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sodium_amytal: Fic: De Novo
"Some secret," Jesse says with a huff of amusement. "You're, like, ninety percent sap. Might as well be a fuckin' tree."
fic  slash  BreakingBad  jesse/saul  kink:rimming  kink:felching  meet_the_family  postseries  canonAU  WIP  kink:tattoos  saul/jesse 
april 2016 by pkoceres
sodium_amytal: Fic: #whathappensinvegas
Jesse grimaces but doesn't spit it out. Big of him. "I thought they were s'posed to take their shoes off before they stepped on the grapes."
fic  slash  BreakingBad  kink:nippleplay  kink:tattoos  relationship_discovery  saul/jesse 
april 2016 by pkoceres
grimm: Fic: Last Call
But Stiles is different than anyone he’s ever picked up. He’s bright and intelligent and interesting. His touch is electric and his smell is intoxicating, and Derek wants him badly. When he smiles and looks into Derek’s eyes, it’s like a light bulb goes off in his brain and a little voice says to him we are never letting this one go. And Derek thinks okay.
magic!stiles  TeenWolf  fic  slash  postseries  kink:tattoos  stiles/derek  magicAU  kink:biting 
june 2013 by pkoceres
aggybird: Fic: Untitled (Cutest Tattoo Ever)
“It’s on my left hip,” Derek snarls. “Now drop it.”

“Oh, I’ll drop it, buddy,” Stiles mutters, subsiding. “I’ll drop it like it’s hot.”

Derek has no idea what that means, but he figures it’s nothing good.
fic  slash  TeenWolf  tumblr  derek/stiles  copAU  SSFO  humor  wtf?!  kink:tattoos  stalker    postseries 
june 2013 by pkoceres
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