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SilverSlashes: Fic How Charged With Punishments the Scroll
Bucky cleared his throat, “you never told me he felt like that about you.”

Steve’s brow wrinkled, “like what?”

Bucky rolled his eyes, “don’t be stupid, Stevie.”
fic  marvel  Steve/bucky  steve/tony/bucky  civil_war  avengers  slash  polyamory  abandonment_issues  Ironman  captainamerica  wintersoldier  black_panther  black_widow  Shuri  Loki  Hulk  Falcon  Hawkeye  psychological_issues  Thor  steve/tony  bucky/tony  bucky/steve  kink:voyeurism  scarletwitch    sexualidentity_issues 
december 2018 by pkoceres
ann2who: Fic: The Future Is Ours (Whether We Want It or Not)
Steve drew a shaky breath. “I’m Steve,” he said. “Just not… your Steve, I think. Half an hour ago I fought Thanos in Manhattan. I only just turned up here, but I’m… I’m Steve Rogers, I promise.”
fic  slash  marvel  Avengers  steve/tony  timetravel  civil_war  gamora  nebula  Ironman  captainamerica  Falcon  hulk  thor  wintersoldier  WIP  hawkeye  Black_Widow  DrStrange 
june 2018 by pkoceres
mandarou: Fic: Tripwires
Bucky reached carefully for him, sliding his fingers over Steve’s thigh, then squeezing it as he wrapped his big hand around the inside of it. He didn’t let Steve go. “You really think you being a dumb shit can drive me away permanent?”
fic  slash  marvel  Avengers  bucky/steve  steve/bucky  bucky/tony  bucky/clint  steve/tony  angst  polyamory  clint/laura/bucky  Ironman  captainamerica  hawkeye  wintersoldier  Antman  Falcon  Black_Widow  psychological_issues  ptsd  paparazzi  coming_out  suicide  steve/tony/bucky  sexualidentity_issues  kink:a  kink:rough  kink:rimming  breakup  civil_war  rarepairing  lba  kink:Voyeurism/Exhibitionism 
april 2018 by pkoceres
orbingarrow: Fic: Still Good
“Tony said I could come by if anything came up.”

“My dad wouldn’t say that,” Harley insists. “He wouldn’t invite you.”
marvel  Avengers  fic  gen  dad!tony  harley_keener  tony&peter  tony&harley  adoptionau  Ironman  captainamerica  Spiderman  wintersoldier  abuse  abandonment_issues  coming_out  sexualidentity_issues  bullying/homophobia  civil_war 
march 2018 by pkoceres
RurouniHime: Fic: Mailbox Full Series
He can never have both his worlds. Tony, or Bucky. Always apart. He wishes he’d never known anything different.
fic  marvel  Avengers  civil_war  angst  steve&tony  steve/tony  extremis!tony  hurt!tony  hurt!steve  Ironman  wintersoldier  captainamerica  Black_Widow  Black_Panther  hawkeye  warmachine  Antman 
march 2018 by pkoceres
Vashoth: Fic: Four Strings and Second Chances
“This is usually the part where you tell me that you prefer ‘Bucky’ to ‘Murder Matryoshka,’” Tony prompted.
fic  slash  civil_war  marvel  Avengers  bucky/tony  shovel_talk  psychological_issues  Ironman  captainamerica  wintersoldier 
february 2018 by pkoceres
d_aia: Fic: Perspective
“As you can see HYDRA has your hero!” the fifth man declares. “Our Mechanic.”

To T’Challa’s surprise, it’s Barnes who mutters fiercely, “No, you don’t.”
fic  civil_war  marvel  Avengers  Ironman  Black_Panther  t'challa/tony  rarepairing  slash  marriage  deadpool  hawkeye  Hulk  Black_Widow  Vision  Spiderman  captainamerica  harley_keener  GuardiansoftheGalaxy  FantasticFour  warmachine  Falcon  ptsd  amnesia  kidnapping  hostagesituation  Christine_Everhart  wade/peter  tony&peter  t'challa&peter  postseries  kids  Doom  DrStrange 
february 2018 by pkoceres
lazywriter7: Fic: The Man Behind The Weapon
Tony smiled, quick and painless. “To remind me that it wasn’t worth it.”
fic  marvel  Avengers  civil_war  steve/tony  Ironman  captainamerica  hawkeye  Black_Widow  Falcon  Black_Panther  warmachine  Vision  WIP  Spiderman 
february 2018 by pkoceres
lazywriter7: Fic: And in The Silence That Follows
Steve smiled, and kept smiling as T’Challa reassured him that nothing could touch Bucky in here.

Then. Then.

Then the quiet began.
fic  marvel  Avengers  steve/tony  angst  civil_war  Ironman  captainamerica  Falcon  hawkeye  Black_Widow  Black_Panther  Vision  Spiderman  tony&peter  tony&rhodey  steve/sharon 
february 2018 by pkoceres
Atsadi: Fic Fundamental Attribution Error
Steve nodded against his shirt. “There was one outside the apartment. Talking into his radio, German, and I heard it and… it was like I was back again, I just, grabbed the radio and broke it, I just needed him to stop talking, I couldn’t stand it.”
fic  marvel  civil_war  Avengers  gen  slash  steve/tony  angst  abandonment_issues  ptsd  psychological_issues  suicide  tony&t'challa  Ironman  captainamerica  hawkeye  Black_Panther  Black_Widow  Falcon  steve&sam  captain_marvel  warmachine  hurt!tony    WIP  Spiderman  tony&peter  tony&rhodey  Rumiko_Fujikawa  thor 
january 2018 by pkoceres

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