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NeXT vs Sun - YouTube
In 1991 Steve Jobs' company commissioned an head-to-head programming competition to show how much faster and easier it was to program a NeXT computer vs a Sun workstation. The NeXT operating system went on to be the foundation for Apple's Macintosh OS-X about a decade later.
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Larry Ellison Recounts Making Plan With Steve Jobs to Save Apple [Video] - iClarified
Larry Ellison, co-founder, chairman and CTO of Oracle, recently gave the Commencement Speech at USC. In his speech, Ellison recounts forming a plan to save Apple with his best friend, Steve Jobs.
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A Visit From Steve Jobs — MrFun's Journal
I still remember the Apple CEO standing by the door with his foot resting on the box. Inside the un-open box was a gift he had brought along for one of the lucky studio executives. Being the top boss, he could give away notebooks the way we might give away note pads.
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