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ann2who: Fic: The Future Is Ours (Whether We Want It or Not)
Steve drew a shaky breath. “I’m Steve,” he said. “Just not… your Steve, I think. Half an hour ago I fought Thanos in Manhattan. I only just turned up here, but I’m… I’m Steve Rogers, I promise.”
fic  slash  marvel  Avengers  steve/tony  timetravel  civil_war  gamora  nebula  Ironman  captainamerica  Falcon  hulk  thor  wintersoldier  WIP  hawkeye  Black_Widow  DrStrange 
june 2018 by pkoceres
miss_aphelion: Fic: Dig No Graves
Tony froze. "Okay," he echoed. "I tell you I came here to kill you and your response is 'okay'?"

"I am being decommissioned," the soldier said, and for one horrible moment Tony thought he actually seemed relieved. "I understand. I will comply."
fic  slash  bucky/tony  amnesia  marvel  Avengers  wintersoldier  Ironman  captainamerica  Black_Widow  Falcon  hawkeye  warmachine  WIP 
april 2018 by pkoceres
lazywriter7: Fic: The Man Behind The Weapon
Tony smiled, quick and painless. “To remind me that it wasn’t worth it.”
fic  marvel  Avengers  civil_war  steve/tony  Ironman  captainamerica  hawkeye  Black_Widow  Falcon  Black_Panther  warmachine  Vision  WIP  Spiderman 
february 2018 by pkoceres
Atsadi: Fic Fundamental Attribution Error
Steve nodded against his shirt. “There was one outside the apartment. Talking into his radio, German, and I heard it and… it was like I was back again, I just, grabbed the radio and broke it, I just needed him to stop talking, I couldn’t stand it.”
fic  marvel  civil_war  Avengers  gen  slash  steve/tony  angst  abandonment_issues  ptsd  psychological_issues  suicide  tony&t'challa  Ironman  captainamerica  hawkeye  Black_Panther  Black_Widow  Falcon  steve&sam  captain_marvel  warmachine  hurt!tony    WIP  Spiderman  tony&peter  tony&rhodey  Rumiko_Fujikawa  thor 
january 2018 by pkoceres
magnolia_9: Fic: Wolf at Your Door
Humanity and survival made a poor match these dark days. Negan had learned that over and over and over again. Now it was Rick’s turn.
fic  slash  negan/rick  TWD  noncon  kink:rough  angst  psychological_issues  WIP  rick&michonne  rick&rosita  kink:creampie  kink:breathplay    kink:crying  rick/negan  kink:voice 
november 2017 by pkoceres
ticktockclockwork: Fic: Those Days Are Gone and My Heart Is Breaking
“Oh you! Hush, I'm trying to be angry here.”

“Angry? All I hear is Foghorn Leghorn complaining about a paper he should be writing instead of just writing said paper."
fic  CheckPlease!  jack/bitty  angst  kent/bitty  kent/bitty/jack  coming_out  NHL!Bitty  WIP  polyamory 
december 2016 by pkoceres
ronanlynchisneversleepingagain: Fic: Slice of Life
It’s drivin’ me crazy, but I swear on my Moomaw’s grave that the Nutritionist-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named was nice to me. He even laughed at something I said!
canonAU  postseries  CheckPlease!  jack/bitty  coming_out  samwellAU  fic  slash  WIP  bitty&lardo 
november 2016 by pkoceres
trilliath: Fic: Passing Ships
"He went back to Georgia," Shitty says, voice even and meticulously calm in a way Jack knows is anything but. "Our precious pie-baking big-hearted brave little frog went from a year of… of being himself at Samwell back to living in the deep south."
fic  angst  bullying/homophobia  CheckPlease!  canonAU  abandonment_issues  jack/bitty  WIP  hurt!bitty  disfigurement 
october 2016 by pkoceres
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