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RESTful API Designing Guidelines — The Best Practices
Facebook, Google, GitHub, Netflix, and a few other tech giants have given developers and products a chance to consume their data through APIs and became a platform for them. Even if you are not…
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A collection of standards and specifications, that help make fantastic HTTP/REST APIs. Don't reinvent the wheel, use fantastic wheels, hashed out by experts, that solve problems you hadn't even considered yet.
september 2019 by pks
Fuck Off As A Service (FOAAS)
FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.
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july 2019 by pks
REST and Hypermedia in 2019 – APIs You Won't Hate
Nobody out there thinks you should always use REST for every single API being built, nor should you ever use any one paradigm for everything, but a growing number of people misunderstand REST so badly they think they never need it.
may 2019 by pks
60 Tools and Services for API and Webhook Logging, Debugging, Testing, Monitoring, Documentation and Discovery — John Sheehan
Pretty much every day someone asks me if there's a tool for solving a specific API problem. While Runscope solves many API problems (particularly debugging, testing and monitoring) for app developers, there are many things we don't do. My goal with this post is to list out all the API tools that I know of and frequently recommend to people. Some even compete with us, but the more the merrier.
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may 2019 by pks
Introduction - Level 3 REST
Reusable, Client-Centric Hypermedia Patterns for Any REST API
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may 2019 by pks
Picking the right API Paradigm – APIs You Won't Hate
To oversimplify things a bit, it’s reasonably fair to say that all APIs conform to a paradigm: “RPC”, “REST”, or “query language”. These are general approaches to building APIs, but not a specific…
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april 2019 by pks
Headless CMS: REST vs JSON:API vs GraphQL | Dries Buytaert
We compare REST, JSON:API and GraphQL — three different web services implementations — based on request efficiency, operational simplicity, API discoverability, and more.
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april 2019 by pks
REST vs. GraphQL: A Critical Review
A critical review of the popular API paradigms.
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april 2019 by pks
Services By Lifecycle - Wide Awake Developers
There are several ways to avoid entity services. This post explores just one (though it’s one I particularly like.) Future posts will look at additional techniques.
Focus on Behavior Instead of Data
When you think about what a service knows, you always end up back at CRUD. I recommend thinking in terms of the service’s responsibilities. (And don’t say it’s responsible for knowing some data!) Does it apply policy? Does it aggregate a stream of concepts into a summary? Does it facilitate some kinds of changes? Does it calculate something? And so on.
Once you know what a service does, you can figure out what it needs to know.
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january 2019 by pks
ongoing by Tim Bray · Post-REST
It seems in­evitable to me that, par­tic­u­lar­ly in the world of high-throughput high-elasticity cloud-native app­s, we’re go­ing to see a steady in­crease in re­liance on per­sis­tent con­nec­tion­s, or­ches­tra­tion, and message/event-based log­ic. If you’re not us­ing that stuff al­ready, now would be a good time to start learn­ing.
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december 2018 by pks
A Gardener's Approach to Growing an API Culture
My work on pragmatic software governance has evolved. It started with a focus scaling good API design across a modern enterprise company. Increasingly, I'm i...
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november 2018 by pks
Roy Fielding’s REST dissertation – Ole Begemann
I recently read Roy Fielding’s 2000 PhD thesis in which he introduced REST. Here’s what I learned.
november 2018 by pks
REST API Design - Resource Modeling | ThoughtWorks
“The key abstraction of information in REST is a resource. Any information that can be named can be a resource: a document or image, a temporal service (e.g. "today's weather in Los Angeles"), a collection of other resources, a non-virtual object (e.g. a person), and so on. In other words, any concept that might be the target of an author's hypertext reference must fit within the definition of a resource.
october 2018 by pks
REST was NEVER about CRUD - Tyk API Gateway and API Management - REST was NEVER about CRUD
A popular myth is that REST-based APIs must be CRUD-based – that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is simply one pattern in our API design toolbox.

This article outlines a variety of additional patterns available for REST-based APIs. The intent isn’t to be fully exhaustive, but to open the options for API designers uncertain about how to apply designs beyond CRUD to REST-based APIs.
september 2018 by pks
A guide to RESTful API design: 35 must-reads | TechBeacon
Learn RESTful API design from this guide to the best API design resources on the web.
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august 2018 by pks
Zalando RESTful API and Event Scheme Guidelines
Zalando’s software architecture centers around decoupled microservices that provide functionality via RESTful APIs with a JSON payload. Small engineering teams own, deploy and operate these microservices in their AWS (team) accounts. Our APIs most purely express what our systems do, and are therefore highly valuable business assets. Designing high-quality, long-lasting APIs has become even more critical for us since we started developing our new open platform strategy, which transforms Zalando from an online shop into an expansive fashion platform. Our strategy emphasizes developing lots of public APIs for our external business partners to use via third-party applications.
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august 2018 by pks
APIs You Won't Hate
Everyone And Their Dog Wants An API, So You Should Probably Learn How To Build Them.
