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eeyore9990: Fic: Five Kisses
Hands sliding from Scott’s shoulders to the back of his neck, Stiles tugged him closer and said, “Prepare yourself for the kiss you’re about to receive.”
fic  slash  het  humor  TeenWolf  scott/stiles  derek/stiles  stiles/allison  lydia/stiles  danny/stiles  gen  five_times 
july 2015 by pkoceres
LLitchi: Fic: The Trouble with Ignoring a Problem Until It Eventually Goes Away
It’s a relief that being slightly in love with Stiles doesn’t make Derek forget what an ass Stiles is sometimes, but it probably says worrying, unflattering things about him that he still hasn’t managed to fall out of love with an ass after two years of denial and a Rationalizing Attraction online course. It’s gotten better now, like a ‘living with herpes’ kind of resigned determination.
fic  slash  copAU  humanAU  scott/allison  scott/allison/isaac  peter/stiles  unrequited/pining  derek/stiles  talia_hale  cora_hale  laura_hale  erica/lydia  femslash  stiles&lydia  lydia/stiles  het  breakup  angst  kate_argent  kate/derek  TeenWolf  bed_sharing  meet_the_family  erica_reyes 
january 2015 by pkoceres

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