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manic_intent: Fic: A Bit of Bother and All That
“Oh. You have a third coat. That’s good.”

“Why? Do I want to know what happened to my second coat?” Graves asked dryly.
fic  slash  FBAWTFT  Graves/Scamander  postseries  meet_the_family  holiday:christmas  humor  kink:borrowed_clothing 
november 2018 by pkoceres
d_aia: Fic: Perspective
“As you can see HYDRA has your hero!” the fifth man declares. “Our Mechanic.”

To T’Challa’s surprise, it’s Barnes who mutters fiercely, “No, you don’t.”
fic  civil_war  marvel  Avengers  Ironman  Black_Panther  t'challa/tony  rarepairing  slash  marriage  deadpool  hawkeye  Hulk  Black_Widow  Vision  Spiderman  captainamerica  harley_keener  GuardiansoftheGalaxy  FantasticFour  warmachine  Falcon  ptsd  amnesia  kidnapping  hostagesituation  Christine_Everhart  wade/peter  tony&peter  t'challa&peter  postseries  kids  Doom  DrStrange 
february 2018 by pkoceres
SummerFrost: Fic: Back on the Map
Bitty lingers in the moment, absorbing the relative calm of the blasting radio. “…didn’t Thelma and Louise murder some guy?”

“Yup,” Kent confirms, popping the ‘p’ cheekily. His grin is salacious, the glint in his gunmetal gray eyes wicked. “Wanna stop by Providence?”
fic    slash  kent/bitty  CheckPlease!  breakup  jack/bitty  postseries  roadtrip  kink:intercrural  kink:awkward/funny/badsex  psychological_issues  angst  bed_sharing  polyamory  coming_out  parental_rejection  kink:d/s  bitty&lardo 
april 2017 by pkoceres
Mizzy: Fic: Didn't Ask for You
"Um, maybe because my Captain always gets stupid around Jack Zimmermann?"

Parse sighs, and doesn't respond, but his silence is probably damning.
fic  slash  CheckPlease!  kent/jack  outed  breakup  postseries  canonAU  unrequited/pining  closeted  angst 
december 2016 by pkoceres
ronanlynchisneversleepingagain: Fic: Slice of Life
It’s drivin’ me crazy, but I swear on my Moomaw’s grave that the Nutritionist-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named was nice to me. He even laughed at something I said!
canonAU  postseries  CheckPlease!  jack/bitty  coming_out  samwellAU  fic  slash  WIP  bitty&lardo 
november 2016 by pkoceres
bleep0bleep: Fic: Untitled (Middle aged sterek)
The boy looks back once more at the old man rocking on his porch. It seemed like a story unfinished.
fic  slash  TeenWolf  canonAU  angst  character_death  postseries  derek/stiles  unrequited/pining  magic!stiles  tumblr 
november 2016 by pkoceres
exbex: Fic: Home Is Wherever I'm with You
Kent bites his bottom lip, because on the one hand, yes, and on the other, there’s the minor detail that they’re all apparently going to be handling rifles tomorrow and Kent is mildly terrified of his boyfriend’s parents, regardless of the fact that he and Bitty are grown men.
fic  slash  kent/bitty  kent&jack  meet_the_family  holiday:july_4th  postseries  canonAU  CheckPlease! 
october 2016 by pkoceres
shiptoomuch: Fic: Familliar
Bitty claps a hand over his mouth to stifle what is either laughter or crying. Kent’s not entirely sure.

“Jesus, Zimms. Someone’s weirdly protective of their exes.”
fic  CheckPlease!  kent/bitty  jack&bitty  breakup  canonAU  postseries  slash 
october 2016 by pkoceres
vicewithavice: Fic: Above Rule or Art
He'd never seen the appeal of Las Vegas, all fake pomp, tacky as a knockoff handbag. He counts the days until he's back.
fic  slash  CheckPlease!  postseries  canonAU  kent/bitty  kink:af  kink:a  kink:fwf  kink:comeshot    dancing  kink:d/s  kink:scent 
october 2016 by pkoceres
fuckthenaysayers: Fic: Eat
Jack stared at the note, rereading it again and again. Bitty brought him food, he was worried about him. He still had the spare key. Bitty had been here.
fic  CheckPlease!  jack/bitty  breakup  slash  postseries  coming_out  angst  secret_relationship 
october 2016 by pkoceres
Stultiloquentia: Fic: Un Ciel Aussi Rose
Jack glances back, just in time to catch the flawless twist of Bitty's j-stroke. "Oh," says Jack.
fic  slash  CheckPlease!  jack/bitty  postseries  marriage 
september 2016 by pkoceres
astudyinotters753: Fic: That's What You Get (for Waking Up in Vegas)
Five and a half years since Jack was released from the hospital, Kent wonders for the first time if maybe he needs some time in the hospital, too.
fic  slash  polyamory  marriage  CheckPlease!  jack/bitty  kent/jack  breakup  angst  psychological_issues  suicide  postseries  pre-series  married_in_vegas  kent/bitty/jack  unrequited/pining 
september 2016 by pkoceres
melannen: Fic: Healthy & Straightforward Communication Skills
Kent was waiting in the lobby, because it definitely wasn't a "come up and see my new Providence love nest, Kenny" sort of lunch. More of the "Hey, Parson, let me show off how obvious it is I traded up when I dropped you" kind.
fic  slash  CheckPlease!  jack/bitty  kent&bitty  postseries  figure_skating!bitty 
september 2016 by pkoceres
astolat: Fic: Slithering
“Sorry, Potter,” he said. “It’s not that I don’t understand your position, but I’ve run a bit low on self-respect lately. I’ve got to conserve what I’ve got left.”
fic  slash  HP  postseries  canonAU  pets  unrequited/pining  marriage  jealous!harry  draco/harry  meet_the_family  secret_relationship 
september 2016 by pkoceres
des-zimbits: Fic: Untitled ( Kent and Jack Coming Out)
Someone asks, “So, are any of you seeing each other?” An awkward silence
fic  tumblr  gen  coming_out  CheckPlease!  postseries  kent&jack 
september 2016 by pkoceres
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