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coming and will reveal the minds of machines - New Scientist May 2019
"Stories abound of machines that are writing, painting and making music. Are we about to enter the creative singularity, asks Marcus du Sautoy"
"A basic definition of a creative act might be one that is new, surprising and has value." Margaret Boden
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Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge - Einstein
"In conclusion, evidence indicates that the quotation is accurate, and it appeared in an interview of Albert Einstein conducted by George Sylvester Viereck in 1929."
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june 2019 by pierredv
Karl Ove Knausgård on his book about Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. Studio360 May 2019
Knausgård commends Munch for continually ridding himself of his familiar habits as an artist. He tells Kurt Andersen that it’s a method that both painters and novelists benefit from.

“If you want to get rid of all the automatic ways in, then you have to do something from scratch so to speak and build something that you haven't done before,” Knausgård says. “It's like you do it for the first time. And I think that's that's the best place to be in writing…. And I think Munch somehow searched for those places in his painting throughout his life.”
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may 2019 by pierredv
When Pixels Collide - sudoscript
"Last weekend, a fascinating act in the history of humanity played out on Reddit.

For April Fool's Day, Reddit launched a little experiment. It gave its users, who are all anonymous, a blank canvas called Place.

The rules were simple. Each user could choose one pixel from 16 colors to place anywhere on the canvas. They could place as many pixels of as many colors as they wanted, but they had to wait a few minutes between placing each one.

Over the following 72 hours, what emerged was nothing short of miraculous. A collaborative artwork that shocked even its inventors."
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april 2017 by pierredv
Creativity and cheating: Mwahahaha… | The Economist
"showed not only that creative people cheat more, but also that cheating seems to encourage creativity—for those who cheated in the adding-up test were even better at word association than their candle-test results predicted"
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october 2015 by pierredv
Why It’s Good To Be Wrong - David Deutsch - nautil.us Jan 2015
"The theory of knowledge is a tightrope that is the only path from A to B, with a long, hard drop for anyone who steps off on one side into “knowledge is impossible, progress is an illusion” or on the other side into “I must be right, or at least probably right.” Indeed, infallibilism and nihilism are twins. Both fail to understand that mistakes are not only inevitable, they are correctable (fallibly). "
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february 2015 by pierredv
Crafty Merit Badges | CraftyPod
" the "Dabbler" merit badge? ... you had to do any eight of these: 1. Take colored chalk and see how many different ways you can use it. 2. Make a drawing or painting of something such as a story you like, a song you like, or a place you have been. 3. Make a pinch pot out of clay. 4. Make a hike stick, simple toy, whistle, cook spoon, or darning egg out of wood. 5. Make a candle holder, corn popper, cookie cutter, or imaginative animal out of tin. 6. Take buches of grass, pine needles, or like material and make a sit-upon by coiling and sewing with raffia or long grass. 7. Learn something about how the American Indian and other folk arts have influenced arts and crafts of today. 8. Cut a leaf pattern or other design into a piece of potato, linoluem, wooden bock, or stencil. Print your design on a smock or apron. 9. Make hand puppets of characters from favorite stories and have each.." 10. Make an imaginative fish or animal form from wire. 11. Make a peepshow or a diorama."
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july 2014 by pierredv
Finding protected places | ACM Interactions - Jonathan Grudin, Oct 2013
Jonathan Grudin on creativity: "In a memorable scene, a boy is taught to swim by being thrown into a lake. In the movie, it worked. In real life, training is desirable, whether for heart surgeons, air traffic controllers, or swimmers. Training is a protected place, where we can try things, take risks, and make mistakes without adverse consequences. What happens in training, stays in training. That’s the idea, anyway."
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october 2013 by pierredv
Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex | Video on TED.com
"At TEDGlobal 2010, author Matt Ridley shows how, throughout history, the engine of human progress has been the meeting and mating of ideas to make new ideas. It's not important how clever individuals are, he says; what really matters is how smart the collective brain is." Actually, to me, the more interesting point was that the driver was trade - and that you don't need to understand what the other person is doing or saying - cf. "I, pencil"
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february 2011 by pierredv

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