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vicewithavice: Fic: Tonight I Need Some Warmth
It's Jack's turn to yelp as Tater gets a hand under his knees, lifts him bridal style and spins him around once.

"What the hell, man," Jack says, but he's laughing and shoving at Tater's shoulders playfully.
fic  CheckPlease!  slash  jack/bitty/tater  FWB  pretend_relationship  closeted  kink:toys  kink:af  kink:size  kink:carrying  threesome  jack/bitty  tater/jack  kink:Voyeurism/Exhibitionism  tater/bitty   
april 2017 by pkoceres
alpha_exodus: Fic: Stuck Inside the Silence
“I mean—I’m getting ready to fuck your boyfriend,” Kent points out, rolling the condom on and climbing over top of Bitty.
fic  CheckPlease!  kent/bitty/jack  polyamory  threesome  jack/bitty  kink:dp  kink:toys  kink:Voyeurism/Exhibitionism    unrequited/pining  kink:voice  kink:a  caught_in_the_act  figure_skating!bitty  kent/bitty  holiday:july_4th 
october 2016 by pkoceres
angelsaves: Fic: Love on Top
Then Jack bends over to dig through his drawer, and oh, my. "Sidney Crosby has nothing on you," Bitty says, admiring the way his butt is somehow even better-looking naked than in boxer briefs, or a jock strap, or -- well.
fic  bitty/jack  omc/bitty  CheckPlease!  slash  kink:toys  kink:awkward/funny/badsex  kink:af   
september 2016 by pkoceres
spinel: Fic: Cinch
And this year, well. Sid's pretty sure he can do without the Cup between his sheets. Geno's definitely enough to tide him over until he gets his hands back on it tomorrow.
fic  slash  Hockey  RPF  malkin/crosby  kink:toys  kink:delayedgratification  kink:comeshot  kink:overstimulation    kink:hair_pulling 
july 2016 by pkoceres
thehoyden: Fic: King and Lionheart
Zhenya looks dumbfounded, like everything he knew was wrong, and it hits Sidney then that Zhenya has thought for months that Sidney had been somehow coerced into their marriage, that he had made his vows with anything less than his own free will. “I wanted to marry you,” Sidney repeats, squeezing Zhenya’s shoulder in emphasis. “And I — I’m so happy I did. I’m so happy, Zhenya.”
fic  slash  Hockey  arrangedmarriage  RPF  marriage  kink:toys  kink:size  unrequited/pining  mutual_obliviousness  pets  kink:af  kink:a  kink:comeshot  meet_the_family  bed_sharing  kink:biting  kink:nippleplay  kink:fwf  kink:comeplay  holiday:christmas  holiday:thanksgiving  holiday:new_year    kink:voice    malkin/crosby 
may 2016 by pkoceres
what_alchemy: Fic: Blue Moon
It had not escaped Steve’s notice, however, that in a garden, even in the middle of the country, no one minded when a big guy in pressed khakis took a scruffy-looking fella’s only hand in his and they looked at each other like the sun rose out of each other’s butts. Steve could appreciate that much, if nothing else.
fic  slash  steve/bucky  marvel  Avengers  captainamerica  wintersoldier  kink:rimming  kink:a  kink:af  kink:felching  kink:toys  kink:publicsex  marriage   
april 2015 by pkoceres
blue_fjords: Fic: It's Shake 'n Bake, and I Helped!
"Dad, I gave Derek my precious flower, and now we're having a shrub."

Derek let his head bang against the table. Dad just stared at him.
fic  slash  humor  kids  TeenWolf  derek/stiles  postseries  relationship_discovery  bodyswitch  mpreg  alan_deaton  angst  lydia/jackson  melissa_mccall  kink:toys  magic!stiles  unplanned_pregnancy 
november 2014 by pkoceres
verity: Fic: The Truth About Butts and Wolves
Scott shrugs. "Look—I can't do anything about it. And it's not like my butt is going to turn me into a giant ragebeast or something, that already happened. It doesn't change who I am. I am not my butt."

"That's profound, Scott," Stiles says.

"Thanks," Scott says, without a trace of irony.
fic  TeenWolf  wtf?!  kink:alpha/beta/omega  genderswitch  scott/allison  derek/stiles  werewolves_knownAU  humor  kink:heat  kink:toys 
july 2014 by pkoceres
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