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Handbooks of Modern Statistical Methods
3 days ago
11个窍门教你如何更帅气地穿西装 【第二个中国男人必要看!】 - YouTube
11 days ago
Social Movements - Center for Urban and Regional Studies
In this renewal of two previous NSF grants, we seek to update, expand and complete the collection of new data on articles in which national U.S. SMOs appear in newspapers. In previous NSF-funded research, the Political Organizations in the News (PONs) project collected the population of article mentions of more than 1500 SMOs in four national newspapers (the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Los Angeles Times) across the twentieth century.
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16 days ago
Boost your productivity by switching between grouped apps.
Applications in groups. Switch between groups for total productivity customization.
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5 weeks ago USB C to DP Multi Monitor Splitter - USB Type-C 2-Port MST Hub - MSTCDP122DP - USB Switch Boxes -
reversible USB-C connector
Connect to almost any television, monitor or projector with the support of low-cost adapters
Support for resolutions up to 4K
Thunderbolt 3 port compatible
6 weeks ago
使用 Better Touch Tool 和 Jitouch 让 Magic Mouse 更好地工作 | Sivan's Blog
前段时间我的 Logitech V470 鼠标左键坏掉了,由于自己之前拆开清过灰,所以失去了保修。把它扔到墙角吃灰后,从同事那借来了 Magic Mouse 一用。Magic Mouse 是苹果推出的一款蓝牙触控鼠标,借助下面两款小工具,可以实现许多不错的功能,让它增色不少。
6 weeks ago
LaunchBar 实验室 - 少数派
心所欲。然而在中文世界却极少有深入详尽的相关教程。本专栏为了填补这一空缺,致力于分享各种易学实用的 LaunchBar 使用技巧。
7 weeks ago
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