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what_alchemy: Fic: Mission Parameters
They drive for two more days and the Mission cries so much he makes himself sick.
The soldier figures it was time to ditch the Dodge anyway.
fic  age-regression  angst  marvel  Avengers  Falcon  captainamerica  wintersoldier  Ironman  Black_Widow  roadtrip  undercover  amnesia  protective!bucky 
april 2015 by pkoceres
Etharei: Fic: Lonely Houses Off the Road
You know, when we covered Cap's missions in Basic and I tried to imagine what his conversations with Barnes must have been like, I expected more patriotism and moral introspection, and less of the bad language and name-calling.
fic  slash  steve/bucky  marvel  Avengers  Falcon  Black_Widow  hawkeye  thor  Ironman  stalker  protective!bucky  angst  humor  amnesia  captainamerica  wintersoldier 
march 2015 by pkoceres
Pookaseraph: Fic: Iron Man: Director of S.W.O.R.D.
"Meet you at the corner of Twink Terrace and Bear Boulevard in three hours, Widow."

Steve nodded, agreeing with the time frame, before his forehead crinkled. "I didn't see those street names on the map."
fic  slash  steve/tony  marvel  Avengers  captainamerica  Ironman  Black_Widow  Falcon  wintersoldier  hawkeye  Hulk  humor  angst  ptsd  psychological_issues  undercover  hostagesituation    protective!bucky  natasha/bucky  matchmaking  marriage  shovel_talk  het  coming_out  tony&bucky  sexualidentity_issues  director_stark  commander_rogers  Vision  politicsau 
march 2015 by pkoceres
hquinzelle: Fic: Finding You
“Welcome, Miss Lewis. I am Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.”

Darcy didn’t move to take his hand, and Baron von Strucker shook his head as he asked, “For shame, Miss Lewis. Where are your manners?”
Falcon  captainamerica  wintersoldier  Ironman  Avengers  marvel  het  bucky/darcy  hostagesituation  kidnapping  hurt!darcy  fic  amnesia  protective!bucky  BAMF!darcy 
march 2015 by pkoceres

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