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linker∙d is a transparent proxy that adds service discovery, routing, failure handling, and visibility to modern software applications
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may 2017 by plaxx
Logjam: PFS Deployment Guide
How to correctly deploy Diffie-Hellman
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may 2015 by plaxx
Certificate authority offering free certs but not pre-installed in major browsers and OS
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november 2014 by plaxx
THC-SSL-DOS is a tool to verify the performance of SSL
THC-SSL-DOS is a tool to verify the performance of SSL.

Establishing a secure SSL connection requires 15x more processing
power on the server than on the client.

THC-SSL-DOS exploits this asymmetric property by overloading the
server and knocking it off the Internet.

This problem affects all SSL implementations today. The vendors are aware
of this problem since 2003 and the topic has been widely discussed.

This attack further exploits the SSL secure Renegotiation feature
to trigger thousands of renegotiations via single TCP connection.
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february 2012 by plaxx - Cain & Abel
can do radius shared secret cracking
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december 2006 by plaxx

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