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Leslie_Knope: Fic: The Payoff Pitch
“Those are really cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any fan under the age of about 60 keeping score,” he said with a little smirk, and Stiles laughed.
fic  slash  derek/stiles  sportsau  TeenWolf  writerAU  coming_out  closeted  asexuality  laura_hale  humanAU 
march 2018 by pkoceres
dizzzylu: Fic: Conditional
And even if he did, even if it as the bite or death, even after everything, Deucalion is not the alpha Stiles would pick.
fic  slash  deucalion/stiles  TeenWolf  canonAU  kink:publicsex  kink:rimming  kink:af  kink:age_difference  kink:rough  TW-post_S3A  alpha_pack  derek/stiles 
february 2017 by pkoceres
kellifer_fic: Fic: Coitus Interruptus
“I thought snuggle tooth was a winner,” the Sheriff calls.
fic  slash  TeenWolf  derek/stiles  caught_in_the_act  humor 
december 2016 by pkoceres
bleep0bleep: Fic: Untitled (Middle aged sterek)
The boy looks back once more at the old man rocking on his porch. It seemed like a story unfinished.
fic  slash  TeenWolf  canonAU  angst  character_death  postseries  derek/stiles  unrequited/pining  magic!stiles  tumblr 
november 2016 by pkoceres
nameloc_ar_115: Fic: The Dead of Night
“Do I have fruit-punch mouth?” Stiles asked, baring his teeth and lips for the werewolf’s inspection.

Derek grimaced at him and didn't reply.
canonAU  kidnapping  hostagesituation  chris_argent  kate_argent  gerard_argent  victoria_argent  TeenWolf  derek/stiles  scott&stiles  vampire  shifters  fic  slash 
october 2016 by pkoceres
blacktofade: Fic: These Woods Sigh
“Is that so I can still call you daddy without it being weird?”

The look Derek shoots Stiles—like he’s his worst life choice—gives Stiles life and he laughs loudly as Derek pushes at his face, forcing him to roll away while Derek drags himself up out of bed.
fic  slash  TeenWolf  derek/stiles  witch  FWB  kink:rimming  stiles/derek  mpreg  unplanned_pregnancy  unrequited/pining  breakup  kink:pregnancy/breeding  kids  postseries  angst  kink:comeplay  mutual_obliviousness  hurt!stiles    kink:multipleorgasms  kink:comeshot 
september 2016 by pkoceres
Chandri: Fic: Santalales
“We don’t live forever,” says Aunt Pearl, gently, at least for her, “but we go on.”
fic  TeenWolf  slash  derek/stiles  psychological_issues  amnesia  talia_hale  magic!stiles  postseries  stiles&melissa  ptsd 
july 2016 by pkoceres
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