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The Prefix WhoIs Project - WhoB & Layer Four Traceroute (LFT)
level 4 tracing tool featured in James Kettle's talk. Works well on HTTP(S) ports
networking  network  sysadmin  proxy  discovery 
august 2017 by plaxx
linker∙d is a transparent proxy that adds service discovery, routing, failure handling, and visibility to modern software applications
microservices  routing  proxy  http  https  architecture  devops 
may 2017 by plaxx
local/network privilege escalation source code
nbns  ntlm  http  wpad  proxy  pentest  privilege-escalation  windows  security  blog 
march 2016 by plaxx
proxy selector based on URL in the standard edition
proxy  internet  firefox  chrome  addon  extension  plugin 
december 2015 by plaxx
Shadowsocks - A secure socks5 proxy
A secure socks5 proxy, designed to protect your Internet traffic.
proxy  socks  vpn  security  internet  network  opensource  multi-platform  client  server 
august 2015 by plaxx
Mono - Fiddler
fiddler alpha for linux and Mac
fiddler  linux  http  proxy  debugging  security 
july 2015 by plaxx
Pilbox by agschwender
Pilbox is an image processing application server built on Python's Tornado web framework using the Python Imaging Library (Pillow). It is not intended to be the primary source of images, but instead acts as a proxy which requests images and resizes them as desired.
image  python  processing  library  tornado  server  proxy  graphics  images 
july 2015 by plaxx
mailgun/vulcand · GitHub
Vulcand is a programmatic extendable proxy for microservices and API management. It is inspired by Hystrix and powers Mailgun microservices infrastructure.
proxy  http  etcd  loadbalancer  devops  distributed-system 
march 2015 by plaxx
facebook/proxygen Facebook's C++ HTTP Libraries
This project comprises the core C++ HTTP abstractions used at Facebook. Internally, it is used as the basis for building many HTTP servers, proxies, and clients. This release focuses on the common HTTP abstractions and our simple HTTPServer framework. Future releases will provide simple client APIs as well. The framework supports HTTP/1.1, SPDY/3, and SPDY/3.1. HTTP/2 support is in progress. The goal is to provide a simple, performant, and modern C++ HTTP library.
facebook  http  spdy  http2  c++  performance  proxy  web  library 
january 2015 by plaxx
Tor2web: browse the anonymous internet
Allows you to browse Tor's .onion domains without running tor
tor  proxy  server  free  webservice 
september 2014 by plaxx
E.T. Proxy Logs Checker [ETPLC]
proxy  log  ids  snort  squid  apache  forefront  bluecoat 
march 2014 by plaxx
DAG: Tunneling SSH over HTTP(S)
This document explains how to set up an Apache server and SSH client to allow tunneling SSH over HTTP(S). This can be useful on restricted networks that either firewall everything except HTTP traffic (tcp/80,tcp/443) or require users to use a local (HTTP) proxy.
ssh  howto  apache  http  proxy  sysadmin  tunnel 
october 2013 by plaxx
uses HTTP CONNECT verb to tunnel through sealed networks
ssh  proxy  firewall  tunnel  http  sysadmin  security 
october 2013 by plaxx
NTLM Authorization Proxy Server
proxy software that allows you to authenticate via an MS Proxy Server using the proprietary NTLM protocol
proxy  authentication  ntlm  microsoft  iis  server  network  opensource  isa 
august 2010 by plaxx

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