Complete AWS IAM Reference
Creating IAM policies is hard. We collect information from the AWS Documentation to make writing IAM policies easier.
amazon  aws  reference  security 
27 days ago
AWS re:Invent Breakout Sessions
Here's a list of all of the AWS re:Invent breakout sessions from 2012 - 2017.
aws  video 
8 weeks ago
Jekyll CBCD Pipeline to the Cloud - Cloudy Minds
In this article, I will explain how I manage my Continuous Build / Continuous Deployment (CB/CD) pipeline from my IDE to this blog using Cloud9, GitHub, CodeBuild, S3, CloudFront and Lambda function.

The main idea is to build and push your Jekyll website to your AWS S3 bucket and then force your CDN (CloudFront) to refresh origin.
aws  blog 
9 weeks ago
My Top 6 Common Weaknesses Every Programmer Should Know By Heart
Common Weakness Enumeration, or in its short name CWE, lists about 700 common mistakes developers make while writing code. Remembering or even reading the entire list can be a challenge. But there are some repeating ideas that due to their massive potential impact it is important to know (and tell your friends) about.
november 2017
https://localhost · paulbrowne.xyz
A set of really simple commands to enable https over localhost for Mac
ssl  webdev 
november 2017
Screen capture in Google Chrome
In this post, we’re going to see how to access the screen capture capabilities of Google Chrome from within a web application.
chrome  coding  extensions 
october 2017
AWS Limit Monitor – AWS Answers
Nearly every Amazon Web Services (AWS) service has limits on how many resources you can launch in a specific AWS Region at a given time. AWS maintains service limits to help provide highly-available, reliable, and robust services to all of our customers, and also to minimize billing risk for new customers. Tracking service usage against limits can help identify resources that are no longer in use and serve as a reminder to proactively request a service-limit increase.
aws  cloud 
october 2017
How ANYONE can make insanely better slides
Great presentation making skills can be an incredible force multiplier in your career. Here’s how to make them well.
slideshow  presentation 
september 2017
PenTestIT.Com's WAPT Add-ons
A collection of FireFox add-ons used by us @ PenTestIT.Com to have \"fun\" with FireFox!
security  web  hacking 
september 2017
The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL
graphql  tutorial 
august 2017
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