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Multi-Generator (MGEN) | Networks and Communication Systems Branch
perform IP network performance tests and measurements using TCP and UDP/IP traffic.
software  opensource  network  traffic  generator  bandwidth  testing  tcp  udp  performance 
april 2015 by plaxx
streamdb - Network stream database framework - Google Project Hosting
StreamDB is a high-performance framework for storing network streams.
network  pcap  monitoring  research  stream  tcp  database  perl 
october 2013 by plaxx
gather information about TCP flows (sessions, segments, ...)
network  analysis  tcp  forensic  packet 
january 2013 by plaxx
active / passive OS fingerprinting tool written in Perl
security  fingerprint  tool  perl  pentest  passive  active  tcp  network  pcap  ipv6  os 
june 2011 by plaxx
/bin/bash Phone Home « /dev/random
Bash tcp/udp redirections are powerful
bash  network  shell  tcp  tricks  udp  netcat  pentest  stealth 
june 2011 by plaxx

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