GeoCreepy by ilektrojohn
A Geolocation OSINT Tool. Offers geolocation information gathering through social networking platforms.
osint  security 
july 2018
React Authentication in Depth – Hacker Noon
How to do implement world 2 factor authentication (both SMS and TOTP) using React, React Router, and Amazon Cognito
reactjs  aws  tutorial 
march 2018
Meaningness | Better ways of thinking, feeling, and acting—around problems of meaning: self, society, ethics, purpose, and value
Better ways of thinking, feeling, and acting—around problems of meaning and meaninglessness; self and society; ethics, purpose, and value.
blog  book  philosophy 
march 2018
Complete AWS IAM Reference
Creating IAM policies is hard. We collect information from the AWS Documentation to make writing IAM policies easier.
amazon  aws  reference  security 
january 2018
AWS re:Invent Breakout Sessions
Here's a list of all of the AWS re:Invent breakout sessions from 2012 - 2017.
aws  video 
december 2017
Jekyll CBCD Pipeline to the Cloud - Cloudy Minds
In this article, I will explain how I manage my Continuous Build / Continuous Deployment (CB/CD) pipeline from my IDE to this blog using Cloud9, GitHub, CodeBuild, S3, CloudFront and Lambda function.

The main idea is to build and push your Jekyll website to your AWS S3 bucket and then force your CDN (CloudFront) to refresh origin.
aws  blog 
december 2017
My Top 6 Common Weaknesses Every Programmer Should Know By Heart
Common Weakness Enumeration, or in its short name CWE, lists about 700 common mistakes developers make while writing code. Remembering or even reading the entire list can be a challenge. But there are some repeating ideas that due to their massive potential impact it is important to know (and tell your friends) about.
november 2017
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