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How William Gibson Keeps His Science Fiction Real
long interview and retrospective (via BoingBoing)
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5 weeks ago by pierce
Why I barely read SF these days - Charlie's Diary
"SF should—in my view—be draining the ocean and trying to see at a glance which of the gasping, flopping creatures on the sea bed might be lungfish. But too much SF shrugs at the state of our seas and settles for draining the local acquarium, or even just the bathtub, instead. In pathological cases it settles for gazing into the depths of a brightly coloured computer-generated fishtank screensaver. If you're writing a story that posits giant all-embracing interstellar space corporations, or a space mafia, or space battleships, never mind universalizing contemporary norms of gender, race, and power hierarchies, let alone fashions in clothing as social class signifiers, or religions ... then you need to think long and hard about whether you've mistaken your screensaver for the ocean."
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february 2018 by pierce
The Street as Platform 2050
Dan Hill updates and revises his thought piece for 2050.
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may 2016 by pierce
Five Minutes | Motherboard
A 5-part "science fiction" story of what life in Portland might be like after The Big One. - via MeFi
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march 2016 by pierce
It's a miracle that Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits even got made
Just watched it again for the first time I years, great movie
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april 2014 by pierce
Noahpinion: Science fiction novels for economists
Dunno about the "for economists" part, but that's a good list - some of my favourites. I should probably give the remaining 4 that I haven't read yet a look.
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august 2013 by pierce
The Early Days of a Better Nation
Ken MacLeod on Iain Banks and his political stance - That, Iain said, was how he'd envisaged the Culture coming about. Conflicts of interest between classes and other groups there would be, but the sheer availability of information and computing power would arm the majority with facts and arguments that would enable them to prove, as well as enforce, their claims. The consequent advance in consciousness would allow the opportunities offered by automation and abundance to be grasped, first in imagination then in reality, and make opposition to their realisation irrational, futile, and weak.
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july 2013 by pierce
The Myth of Nazi Efficiency
With an odd lead-in via an old Star Trek episode (via MeFi)
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may 2013 by pierce
Welcome to Google Island
"Based on your history, we know you are interested in cephalopods." (via MeFi)
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may 2013 by pierce
Why Iron Man 3 is the Best Iron Man Film to Date
Long Iron Man 3 review, discusses the earlier movies and 2's "Randian" outlook. With follow up comment (on genius/insight) by John Caramack
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may 2013 by pierce
VisualPunker, collecting visual styles
Futuristic User Interfaces from Anime, games, and movies
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april 2013 by pierce
Neal Stephenson on the Tall Tower hieroglyph | Beyond The Beyond | Wired.com
Why stop there? Why not a 'Fountains of Paradise' stype space elevator? (18 minutes)
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april 2013 by pierce
"Forces of the Next 30 Years" - Talk by Charles Stross - YouTube
The Forces Of The Next 30 Years - SF author Charles Stross talks to students at Olin College about sci-fi, fiction, speculation, the limits of computation, thermodynamics, Moore's Law, the history of travel, employment, automation, free trade, demographics, the developing world, privacy, and climate change in trying to answer the question What Does The World Of 2043 Look Like? (Youtube 56:43)
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april 2013 by pierce
The Future on Vimeo
"Eclectic Method has supercut some of our favorite scenes from movies that turn a predictive eye to the future. Blade Runner's Megacities alongside A.I.'s flooded New York and Idiocracy's run down shanty towns. Some technology predictions in these films have already proven to be accurate and some are still a ways off - or not! ... cameras on every corner, oil shortages, massive cultural uprisings in the middle east, retinal scans, X-Rays, flying cars and hoverboards, hybrid humans, robots, A.I., teleportation and so on. Who really watches Sci-Fi for the plot anyway, you wanna see the goodness condensed."
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december 2012 by pierce
Starship Stormtroopers
1978 article by Micheal Moorcock on the writing of Tolkein, Heinlein and others.
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december 2012 by pierce
Has science fiction died, or does it just look different now?
Warren Ellis - "the future tends to arrive a little bit broken. We have workarounds for everything, because very few things turn up perfectly functional."
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september 2012 by pierce
Warren Ellis » How To See The Future
"I’ll suggest to you something. The theories of atemporality and manufactured normalcy and zero history can be short-circuited by just one thing.

Looking around."
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september 2012 by pierce
An interview with China Miéville - Boing Boing
On Railsea (via BoingBoing, MeFi)
Like this - "Today, of course, you go online, and you can see that the Wikipedia entries for something like Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes are higher quality, better-referenced, longer and better-researched than many entries about the Second World War. You have this strange inversion in collective belief and emphasis, which ends up generating a lot more material a lot more confidently around the small stuff than the big stuff."
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august 2012 by pierce
Turkey City Lexicon – A Primer for SF Workshops
On holding a SciFi writers workshop, highlighting a number of regular issues in writing (not just in SciFi).
