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Senior Developers are Getting Rejected for Jobs
There are a lot of senior developers out there that are in for a wake-up call when they try to find their next position at a different company.
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Acing the Google Interview: The Ultimate Guide - Byte by Byte
the style of interview that Google uses has been so widely emulated, this post will also help you interview at most other large tech companies.
april 2019 by pks
Coding Interview Curated - Non Compos Mentis
This is a curated list of various algorithms and coding interview resources. Although not focussed specifically on coding interviews, check out the collections Algorithms: Design and Analysis and Algorithms: Design and Analysis II, as well as the page Algorithms Curated.
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february 2019 by pks
Stripe Atlas: Guide to scaling engineering organizations
Every company’s recruiting process and hiring needs are unique. When I first joined Stripe, we had just one dedicated technical recruiter supporting dozens of referrals and new applicants. Since then, we’ve improved, added, or replaced almost every part of the recruiting process and nearly quadrupled the size of our engineering team. I’ve found our processes run well for about 6-9 months before we need to update them.
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december 2018 by pks
Recruiter Followup
One of the things Anita suggested was building a portfolio in addition to a resume. I’ve never been sure what that looks like, so I asked for examples. Anita sent a few over. They come in many form factors. I’m amused by the paper brochure. Here are some websites that Anita recommended:
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Software Engineer CV examples and template
Software Engineer CV examples and template
Start creating your CV in minutes by using our 21 customizable templates or view one of our handpicked Software Engineer examples below.
november 2018 by pks
CV Compiler
We analyzed 1M tech resumes to create an online revision tool that would scan your dev resume and indicate its weak points in real time.
november 2018 by pks
10 Impressive Questions to Ask in an Interview 2018
A surprising number of candidates don’t have many questions at all, or simply use the time to try to further pitch themselves for the job. To me, this is crazy — after all, this is a job that you’re considering spending 40 or more hours at a week, a job that might have a huge impact on your career and your quality of life for years to come
november 2018 by pks
50 Data Structure and Algorithms Interview Questions for Programmers
There are a lot of computer science graduates and programmers applying for programming, coding, and software development roles at startups like Uber and Netflix; big organizations like Amazon…
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Exactly what to say when recruiters ask you to name the first number… and other negotiation word-for-words – blog
At this point, I don’t feel equipped to throw out a number because I’d like to find out more about the opportunity first – right now, I simply don’t have the data to be able to say something concrete. If you end up making me an offer, I would be more than happy to iterate on it if needed and figure out something that works. I also promise not to accept other offers until I have a chance to discuss them with you.
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august 2018 by pks
The Software Engineer’s Guide to Interviewing Software Engineers
Software engineers are often asked to jump into the interview process with a minimum of advance preparation or training. This post is a condensed guide for helping people get up to speed with…
august 2018 by pks
This is why you never end up hiring good developers — Quartz
Your first stage of interviewing should be attempting to answer two questions:

Can they do this job? This is not the same as “can they do this job right now?” but you need to be confident they can learn how to do the job.
Are they going to get better at this job? The answer has to be yes.
august 2018 by pks
The 2 types of software engineering interviews and how to prepare for them
Being able to pass technical interviews is crucial for career growth as a software engineer, yet it can be hard to know exactly how to prepare. Different software companies evaluate engineers in…
august 2018 by pks
My Lessons from Interviewing 400+ Engineers Over Three Startups | First Round Review
In this exclusive interview, Rogers starts by debunking some of the common recruiting tropes, explaining why they are outdated or misleading. Then he spotlights his top four interviewing practices — and how they fit within his broader recruiting methodology. Lastly, he recommends the first, low-hanging change that startups can make to retrofit their interview process.
july 2018 by pks
Interviewing for Potential – Brent Baisley – Medium
A person’s ability to perform is based on their potential to succeed. Potential is the ability to be effective long term. Trajectory is the progress one has made on the path to reaching his or her potential. Performance is the act of tapping into our potential — it’s a side effect of potential and trajectory.
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20 questions DevOps job candidates should be prepared to answer |
Get the 20 questions DevOps job candidates should be prepared to answer.
may 2018 by pks
How to Interview Engineers - Triplebyte Blog
We do a lot of interviewing at Triplebyte. Indeed, over the last 2 years, I've interviewed just over 900 engineers. Whether this was a good use of my time can be debated! (I sometimes wake up in a cold sweat and doubt it.) But regardless, our goal is to improve how engineers are hired. To that end, we run background-blind interviews, looking at coding skills, not credentials or resumes. After an engineer passes our process, they go straight to the final interview at companies we work with (including Apple, Facebook, Dropbox and Stripe). We interview engineers without knowing their backgrounds, and then get to see how they do across multiple top tech companies. This gives us, I think, some of the best available data on interviewing.
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How to Interview Engineers - Triplebyte
We do a lot of interviewing at Triplebyte. Indeed, over the last 2 years, I've interviewed just over 900 engineers. Whether this was a good use of my time can be debated! (I sometimes wake up in a...
august 2017 by pks
What you should be looking for in a product person – The Startup – Medium
I believe that we need to think about what is missing in our product and then map these six passions. When I say “missing in the product”, I don’t just mean the product itself; rather, the whole product team, whether it’s founders looking for a product founder to join, hiring a VP of Product, adding a PM for a product team, or adding a PM to a multi-disciplinary squad.
march 2017 by pks
How We Interview at Pivotal
Pivotal does not conduct puzzle interviews. Pivotal interviews involve real work, so candidates can show their skills in action and figure out if Pivotal is the right place for them.
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february 2017 by pks
The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing (version 3.0) - Joel on Software
In-person interviews: what to ask, what to never ask, what to look for, and how to decide.
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november 2016 by pks

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