.gov problems: What 5 million lines of code really means.
The claim of 500 million lines of code is almost certainly absurd. And even if we assume it isn't, it's still meaningless.
programming  politics  healthcare 
october 2013
How much better is standing up than sitting?
Standing while you work = 30,000 calories per year
science  health  exercise 
october 2013
Language Log on "twerk"
"Once again lexicographers are popularly perceived as the ceremonial arbiters of 'real words,' as if twerk had existed in some non-word limbo until Oxford's gatekeepers magically anointed it with lexical status."
language  twerk 
august 2013
NIN enters the 'loudness war' with multiple versions of new album
Damn, that's crazy. I'm so happy I ordered this album from their site.
music  loudness 
august 2013
CODE Mechanical Keyboard
Co-designed by Jeff Atwood, who apparently can do everything. Looks neat, but that's a LOT of money to pay for a keyboard.
keyboard  coding 
august 2013
Jacob Tonski, Balance from Within (2010-2013) on Vimeo
A self-balancing sofa. Watch the whole video, you get to see how the mechanism works and what happens when the sofa falls over.
sculpture  sofa 
august 2013
De-obfuscated IOCCC entry
Someone should make a blog that just does this sort of deconstruction.
c  code  ioccc  programming 
march 2013
Claims of life in a meteorite are almost certainly wrong
This would be comical if not for the number of people who are repeating these claims as fact.
space  life  science 
march 2013
A Plea for Sanity this National (US) Grammar Day
"What I cannot defend, however, is asshattery in the name of grammar." --Kory Stamper
grammar  assholes 
march 2013
Its vs. It's - Merriam-Webster Ask the Editor
The history of these words is surprisingly interesting. (To me, at least.)
english  language  history 
february 2013
Indiepocalypse: Harlem Shake Edition
With YouTube views counting to the Billboard Hot 100 now, I predict a LOT of this sort of thing happening.
music  youtube  indie 
february 2013
The Home Brewing Calendar
This is exactly what I needed to plan my own homebrewing. Love it.
beer  chart  calendar  poster 
february 2013
What Happened with LEGO?
This article makes me giggle with glee. I think I need more LEGO in my life.
chart  economics  lego  statistics 
february 2013
Use of Goto in Systems Code
This is a neat pattern, and those examples in the Linux kernel are great.
analysis  code  programming 
february 2013
The stupid cookie law is dead at last
The UK cookie law was stupid in like eight different ways. It's nice to see it's pretty much gone now.
cookie  infographic  law  uk 
january 2013
What could have entered the Public Domain this week?
Fobidden Planet, The Ten Commandments, Minority Report (the book), the first issue of MAD, and many many more. Instead, you'll have to wait another 40 years.
copyright  publicdomain  books  movies  law  fb 
january 2013
My grandfather auctioned his credit card prototype
He had it in his wallet for decades, and then one day decided to sell it. Click the provenance link, read the story.
history  technology  fb 
december 2012
Where Have All the Good Teams Gone?
A wonderful article about the very strange baseball post-season. (Yes, there's still baseball going on!)
baseball  opinion  fb 
october 2012
The Hubway trip history data
Hubway released a CSV containing some anonymous information on every ride through a couple weeks ago. I'm so excited to see what people do with it.
information  csv  hubway  data  fb 
october 2012
C++ tutorial for programmers
Someone needs to make a whole site like this for lots and lots of programming languages. I don't need to be told what integers are or what memory management is, I just want to know how to do it in a new language.
programming  language  c++  tutorial  fb 
october 2012
U.S.S. Colorado is pitching in choppy seas
The Rockies are having an historic year, pitching-wise.
august 2012
MBTA debuting countdown signs at subway stations
At South Station today, Park Street later this month, Downtown Crossing in September, and every station on red, orange, and blue by the end of the year.
mbta  t  fb 
august 2012
Why You Shouldn't Use Google Chrome
As of Chrome 21, you're locked into a store that treats developers like trash. Awesome.
chrome  browser  freedom  fb 
august 2012
How Bad Were Replacement Refs Last Night? Let's Examine The Video Evidence.
This is all hilarious. If it's not resolved by the regular season, it'll be less hilarious.
football  referees  nfl 
august 2012
Nexus One (and others) officially dropped from Cyanogen 9+ support
This is no surprise -- there had never been any official RC releases for the Nexus One. But it's sad that it's final. I guess it's time to upgrade my phone.
cyanogen  android  nexusone  fb 
august 2012
Whole Foods coming to former Herald site in So. End
Along with restaurants and retailers as part of a big four-building development that's going to replace the ugly crap at Harrison and Traveler.
boston  wholefoods  development  fb 
july 2012
The Mystery of 355/113
Happy Pi Approximation Day!
pi  math  fb 
july 2012
Get Yer Torches! It's a Bike Helmet Witchhunt!
A lot of information about bike helmets, their effectiveness, and the history of the industry. Food for thought.
health  bicycle  safety  bike 
july 2012
Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer
Looks like we're going to 2036, after all.
fringe  fb 
july 2012
Firefox 15 plugs add-on leaks
This is the next step in a huge effort by the Firefox team to improve memory management and performance. This looks like it'll be great. Still a couple months until regular users get it, but awesome.
firefox  leaks  memory  browser  fb 
july 2012
Android niceties
Lots of screenshots of beautiful Android apps
android  app  design  ui 
june 2012
Fun article about why outlets have three prongs (and more).
electricity  safety  science 
june 2012
Fight For Your Right Infographic
It's a great graphic, and the "make a donation to a cancer charity instead of paying me for it" bit is even better.
cancer  beastieboys  infographic 
may 2012
World Trade Center tower to surpass Empire State
Today, One World Trade Center became the tallest building in New York City. Amazing (and beautiful).
nyc  building 
april 2012
Merriam-Webster's Ask the Editor on Literally
I love this YouTube stream and I love this video in particular. I'm literally a big fan.
words  dictionary  literally 
april 2012
Red Sox unity, dedication dissolved during epic late-season collapse
A really great/terrible article about the Red Sox's season. I'd like to say they've figured things out this year, but I haven't seen any evidence of that so far.
baseball  redsox  sports  boston 
april 2012
A Show
Ze Frank is back, baby!
zefrank  show 
april 2012
The Lisp Curse
"Lisp is so powerful that problems which are technical issues in other programming languages are social issues in Lisp."
programming  lisp 
april 2012
Sad But True: We Can't Prove When Super Mario Bros. Came Out
A great detective story with some neat 80s video game history tidbits. It's too bad it can't have a happy ending.
business  games  history  mario 
march 2012
Rubber Duck Problem Solving
I think I'm going to get a duck for at work.
coding  development  tricks 
march 2012
A dark Red Ale for St. Patrick's Day
The recipe and notes for my most recent beer. I tracked it pretty carefully, and I decided to share the results with Reddit.
reddit  beer  homebrewing  ale 
march 2012
Idealism vs. pragmatism: Mozilla debates supporting H.264 video playback
It's a shame to see Mozilla buckling on what should be so clearly a core ideology.
firefox  mozilla  video  patent 
march 2012
The Star Wars Saga: Suggested Viewing Order
Completely spectacular. I need to acquire copies of the prequel trilogy so I can go back and do this.
film  movies  scifi  starwars 
february 2012
Coinbox Hero
jmtb02 is unable to make a bad game, no matter how hard he tries.
game  funny  flash 
february 2012
Using CSS without HTML
Oh man that's clever (and useless)
css  hacks  html 
february 2012
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