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timber/timber: Plugin to write WordPress themes w object-oriented code and the Twig Template Engine
Plugin to write WordPress themes w object-oriented code and the Twig Template Engine - timber/timber
development  plugin  wordpress  twig  php  theme  timber 
5 weeks ago by pioneerskies
Add to Calendar button
Add to Calendar button (for websites)
This tool provides a quick and effortless way for your users to add your events to their calendars. When you add an "Add to Calendar" button to your website, you increase the likelihood that your users will add your event to their calendars by reducing the time and effort required to do so. Read more

The "Add to Calendar" button for events on websites and calendars is easy to install, language independent, time zone and DST compatible. It works perfectly in all modern browsers, tablets and mobile devices, and with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, and Yahoo Calendar.
js  library  ical  calendar  event  plugin  development  web 
may 2018 by pioneerskies
How to Publish a WordPress plugin using Git
Here is a step-by-step tutorial for publishing a WordPress plugin using Git.
wordpress  plugin  git  svn  git-svn  workflow 
may 2017 by pioneerskies
How To Deploy WordPress Plugins With GitHub Using Transients – Smashing Magazine
While you always have the option to use the WordPress Subversion repository, there may be instances where you prefer to host a plugin yourself. Perhaps you are offering your users a premium plugin. Maybe you need a way to keep your client’s code in sync across multiple sites. It could simply be that you want to use a Git workflow instead of Subversion. Whatever the reason, this tutorial will show you how to set up a GitHub repository to push updates to your plugin, wherever it resides.
wordpress  plugin  github  update 
may 2017 by pioneerskies
How to translate sites built with ACF - WPML
This tutorial explains how to translate sites that are built with the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin and WPML. All you need to do is configure WPML to translate the related custom fields groups. Then, you will be able to translate ACF’s fields, including the repeater fields.
acf  plugin  wordpress  wpml  tutorial  translation  wp 
february 2017 by pioneerskies
InkMark - Markdown Quick Look Plugin for Mac OS X
For Markdown users with a Mac, Markdown Quick Look Plugin enables users to just select their Markdown file in Finder and through Quick Look preview them instantly. See how your Markdown file looks on web with just a hit on “Space Bar”.
mac  markdown  osx  plugin  macos  quick  look  finder  preview  md  mdown 
january 2017 by pioneerskies
The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate | A Foundation For Building High-Quality WordPress Plugins
dev  development  plugin  wordpress 
november 2016 by pioneerskies
AudithSoftworks/Uniform: v3.0 overhauls file hierarchy. For v2.2 please see branch '2.2'.
A jQuery plugin to make your form controls look how you want them to. Now with HTML-5 attributes!
code  form  jquery  plugin  github  css 
july 2016 by pioneerskies
Git, WordPress plugins, and a bit of sanity: Scatter | Evan Solomon
deploy scripts, which turns out to be a really handy way to deploy WordPress plugins from Git to
git  svn  wordpress  deploy  plugin  gem 
november 2014 by pioneerskies
jQuery prettySocial - custom social share buttons | Sonny T.
If you’re like me and dislike default social share buttons I wrote a little jQuery plugin that allows you to define your own custom buttons. Check it out on github, documentation is there. I use this plugin on all my themeforest themes, you also check out the demo page to see it in use.
jquery  javascript  social  social_network  share  plugin  pretty 
october 2014 by pioneerskies
Responsive web typography at its finest: font-size and line-height based on element width.
web  design  jquery  plugin  font  typography 
february 2014 by pioneerskies
mysql_ Muninplugin is missing Cache::Cache | Howlingwolf
The default setup for Munin in Debian seems to miss some packages for the mysql_ plugin.
munin  perl  dbi  mysql  monitor  plugin 
january 2014 by pioneerskies
AHP Recent Posts plugin for Wordpress MU at meta BLOG
<?php ahp_recent_posts(5, 90, ‘excerpt’ , ‘<li>$#64;’, ‘</li>’, 15); ?>
wpmu  recent  posts  plugin 
september 2008 by pioneerskies
WPMU DEV - WordPress MU plugins and themes - All Text Allowed
Se toglie i filtri davvero solo agli autori lasciandoli nei commenti, potrebbe essere necessario implementarlo, dato che l'inserimento di alcuni widget è compromesso e potrebbero non esserne contenti gli utenti (vedi strano)
wordpress  plugin  wpmu 
july 2008 by pioneerskies
WordPress › StatPress « WordPress Plugins
Nel wiki ci sono le statistiche come richiesta...
wordpress  plugin  stats 
july 2008 by pioneerskies
WordPress › Advanced Excerpt « WordPress Plugins
Tabbia vuole le news tagliate in automatico a sole 20 (o 22?) template tag the_excerpt non ha di suo impostazioni del genere e questo plugin fa al caso nostro...
wordpress  plugin  excerpt 
july 2008 by pioneerskies

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