Toxblh/MTMR at producthunt
customization of touch bar macbook
23 days ago
GitHub - posquit0/Awesome-CV: Awesome CV is LaTeX template for your outstanding job application
ETH: 0x77ED9B4659F80205E9B9C9FB1E26EDB9904AFCC7
27 days ago
Calling Bullshit.
course in big data and approaching causality
data  syllabus 
4 weeks ago
online experiment platform with amazon turk AMT
data  experiment 
4 weeks ago
胡延庆 | 数据科学与计算机学院
学数学学院任教。2011-2013年纽约城市大学Levich Institute 访问学者,博士后。瑞士弗莱堡大学、以色列BarIlan大学、美国波士顿大学访问学者。

     近几年主要从事数学、物理学和信息科学交叉性学科方面的研究, 主要利用渗流理论研究社交网络上的信息传播、基础设施网路的级联失效、NP问题的解空间结构和大脑网络的结构特征,并取得了一系列具有国际影响的研究成果。在Nature Physics, Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. X, Phys. Rev. E 等国际顶级和主流权威期刊上发表SCI检索论文30余篇。2013年获欧洲物理学会欧洲物理学快报Distinguished Referee。
7 weeks ago
latex editor, scientific collaboration
7 weeks ago
Better Posters
website to make better posters
poster  presentation 
9 weeks ago
Express Shuttle | Salt Lake Airport Shuttle Service
s Shuttle”. A representative will be stationed there to check passengers in when they arrive. Please make your reservations at least 16 hours in advance whenever possible. We are confident we can provide you with the best shuttle service possible.
10 weeks ago
Representation Learning on Networks
graph convolution networks; embeddings tutorial
network  syllabus 
june 2018
Proof Reading Directory Search
proofreading directory research
june 2018
Editing & proofreading societies - Louise Harnby | Proofreader & Copyeditor
Membership categories: No individual members – umbrella group for regional branches
Newsletter/magazine: Online news menu option
Learning: Accreditation programme (workshops available regionally)
Meetings: Annual national conference
Freelance directory: Links to regional Australian freelance directories
Discussion forum: Yes
Jobs board: See regional branches
Twitter: @IPEditors
june 2018
我和VIM的故事 - Henry Z's blog~
Operator + Motion = Action
daw: delete a complete word(与dw的区别: 只要光标在这个word中就可以整个word)
c3w(not work fo
may 2018
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