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Coalfire-Research/Red-Baron: Automate creating resilient, disposable, secure and agile infrastructure for Red Teams.
Automate creating resilient, disposable, secure and agile infrastructure for Red Teams. - Coalfire-Research/Red-Baron
devops  redteam  pentest  infrastructure  terraform  security 
4 days ago by plaxx
CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape
framework, platforms, tools related to container and cloud deployments
cloud  list  catalog  reference  container  orchestration  sysadmin  software  devops  opensource  proprietary 
5 weeks ago by plaxx
The Twelve-Factor App
looks like an interesting development paradigm
web  design  architecture  programming  best-practices  devops  development 
april 2018 by plaxx
Security auditing tool for AWS environments
automation  amazon  security  aws  devops  reference 
july 2017 by plaxx
linker∙d is a transparent proxy that adds service discovery, routing, failure handling, and visibility to modern software applications
microservices  routing  proxy  http  https  architecture  devops 
may 2017 by plaxx
osquery allows you to easily ask questions about your Linux and OSX infrastructure. Whether your goal is intrusion detection, infrastructure reliability, or compliance, osquery gives you the ability to empower and inform a broad set of organizations within your company.
monitoring  security  sysadmin  linux  devops  osx  facebook 
december 2015 by plaxx
reproducible malware analysis environments
devops  malware  analysis  vagrant  packer 
november 2015 by plaxx
mailgun/vulcand · GitHub
Vulcand is a programmatic extendable proxy for microservices and API management. It is inspired by Hystrix and powers Mailgun microservices infrastructure.
proxy  http  etcd  loadbalancer  devops  distributed-system 
march 2015 by plaxx
google/cadvisor · GitHub
cAdvisor (Container Advisor) provides container users an understanding of the resource usage and performance characteristics of their running containers. It is a running daemon that collects, aggregates, processes, and exports information about running containers. Specifically, for each container it keeps resource isolation parameters, historical resource usage, histograms of complete historical resource usage and network statistics. This data is exported by container and machine-wide.
google  container  monitoring  analytics  sysadmin  devops  performance 
november 2014 by plaxx
CoreOS is Linux for Massive Server Deployments
CoreOS enables warehouse-scale computing on top of a minimal, modern operating system.
linux  distro  cloud  deployment  devops  coreos  server  sysadmin  distributed 
october 2014 by plaxx
sandbox mode for vagrant which allow modifying the base image
vagrant  devops 
june 2014 by plaxx
Packer is a tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration.
deployment  sysadmin  virtualbox  aws  devops  vmware  digital-ocean 
january 2014 by plaxx
Create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments.
sysadmin  development  devops  virtualization  tool 
january 2014 by plaxx
salmon · monitoring system built with django
The intent is to serve both as an alerting system like monit and a monitoring system like munin (using Graphite's whisper database).
monitoring  python  django  sysadmin  salt  devops 
january 2014 by plaxx
Ansible deploys applications, configures operating systems, and orchestrates detailed IT processes like zero-downtime rolling updates. It uses SSH by default, so no special software has to be installed to start managing remote machines. Modules can be written in any language.
deployment  configuration  devops  python  orchestration  configuration-management  linux  ssh  cloud 
july 2013 by plaxx
Salt Stack
Salt is an open source configuration management and remote execution application. Salt is written with the intent of making central system management and configuration as simple, yet as flexible as possible.
automation  deployment  linux  devops  orchestration  configuration-management  opensource 
july 2013 by plaxx
imagefactory: build, push, deploy
imagefactory builds images for a variety of operating system/cloud combinations.
virtualisation  cloud  sysadmin  devops  image 
june 2013 by plaxx

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