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magnolia_9: Fic: Bad, But Not Enough
Oh, fuck, he thought, awed. Oh, fuck. So that’s what it feels like to take a hit of Rick Grimes.
fic  bed_sharing  TWD  negan/rick  slash  het  negan/lucille   
march 2018 by pkoceres
crownedcarl: Fic: Because I Adore You So
“He’s a friend,” Rick finally says, firm and uncompromising. “I trust him with my life. My children’s lives.”

Quietly, Negan says “But not me.”

“No,” Rick agrees, equally as quiet. “Not you. Not ever you.”
fic  TWD  negan/rick  angst  psychological_issues  slash  kink:sadism/masochism  kink:breathplay  kink:hair_pulling  rick/negan  kink:crying  possessive!negan  kink:af  kink:comeshot  kink:d/s  kink:borrowed_clothing  relationship_discovery  infidelity 
december 2017 by pkoceres
GallicGalaxy: Fic: Unbelievable
The first thing Rick really heard him say was, “You're not even listening to me, are you?”
fic  TWD  negan/rick  slash  kink:size  kink:barebacking  kink:voice  kink:comeshot  kink:comeplay  kink:delayedgratification  kink:d/s    kink:af 
november 2017 by pkoceres
Hatterized: Fic Shift the Tide
“You make it sound so fucking easy, Rick.”

“Never said it was gonna be easy,” Rick replies quietly- because it’s not.
fic  slash  TWD  negan/rick  kink:shy  kink:praise 
november 2017 by pkoceres
belatrix: Fic: Sentiment
Rick’s people truly like Rick. Negan thinks about this, sometimes. Only sometimes.
fic  slash  TWD  negan/rick  psychological_issues  angst  kink:breathplay  rick/michonne 
november 2017 by pkoceres
magnolia_9: Fic: Wolf at Your Door
Humanity and survival made a poor match these dark days. Negan had learned that over and over and over again. Now it was Rick’s turn.
fic  slash  negan/rick  TWD  noncon  kink:rough  angst  psychological_issues  WIP  rick&michonne  rick&rosita  kink:creampie  kink:breathplay    kink:crying  rick/negan  kink:voice 
november 2017 by pkoceres
magnolia_9: Fic: Come Out, Come Out
I’m a bastard, Rick. Your bastard. Your mean fucking bastard of a boyfriend, and don’t you just cream your fucking jeans for it?
fic  slash  modernAU  TWD  negan/rick  kink:spanking  kink:d/s  kink:rimming  kink:rough  kink:carrying  kink:hair_pulling  aftercare    kink:voice  kink:breathplay  kink:sadism/masochism  kink:bondage  kink:roleplay  kink:car  nonapocalypticAU 
october 2017 by pkoceres
sodium_amytal: Fic: Shelter from the Storm
When your family is hurt or in danger, when you've got nothing to lose or live for... something snaps inside of you. And a small, silent part of Rick respects that savagery in defense of family.
fic  negan/rick  slash  TWD  modernAU  teacherAU  nonapocalypticAU 
october 2017 by pkoceres

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