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psocoptera: Fic: Hold It All at Bay
And there, Eric was doing it. Like falling on a jump and getting up with a smile. Like having someone tell him baking was for sissies and smiling back at them. No point in getting angry about it, just keep going, faster, better, sweeter.
fic  slash  CheckPlease!  jack/bitty  unrequited/pining  bonding  telepathy  angst  kink:Voyeurism/Exhibitionism  psychological_issues  kink:size  kink:biting  kink:barebacking  bullying/homophobia 
july 2016 by pkoceres
thefourthvine: Fic: Fastening One Heart to Every Falling Thing
I'm never going to eat pepperoni, I'm never going to like dancing, and I'm never going to want a bondmate." Sidney paused for a second, thinking it over, and realized he had something else he needed to say. "What I want is you. Not instead of a bondmate, or as a fake bondmate. Just - you."
fic  slash  Hockey  RPF  psychological_issues  bonding  telepathy  unrequited/pining  soulmates  FWB  powersAU  malkin/crosby 
may 2016 by pkoceres
futuredescending: Fic: But Many Times, We Were Happy Too
Eggsy reads and reads and becomes monstrously envious of all those lucky omegas who made it across, resents the way they gush on and on about how happy and how grateful they are to be living in freedom.

Mostly, he’s just angry at himself for not keeping Tilde’s personal number.
fic  kink:alpha/beta/omega  Kingsman  harry/eggsy  omc/eggsy  noncon  slavery  bonding  mpreg  slash  angst  suicide  psychological_issues  not_deadAU  kink:knotting  kink:af  kink:biting  daisy_baker 
april 2016 by pkoceres
aprettysmalldose: Fic: Theia Mania
“Aw yeah,” Stiles hisses under his breath, “fondle the pair of balls-shaped produce.” Hot guy starts to turn and Stiles skitters sideways and ducks back down behind the lettuce.
wtf?!  TeenWolf  fic  slash  derek/stiles  kink:publicsex  kink:knotting  kink:size  kink:a  kink:af  kink:rough  kink:multipleorgasms  kink:overstimulation  kink:creampie  kink:barebacking  bonding  stalker  humor    kink:biting  kink:awkward/funny/badsex 
july 2014 by pkoceres
tzzzz: Fic: That Old Black Magic
Scott felt maybe a little guilty that he was possibly teaching an alien to infiltrate the human race, but Stiles learned things disturbingly quickly.
fic  slash  scott/stiles  HP  crossover  magicAU  magic!stiles  bonding  scott&stiles  kate_argent  gerard_argent  BAMF!stiles  pre-series 
june 2014 by pkoceres
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