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Ingu: Fic: This War Against Your Faith
Solo and Kuryakin are truly two of a kind, Waverly thinks, as he watches the American agent make his leave.
fic  hostagesituation  unrequited/pining  slash  gen  TMfU  illya/napoleon  napoleon/illya  mutual_obliviousness 
january 2018 by pkoceres
merle_p: Fic: Love in the Times of Cold War
“Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein,” he reads from the cover, blinking in confusion. “It Can’t Always be Caviar? What is this book?”
undercover  fic  slash  illya/napoleon  angst  TMfU 
january 2018 by pkoceres
Ingu: Fic: Let's Start Fires for Heaven's Sake
“The thing is, Solo,” Sanders drawled, in a way that told Napoleon he was taking the maximum amount of pleasure in watching every hint of hope in Napoleon sink into despair, “You’re just too good for us to let go.”
fic  slash  TMfU  illya/napoleon 
january 2018 by pkoceres
objectlesson: Fic: Careful of the Company You Keep
Napoleon’s expertise is seduction. Of course. It’s a simple thing, or it should be, but Illya’s face heats up spectacularly, blood thuds heavy in his ears and he cannot explain why, but a sudden, fierce anger overcomes him.
fic  slash  TMfU  illya/napoleon  sexualidentity_issues  omc/napoleon  undercover  unrequited/pining  kink:biting  kink:coming_untouched 
december 2017 by pkoceres

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