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may 2018 by pks
What is the Richardson Maturity Model? | Nordic APIs |
The Richardson Maturity Model is a visual pyramid to gauge the competency of your API. In this article we dissect each layer: Plain Old XML, Resources, HTTP verbs,
may 2018 by pks
REST State Machine Revisited | Nordic APIs |
What does it mean to design REST APIs? Asbjørn Ulsberg of Payex revisits his presentation from a past Platform Summit, reiterating his ideas on what it means to truly follow REST design.
april 2018 by pks
How a RESTful API represents resources - O'Reilly Media
Formats, linking, and versioning are important in well-formed RESTful APIs.
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january 2018 by pks
Polite HTTP API design - "Use the headers, Luke!" - codecentric AG Blog
Use the HTTP headers to ease the usage of your (ReST) API. This example is showing that using the location header.
october 2017 by pks
Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API | Vinay Sahni
An API is a user interface for a developer. Learn the best practices to make an API that is easy to adopt and pleasant to use.
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july 2017 by pks
RESTful API Design Tips from Experience – studioarmix – Medium
I am reminded of a lovely quote that I found through another Medium post by Ken Rogers, of which was originally written by Hemingway: As I write this, I chuckle to myself in seeing a great parallel…
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june 2017 by pks
Richardson Maturity Model
Level 1 tackles the question of handling complexity by using divide and conquer, breaking a large service endpoint down into multiple resources.
Level 2 introduces a standard set of verbs so that we handle similar situations in the same way, removing unnecessary variation.
Level 3 introduces discoverability, providing a way of making a protocol more self-documenting.
june 2017 by pks
Designing a True REST State Machine | Nordic APIs |
We respond to misconceptions of REST API design, review hypermedia, and provide an example of a HATEOAS-compliant state machine. feat. Asbjørn Ulsberg
march 2017 by pks
Ideal API versioning
great api versioning strategy
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january 2017 by pks
APIembed by Mashape
Auto-generated code snippets in many programming languages for your website, blog or API documentation. Made with Love by Mashape.
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december 2016 by pks
10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your API - HelloSign Blog
Building an API? You'll most definitely want to read this.
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october 2016 by pks
What Does RESTful Really Mean?
An answer to the question how constraints, HTTP verbs, response codes, and other details come together to define REST.
august 2016 by pks
ePages devBlog
There is a lot of buzz about microservices these days, and here is our take on managing decoupled microservices, while still keeping confident in REST API co...
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august 2016 by pks
Contribute to api-standards development by creating an account on GitHub.
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july 2016 by pks
A RESTFul Web Service | Thomas Sundberg
This post has been migrated to Previous - A Swing application A RESTFul web service is yet another way to use the model. It doesn't have any user interface and it is expected to be used by third party suppliers. I divide the project using two Maven modules as earlier. One for the production…
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may 2016 by pks
api-standards/ at master · paypal/api-standards
Contribute to api-standards development by creating an account on GitHub.
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april 2016 by pks
Boost Your REST API with HTTP Caching
You can significantly boost the performance of your RESTful services by setting a simple HTTP response header. Learn how to do it.
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april 2016 by pks
The Core Principles of API Management | Nordic APIs |
API management is a term that has been used in the API economy for several years and has existed without acquiring an exact, universal definition. While most protagonists in the API community agree on the core themes of **API management** and why the subject is important, the specifics are frequently defined by the capabilities of commercial “API management” solutions. The term has become so synonymous with these solutions that more than one have it engraved in their brand.
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march 2016 by pks
Stoplight API Designer
The StopLight API Designer is a suite of API modeling tools, built around existing open standards. Mock, document, and test your APIs with ease.
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february 2016 by pks
API Security: Deep Dive into OAuth and OpenID Connect
OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect are fundamental to gold standard API security. Learn the details of these protocols, so you can secure your APIs!
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january 2016 by pks
Token Design for a Better API Architecture | Nordic APIs |
This article looks at 3 different architectures to see how improved token design can boost performance and limit database lookups. Tokens can help structure complex API architectures. 
january 2016 by pks
Tyk - Open Source API Gateway and API Management Platform
Tyk, an open source API Gateway written in Golang
january 2016 by pks
My Favorite Database is the Network | Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings
Instead of putting short-term data into a database, pass it back to the client as a token or cookie. Use HMAC
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january 2016 by pks
Spark Framework - A tiny Java web framework
Spark Framework - Create web applications in Java rapidly. Spark is a micro web framework that lets you focus on writing your code, not boilerplate code.
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january 2016 by pks
jayway/rest-assured - Java
rest-assured - Java DSL for easy testing of REST services
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january 2016 by pks
Tools that will help you develop a RESTful API — The RESTful Web — Medium
For all the time I’ve been working on Paw, I tried to stay updated with the new tools and services available to API deve…
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january 2016 by pks
olivergierke/spring-restbucks · GitHub
spring-restbucks - Implementation of the sample from REST in Practice based on Spring projects
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august 2013 by pks

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