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Images done right: Web graphics, good to the last byte — Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog
fairly in-depth look at image formats for the web and best compression techniques for performance and quality
webdesign  web  design  image  img  jpg  webp  png  svg  compression  performance  graphics  format  optimisation  optimise  vector  raster 
12 weeks ago by piperh
IMGBIN.com - Download Transparent PNG Images, For Free
they say: IMGBIN is the largest database of transparent high definition PNG images. 12,598,331 free PNG images available for download.
Had a brief peruse, some usable, lots of naff. License says 'for non-commercial use'. You have to sign up.
graphic  design  images  photos  library  collection  png  transparent  free  stock  illustrations 
july 2019 by piperh
Finally understanding PNG – Compress-Or-Die
all about the png format and tips on getting better compression
webdesign  web  design  graphic  image  photo  compression  compressed  png  about 
may 2019 by piperh
Image compression to the smallest file size possible – Compress-Or-Die
online image compression tool. Author is seriously techy and claims it's the best online tool. See his articles about png and jpeg
!! In some usage I saw that colours were really oversaturated and lightened - if you use this, test further with interface colour settings
webdesign  web  design  graphic  image  photo  jpeg  jpg  png  webp  gif  obj  optimise  optimisation  compress  compression  tool  online 
may 2019 by piperh
Shrink Me - Compress JPG, PNG and WEBP Images
Ad-free online lossless image compressor that works offline.
image  compress  compressor  lossless  jpg  png  webp  compression  tool 
november 2018 by piperh
About responsive images, best formats and sizes
article title: A Guide to Responsive Images with Ready-to-Use Templates
webdesign  web  design  image  images  format  responsive  jpg  svg  png  inline  64base  resolution  size  webp  compression  srcset  pixel  density  picture  element  source 
february 2018 by piperh
free and continuously growing library of svg and png icons
webdesign  web  design  graphic  svg  png  icon  library  free  illustration  vector 
january 2018 by piperh
Photopea | edit Photoshop files online
online image editor, accepts native photoshop
image  edit  editing  online  photoshop  sketch  psd  png  jpg  svg  editor 
december 2017 by piperh
All country flags in SVG
The flags of all countries available as PNG and SVG.
webdesign  web  design  graphic  illustration  svg  flags  country  png  vector 
june 2017 by piperh
the new code – Fixed Scrolling Disappearing Banner
interesting use of 2 images to make fixed position heading disappear behind scrolled cutout image
webdesign  web  design  image  scroll  heading  header  fixed  cutout  transparent  png 
november 2016 by piperh
All About Favicons (And Touch Icons)
explanation of different aspects of browser behaviour re favicon, format, link, meta, rel=, size, href. Section about mobiles and touch icon
webdesign  web  design  favicon  ico  png  jpeg  svg  gif  format  size  link  reference  resource  icon 
may 2016 by piperh
TinyPNG – Compress PNG images while preserving transparency
utility to compress png files by reducing colours. Upload to their web page or buy photoshop plugin ($50). Will preserve transparency in PNGs.
webdesign  web  design  photo  image  compression  compress  png  jpeg  transparency  tool  software 
september 2015 by piperh

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