- via @cstross IAmA
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july 2012 by pierce
Embracing the Future – Part 1: Conversation with Bruce Sterling & Brian David Johnson | The Tomorrow Project
First of 4x 5 minute interview clips including segments on The Difference Engine, interface design, and the future.
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july 2012 by pierce
SF, big ideas, ideology: what is to be done? - Charlie's Diary
"in the past 30 years the only truly challenging new concepts to come along were cyberpunk and the singularity. Both of which amount to different attempts within the genre to accommodate the first-order implications of computers and networking as the defining technology of the near future" ... " to the extent that mainstream literary fiction is about the perfect microscopic anatomization of everyday mundane life, a true and accurate mainstream literary novel today ought to read like a masterpiece of cyberpunk dystopian SF."
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may 2012 by pierce
It's A Good Life: Jerome Bixby
(via MeFi) ""It's a Good Life" is a 1953 story by Jerome Bixby, who also wrote It! The Terror From Beyond Space, said to be the inspiration for Alien, and the Star Trek episode, "Mirror, Mirror" (the one with evil bearded Spock.) It was made into a famous Twilight Zone episode, and is generally considered among the greatest SF stories ever written. Is "It's a Good Life" about God? Communism? 1950s suburban conformity? Or just about the horror of the self-contained world it creates in its few pages and the terrible realization that it would be possible to survive inside it, for a while?"
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may 2012 by pierce
Spoilers - Charlie's Diary
Charlie explains what Rule 34 is about
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may 2012 by pierce
Warren Ellis » The Manfred Macx Media Diet
On Charlie Stross' Accelerando (particularly the early bits)
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april 2012 by pierce
RUIN on Vimeo
RUIN - An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe. (via MeFi)
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march 2012 by pierce
The Star Wars Saga: Suggested Viewing Order » Absolutely No Machete Juggling
Not a bad notion. Skips The Phantom Menace entirely. Also mentions the "despecialized editions" of the original films....
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february 2012 by pierce
The Gift on Vimeo
Placed in Russia, The Gift is a Sci-Fi short with a savage Chase sequence on it. (via MeFi)
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january 2012 by pierce
Remarks on Utopia in the Age of Climate Change – arena
Kim Stanley Robinson gives an account of his utopian novels (via @bruces)
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january 2012 by pierce
Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 211, William Gibson
"It’s harder to imagine the past that went away than it is to imagine the future. What we were prior to our latest batch of technology is, in a way, unknowable. It would be harder to accurately imagine what New York City was like the day before the advent of broadcast television than to imagine what it will be like after life-size broadcast holography comes online. But actually the New York without the television is more mysterious, because we’ve already been there and nobody paid any attention. That world is gone."
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january 2012 by pierce
A cultural thought experiment - Charlie's Diary
"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed." William Gibson wrote that bon mot, and if he never wrote another word, that insight would be sufficient to guarantee him immortality.

Which got me wondering whether the future that is already here might include a class for whom space travel is not merely an interesting idea, but one that is affordable.
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october 2011 by pierce
William Gibson | Books | Interview | The A.V. Club Chicago
Gibson interview with a few older video pieces (going back a decade or so)
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october 2011 by pierce
Everything Is A Remix: THE MATRIX on Vimeo
Nice to see some Akira/Ghost in the Shell scenes along with a whole lot of Kung-Fu.
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october 2011 by pierce
Innovation Starvation | World Policy Institute
Neal Stephenson - " I worry that our inability to match the achievements of the 1960s space program might be symptomatic of a general failure of our society to get big things done."
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october 2011 by pierce
The Best Science Fiction Books (According to Reddit)
I've read nearly all of them, not a bad list ... will give the outstanding ones some consideration.
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september 2011 by pierce
Alternatives to the Singularity
"A collaborative presentation for/by grumpy futurists", some gems in there, some not so good too (via @timoreilly)
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august 2011 by pierce
Weaponized Transhumans: Halo, Deus Ex, Crysis...
"The Weaponized Transhuman: Halo, Deus Ex, Crysis, Bioshock, Warhammer, and the Future of Wetware (Us)" - via MeFi
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july 2011 by pierce
Existential threats
Stross outlines possible End Times over 4 major levels.
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june 2011 by pierce
Gateways To Geekery | The A.V. Club
"The AV Club feature Gateways to Geekery is all about the best places to start on some of pop culture's most complex and nuanced artists and genres" (via MeFi)
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may 2011 by pierce
BBC News - Science Fiction... but not as you know it
"A new exhibition dedicated to science fiction has opened at the British Library in London.<br />
<br />
Out Of This World aims to challenge visitors' perceptions of the genre and explore its relationship with science.<br />
<br />
Books on show at the exhibition, which is open to the public from May 20 until September 25, include a first edition of Thomas More's Utopia and Luigi Serafini's encyclopaedia of an imaginary world Codex Seraphinius.<br />
<br />
Sci-fi author China Mieville took BBC News on a tour of the exhibition to explain the genre's importance and lasting appeal." - he's bloody *huge*
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may 2011 by pierce
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